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black panther 2


  1. Michelle Strother

    If this is accurate, it’s very disrespectful.😡

    1. bridget

      Let Michael B Jordan take his rightful place but with a changed mind/ minus the treachery/ with new love for Wakanda.

      1. Kevon Bradford

        I agree 100% we all know the reality already in real life but it would make sense to bring Michael B. Jordan back to be the next panther. We are in a multi-verse now they can find a way to make it make movie sense and real life sense.

        1. Jaisn

          Why. Jordan was already a different character in the same universe. Time for someone else. Plenty of good actors out there

          1. Malaya

            Black panther is not a real person wakanda also fake therefore black panther can be male or female it’s a story people

      2. kynan

        For the live of God, why?
        Black Panther is a Male, sorry ladies but enough is enough with trying to force a femals into traditional male roles

        1. Karmakitty Karma

          If u follwed comics, you’d know in one storyline she did take the mantle of black panther….

          1. Gh

            Actually I did know that
            But go see how popular that storyline was with entire public. We just tired being forced all female heros the ones we have ate great I n think she ruins the dynamic of regular besides I ts a question of her acting is abysmal to point they baseline have her lines

        2. April Jenette Kendrick

          You do know that she takes over this role in the comic? Foot in mouth.

        3. Jinkoku

          Some one doesn’t read. Shuri is the new black panther and he stepped down for various reasons. Your misogyny is a black eye for males on this post.

          1. jjj

            NO JOKE MICHAEL Jay White better actor and he’s in. B MOVIES ON NETFLIX LOL

        4. Jomo O Adams

          Sorry for all of us who think that BP is not also a female.
          Years prior to the movie even being filmed i remember being stunned that Shuri at times does become the BP too.

        5. Patrick

          ??? MUST the BP be male ? It’s a comic book story. People DIE and return, so anything can happen. Anyway, the BP protects Wakandans. And the BP has the added benefit of special juice giving powers. Anyone could do that.

          1. Sam

            The jungle juice was destroyed though

        6. DLiz

          It follows the comics storyline where Shuri takes the mantle.

        7. Eddy

          It’s cannon a*s hat educate yourself before you comment

        8. Cassidy Brown

          We arent arguing with a soul who cant even spell love, or female

        9. Danielle Erwin

          That’s the order in the comic book. Definitely not disrespectful

        10. Danielle Erwin

          😂😂😂😂😂 this statememt reveals you did not read the comic book… I think you should

        11. Lynn

          So I hate to break it to you, but you should really read the comic. It gets passed down to his sister anyways

        12. Heaven McGriff

          Actually I disagree, not all tradition is great. I would love to see a Female lead in such a big and Represented movie because we deserve it.

        13. C.j

          Lol somebody don’t know the history of the black panther

        14. Noel Valencia

          are you serious? might wanna read the last 4 years of the black panther. its not forced as she deserves it and kilmonger shall return and there will be no king but a unforced queen.

        15. Richard R

          In the comics Shuri takes over as Black Panther. So stfu you sound ignorant and you must hate women. Loud and Stupid to the situation


          I agree 10000% I LOVE the ones we got but cmon stop trying shove them down our throats

      3. Vanessa

        When black panthers 2 comes out they should dicated it in Chadwick name.

        1. Mathanon Scott

          I also believe Marvel needs to bring back MBJ as Black Panther for other reasons not being BP has to be male.

          With Hemsworth taking a bit of a break, I’m not sure Brie Larson , Anthony Mackie, or Benedict Cumberbatch have the clout to transition Marvel Into the next couple of phases.

          It really now falls onto Tom Holland until the FF and X-Men are introduced.

          CB was a proven star and next in line to lead the avengers, and help take the MCU into the future, after Downey and Evans left.

          While an accomplished actress, LW doesn’t have the clout to do that. MBJ does.

          He’s a franchise star that Marvel needs creatively and financially.

      4. Edwin Ortiz

        I agree 100% bring him back as the black panther with a twist from the hood. There a lots of young kid’s that would relate especially with all this stuff that’s happening. We need a héroe from the hood

      5. Sonia

        Let Denzel Washington son take his place. I think he would do the part justice.

        1. Hart

          Uhm! Never thought about this… but i could see it. Good recommendation.

