Comments for The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra Is Ending

grand floridian society orchestra

Credit: Disney


  1. Mary Loss

    Removing one of the best reasons to stay at or at least visit the GF. Besides the proximity to MK, the ambiance is what makes the GF worth the $$$.

    1. SG

      So true! We loved to visit The GF even when we we’re staying there. Walking around the lobby and resting to listen to the band was a real treat! They will be forever missed. I worried a bit for them, you can’t wear a mask while blowing your horn.

  2. prince charming

    I am a DVC member with the Grand Floridian as my home resort. I am sick and tired of paying more and more and getting less and less in return. I will be selling my contract along with many others who are disappointed with Disney. The stockholders better get rid of Cheapo Chapek and replace him with D’amaro before it is too late.

  3. Sandy from CT

    This is so sad. My husband and I usually come twice a year and purposely choose to stay at the GF. One of the primary reasons is we love listening to the band. Sounds that you don’t get to listen to easily anymore. In fact, we purposely schedule time just to sit and listen to them. With any hope, when the COVID pandemic is over, they will be back to play at the GF. Without them, I don’t know if I will be choosing this hotel.

  4. Chris

    This is sad, Disney needs to understand that entertainment is a big reason we keep coming back, if they keep getting rid of all of the entertainment, we will be going elsewhere that is offering entertainment.

  5. Jack Sides

    This is a very sad decision on the part of WDW. Even though my wife and I do not stay at the GF we have spent many hours enjoying the orchestra and the piano music. Even with the COVID out break in mind it appears that Disney executives are kinda using that as an excuse to cut as many things as possible. We will keep this in mind before we return to WDW to spend our money.

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