Comments for OpEd: Should Elon Musk Continue Walt’s EPCOT?


  1. davis

    as long as it goes back to being educational like uncle walt intended sure!

  2. No

    This is such a stupid idea. The idea that controversial, clownish Elon Musk is following is Walt Disney’s steps is so absurd, it’s almost offensive.

  3. EricJ

    Leaving aside that:
    A) all WDW property is now on the site where EPCOT City was going to be,
    B) this is more fan-wa…, “wishful-thinking” on the part of the columnist,
    Only Elan would be clinically insane enough to think it would work, and some rumors say he’s almost there already. ‘Nuff said.

    Walt had good ideas, before we became cynical about cities in the 70’s, and his original idea of a weather-controlled domed city is just so 1966.
    Disney already had their chance to run a city, with Celebration, FL, and BLEW it.

  4. Lydia

    you know have your negative nelly stuff over musk but if hes willing to fund it and bring epcot orginal wdi team in which is the plan to fix it more power to him bc right now even w the reboot plans over the next few yrs its not MY EPCOT or anyone for that matter….. but boy if sse not getting a rehab left to plotz after 10+ yrs, horizons is a death trap/hosp visit away, and guardians has no right being there wasnt a sign epcot is still begging for mercy i do not know what is! Epcot was stem before stem was cool thats how far advanced epcot was! We need that back! If musk is willing to do it whom are we to complain.

  5. Teddy

    No. Just no. Elon Musk has a boatload of money, true. But he’s also an egotistical, self-centered jerk who called one of the rescue divers in Thailand a pedophile (with obviously zero proof) because his dumb idea was rejected.

    He has no connection to Disney, and having him involved in any way would end up being all about Elon Musk, not about Disney.

  6. Paul

    Tell you what – if he ever steps in and does a “Tesla” update of the Tomorrowland Speedway/Autopia, with some cool Imagineering themed updates, then we can talk about EPCOT.

  7. Matthew Brewster

    I would love to see Mr. Musk get involved with an EPCOT city revival. I have spent decades developing a design for one that draws upon Marvin Aubrey Davis’s original plan, but meets today’s needs. It’s a shame that he will likely never see it, since I am a nobody.

  8. Ken

    Please have Tesla sponsor the speedway in Tomorrow land. Those cars have got to go.

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