      6. Hart

        I was thinking the same thing. Or the kid at the end of movie who asked T’challa who are you?? Just woud not know who else could be king.😔

      7. Frank

        Micheal B Jordan would be great but one problem he died at the end of black panther. Suri makes more sense by far and there is even comics with Suri as black panther. Am all in

        1. Noel Valencia

          multiverse solves all plus there is more to the root and flower to communicate w/ the dead than we are shown

      8. FP

        No that’s dumb. He already played the villian and he got killed in the movie.

      9. Moneka

        How could Micheal B Jordan take his place when Micheal B Jordan was killed

      10. YES! We are on the same page! Michael B Jordan would be perfect (with the mind change to the better after visiting the Forefathers). This way Michael can continue the legacy for years to come.

      11. Dre

        Michael Jackson White, Michael B Jordan but that be hard explain unless they accidentally snapped him back which goes against the way stone work i thought. Or guy from Tenet . Lol 😆

    2. Carolyn Ross

      Allow the king that saved his life from the river that he was casted into after the fight. Each of their kingdoms talked about uniting once apon a time. Plus he needs to be a male king.

      1. Wanda L. Manning

        Let Michael B. Jordan take his rightful place on the throne but with a love for Wakanda

        1. Lib

          It’s 2020. Wake up, caveman.

      2. Husein Fatehi

        Please allow Michael B Jordan to take his place it will do chadwick justice

      3. Muguo Mouafo Brice

        Yes, it will be great if he gets married to shuri, so that the lineage of the black panther can be passed on to him via his wedding with shuri.

    3. Carl

      How is it disrespectful? By making a new Black Panther film or by giving the title the the characters sister Shuri?

      1. J

        I agree some of these individuals think this is real life it’s a job he had not his life celebrate his life and honor all life.

        1. Deandra Ivery

          Michael b. Jordan’s character was killed off, if there has to be a sequel use the dude from the mountain clan. Perfect for him.

        2. Lily

          Shuri should be the next black panther. We know she can fight. Plus it could at to the story of having a female black panther.

    4. Anon

      Yes when one actor dies thousands of cast and crew should be laid off as a sign of respect.

    5. Danny Hill

      They should give it Michael b Jordan only thing that makes sense

      1. Cassidy Brown

        How does this make sense he’s dead? And Shuri actually does become black panther in the comics soooo its actually following the real story not moving off of fan feelings.

    6. Em

      Why is it disrespectful? They aren’t replacing him. It would be disrespectful if they recasted it. This way it black girls will get a super hero. I think it’s a great idea

      1. Kelly Osbirn

        Shuri literally became Black Panther in the comics. People calling it disrespectful have no clue what they are talking about.

    7. Hank Gundown

      Listen, for me it’s not disrespecting nor dishonoring him in any way. There’s so many ways we can go through this. In my opinion I think we should do come up with a new storyline. Where he dies in the beginning of the movie. A big fight scene and giving the choice to the whole cast in who gets the mantle. That’s how it should be done. If not the just get a White guy to play him and call it White Panther 🤣

      1. Rich

        For the sake of diversity, they should have a white transgender play the role.

        1. Leah

          Perhaps you😊


      Pick up an original BP comic book and then welcome yourself to the 21st century!!!!

    9. Humberto Mendez

      Fake news… Do more research

    10. James

      Two things one has already been mentioned a few times. Shuri was the Black Panther in the comics for a time. Also if you ever listened to Chad speak after the role he acknowledged that the role and the character was bigger than him. This man did not expect to die before the movie was made and the change is not because he was not good at it. This is there way of dealing with what has happened. Be easy

    11. Noel Valencia

      how is it disrespectful. its smart and also what happens in the source material as the king steps down

    12. Desh

      Shuri becomes Black Panther in the actual comics. It’s actually the least disrespectful way to continue

    13. KW

      It’s how it went on the comic book. How is it disrespectful?

    14. Papito

      ive had enough blackness for a lifetime.

    15. Withered Weiner

      Proceed to the toilet and flush it. Thank you

    16. TESSA L Wright

      Let his sister be it at the beginning of the movie. Then she will need help. Bring back Michael b. Jordan with bucket and black widow

    17. 4hhhh

      I’d like to see chiwetel ejiofor as the black panther replacement.

