Comments for OpEd: Is Disney World Worth Visiting This Holiday Season? 


  1. Jerry

    We are to be at Disney World for Christmas for the 1st time ever. With all of the things we have heard about how wonderful the canceled events were we should get a discount as we are no longer getting what we thought we were paying for.

    1. Mark

      yes but most of the event runs w entertainment and shows which can not run till they are back anyways! And most of the stages they preform on plus parade are too close for safety! Its nothing your missing and the party isnt worth it when everything runs after christmas during the day it is a waste! We are still getting something is it the same no but whats truly missing the holidays arent ruined but to each his own!

      1. Davis

        I agree w you mark its true there might be less but the spirit is there and i rather be celebrating the disney way and safe then not at all! I have to wrk either way!

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