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  1. lydia

    ent was laid off or put on hold bc they can not do anything for them equity is in charge and not disney! If its equity no kidding most of their money comes out of theatre show and dues. Neither of which are coming in people are just lucky to be alive! Besides most of this is a lie! I wrk in ent and even know pt whom work the shows etc they were not let go! The wdw union though they do not belong to it are wrking hard as are upper management to support em! Please this is not news its hurtful do you job as a fansite and have courtesy. You know no one at the parks and most of the info on your site as late has come back as false and you have to doubleback and i am not saying this as an insult i am saying this as a concerned fan of your site! I seen less sites get taken down for way less in general and you guys rock! The cms have enough on their hands doing everything to stay safe and bring magic lets stick to that! Thank You!

    1. davis

      ps. To you lydia Not many people consider disney isnt all about the theme parks so your ticket price = matience fees, cm pay, and lots of other things in the long run and without $ coming in places get cut! But i agree w you as a cm whose been on sites saying things about layoffs and its a hoot! Folks left bc they didnt feel safe done! Thats not being laid off! The union doesnt cover non union wrkers is that truly disney fault disney doesnt back our union its like blaming disney for ent thats like you said equity not disney but disney still gets blamed! Its a shame!

  2. I have created a crowd-sourcing website to help bring potential employers and cast members together on one site, along with HR services and personal resources. There are forms to fill out if you are a business or organization offering employment or the free use of your services.


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