  2. Terra Firma

    I doubt this is true. I’d like to think they take more time to weigh the pros and cons of that decision. Especially a week after his death. I can tell you this, I want to see a Black Panther movie with T’Challa not Shuri. Maybe if it was the Shuri from the comics but not the one in the movie. How they set that character up, I just can’t see it and honestly, I don’t want to. It would be disrespectful to Chadwick Boseman’s legacy to replace him and kill him off screen, that’s ridiculous. Wait for emotions to calm down and then make the decision. I would think of multinational, multi-billion dollar corporation would do exactly that.

    1. es R. Downing II

      What!! Replace him with MICHAEL JAI WHITE!!! Who should have bee the first choice

    2. That’s you… I’d love it (and millions of other would too)

      1. Chris

        I agree with everyone with how the story line is in the comics if it’s shuri then that’s how it should be it’s no disrespect to Chadwick if he dies out in the beginning of the second movie and bring in the new black panther


      Are you serious? You would rather see one of the most successful Marvel films end because the lead actor died? That’s unimaginative and selfish

      1. Dc

        I think Michael B Jordan should take over being the Black panther

        1. Marie D Taylor Lewis

          Michael B Jordan character is DEAD
          Shuri should his successor I think k Chadwick would have wanted that also,the bond they shared on s teen was phenomenal!

  3. Juan

    I’m sorry its not going to work! It’s going to be the Captain Marvel situation all over again. Let shuri be the main focus on the 2nd, movie and have Tachala out fighting Doom in Latveria and goes missing and is presumed dead. Recast the character for the 3rd movie, my choice would be Yaya Matine he has the look, the physicality and the acting chops for the chatecter. This will also reduce the sting of the actor change, this will help audiences be more excepting to the new actor.

    1. Robin

      Juan I think you’re on to something with that Yahya Mateen thing.

    2. TS

      How about this. Maybe have Shuri heal and revive Michael B Jordan’s character. And after finding out that the Black Panther died protecting Wakanda. Then he will take the throne.

      1. That’s what will likely happen… Michael B Jordan is highly bankable

      2. J

        How about they use the time travel when they were fighting the Thanos that maybe his character survived and is waiting in another city

      3. Malaikah

        THANK YOU KRISTIN!!!! And whom said Michael Jai White lacks acting skills🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂and Michael B.Jordan WAS KILLED OFF!!! Sure they can bring him back but not as The Panther yo

  4. Rashad Zahri

    I think it’s a great idea for shuri to become the new black panther after all, thchalla trained his sister and she will protect wakanda from any threat.


    1. Ray

      If you ever read the comic or seen the cartoon you would know that her felt they home land in her hand to rule and she because black Panthers she the rightful era to the thorn and to take it further him and storm did have any kids it’s her time

  5. Kellie

    In the comics Shuri stepped in when T’Challa went into a coma. There are plenty of strong women storylines, plenty of women who need and deserve to see a strong, smart female lead. Children need to see people who they look up to in the movie roles.

    1. Isaac

      Shuri is already a strong female in the MCU universe, she doesn’t need the mantle of Black Panther to prove that. All the black women in Wakanda are strong on their own and enough for little black girls aspire to.

      1. Paul Walker's double

        Listen, I know we all don’t want him to be replaced. And he did a excellent Black Panther. Now to see him be recast is not disrespecting nor dishonoring him in any way. Yet I can’t speak for him. Those so many ways we can go on with this. But for me, I’d say come up with a new storyline with him no longer going on. Or a fight scene of him dying. Then give the mantle to who ever the whole cast decides to choose. That’s just my opinion. If can’t decide. Then get a white guy to play him but then call it white panther. Hey sometimes we got to mix it up once in awhile. 😂

  6. jason

    They could use this to introduce storm since in one comics panther was away and she came to protect wakanda in the uncanny series

  7. Brad Torville

    Disney should make sure to get a complete physical from Chadwick’s replacement. Insurance-wise, they really ought to have gotten one from him too.

    1. Joyce T

      That’s rude of you to say that. First of all he never miss a day plus he finish his work. This man work while he was sick. He did his job. Have a heart be kind with your words.

  8. Batman

    I feel Bucky needs to be the new black can be done only because for it to be fair with all the gender swapping and racial divide seeing a white character fill black culture roll with respect to ALL cultures. If it’s ok to have black or white actors play black or white rolls then let it happen. We will all be surprised and content with the racial equality marvel cinematic universe can pull off.

