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  1. Tina

    We will not be returning to the Parks until the Parks are not taking reservations, a ticket involves a purchase to attend having then to take additional steps to attend is taking the fun out of the Happiest.

  2. Traci

    As with WDW all attractions and offerings will not be available. So why would I go through the hassle of a reservation & paying FULL PRICE for reduced offerings? My trips to DLR are one day trips from Las Vegas that are spontaneous in nature. So reservations would not work for me. I’ll be patient.

  3. Ahnsael

    I am with other commenters as far as their decision to not visit. If one doesn’t feel like it’s worth it, they should save their money.

    But to have the parks open in even limited capacity would be nice. Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida have shown that it can be done safely, even if on a limited basis.

    So while I get the whole “they’re charging full price for less than the full experience,” some people just NEED to get out and do something in a safe way. So I am also with people who choose to pay full price for a limited experience.

    There is SO MUCH to do at a Disney Park that even with limited offerings, there is probably more to do than one CAN do in a day. So if Disneyland reopens, while I won’t be the first in line, as I wait to see how well Californians and Disney conform to social distancing and masks, I would understand people visiting. I would also understand people refusing to go right now (ESPECIALLY if it involves air travel — there’s no way at all I would take a flight under current circumstances).

    But at least Disney and Universal have shown that they are willing and able to enforce social distancing and masks. Certain political rallies cannot say the same thing.

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