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  1. Ahnsael

    I don’t know whether the name has changed company-wide, or if it’s different at Walt Disney World. But when I worked at Disneyland, we had a store like this called Company D. I still have a Disney University letterman’s jacket that I bought there. It originally sold in the parks for $375. I got it for $75. And having actually attended Disney University (I believe it’s called “Traditions” now, but it was Disney University when I hired in), it’s a cherished thing of mine.

    I love that cast members can buy discounted merchandise — whether it’s slightly damaged, or (like my jacket) something that guests just weren’t buying, I’m glad cast members have this perk. They deserve it.

    I often describe my time with Disneyland as “the most fun I’ve ever had at a job,” but I quickly follow up with it being “the hardest I’ve ever worked at a job.” It takes a LOT of work to make magic. It’s worth it, but I like that Disney has always shown appreciation to those who make the magic happen.

    1. Donna

      There still is a company D. They have limited items and located at Epcot/DU and not sure if theres more. Cast connection is a warehouse set up w two areas. “Cast connection” where you can get Food items and park items discounted and then a cast only area in a separate room with broken, missing pieces items for well over 70% off. Totally worth the experience.

      1. Cristian

        The room with broken merchandise is not there anymore. They got rid of that to make room for more cash registers and a socially distant queue line. I thought I would let you guys know so other cast don’t come with the expectation to find Mickey’s Treasures with the damaged merch.

  2. Mary Lee Scott

    Hey! The president is really great and while we appreciate being covered in the blogs and social media, it would be less confusing for cast members and other readers if you obtained current information and photographs. Some of the photos used in this article are well over 5 years old! Also, attendance is EXTREMELY limited right now due to capacity restrictions and the fact that we just reopened.

    1. Sharon Greenberg

      Mary Lee Scott- do you have to call in advance before you come to the store? I was there 2 years ago with my CM son and there was lots of great stuff (clothes, bags, cup and mugs, etc). Is it still like that now?

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