    1. Shut up

      No matter his skin tone he’s not from Wakanda! Black Panther is the king, or possibly queen. Having someone not from there is ridiculous.

      1. Haridell Ford

        Just like there are many James Bonds, I think Stephan James would make a good BP.

        1. Clayton

          i told my wife this same thing when the question came up about recasting. he fits the part and the look.

    2. J

      I live to see that surprised they’re not using lgbqt or whatever in the replacement they’re jamming that down everybody’s throat.

  9. Darth Eisner

    I begin by saying I respect Chadwick Boseman infinitely and the following comment is based only on the Black Panther character.

    Okay, so the smartest, cheapest and most woke thing to do is to say that Black Panther was always transgendered and eased into a new lifestyle. Then Disney could hire somebody hip and cool to play Black Panther like Cardi B or Kim K!

    1. T'challa

      With respect.. Shut the hell up troll

  10. melissa

    I think it should be T’challa sister she knew him very well and plus I think she will slay 😉

  11. It’s only right that killmonger becomes the next Black panther after all his father was the one that died committing a crime and once he saw the sunset of wakanda he should have realized how important what kind of was and that he should become the next Black panther to do what his father couldn’t which is defend and uphold wakanda.

    1. Seriously?

      Oh yes let the dead terrorist become king. And not someone who is already royalty. Makes perfect sense.

  12. Ebony

    Can we get over such a great actor being gone first. Let people mourn such a great loss and then proceed. RIH Chadwick

  13. Kevin

    Shuri took his place in the comics and should in the films. Is the cinematic Shuri the same as the comics? No. But let’s face it most characters get changed in some detail or completely rewritten when brought from page to screen.( look at (TWD) I mean Darryl didn’t even exist. So. I know its different but. Im saying. Id be OK with Shuri

    1. Stick with African culture. Use a Shaman to show Shuri the way after she receives word of T’Challa’s death in battle. She takes on Black Panther for a time until its too much to handle in both roles that she plays. Storm comes and help out while Shuri plays Black Panther. The shaman will show Killlmonger resurrection as the only way for Wakanda to continue on. Then Killmonger is shown the changes T’Challa made based upon his influence. Couldn’t believe that Tchalla would change so much. And decides to honor Tchalla but with his own flare. That makes Storm fall in love with him. And he continues on in the role of Black Panther. Wakanda has already shown they would follow him. And won’t mind following him again. Let Visamazulu Credo Mutwa book Song Of Stars guide you into African culture.

      1. I love MentalIIII idea. We already know you planned on Surri taking but role but Black Panther broke the mold for stereo type. We should follow African culture since its based on Wakanda and its filmed in Africa with African cultures and beliefs allegedly.

  14. AT

    Explosions, city being destroyed in opening. See back of Black Panther sending message then him in Paradise with his father surrounded by black panthers.
    BP leaves message for his cousin or someone he was training to take over as protector/Black Panther role with his Sister becoming ruler.
    We can only imagine. Was so looking forward to seeing Chadwick in this role again. But he left us with a timeless gift. He will be missed.

    1. Carl

      Not like he had been training with Shuri for years… Why would you add an extra character when you already have someone that makes sense.

  15. AT

    Explosions, city being destroyed in opening. See back of Black Panther sending message then him in Paradise with his father surrounded by black panthers.
    BP leaves message for his cousin or someone he was training to take over as protector/Black Panther role with his Sister becoming ruler.
    We can only imagine. Was so looking forward to seeing Chadwick in this role again. But he left us with a timeless gift. He will be missed.
    Wakanda Forever!

  16. Chris

    ……maybe you should all pick up a comic because Shuri becomes the next Black Panther and Disney most likely doesnt want to replace Chadwick as the face of the king of wakanda.

    1. Hirophan

      Shuri should become Black Panther, but it should be temporary like the comic books.

  17. Lucas Rodriguez

    This is a great idea. The comics had Shuri assume the mantle of queen of Wakanda, it’s only natural that she would do the same in the film. Recasting T’Challa would be disrespectful to Boseman’s portrayal of the character.

  18. Wes

    It’s been reported that having Shuri take over as Black Panther has always been the plan so it makes sense to simply accelerate those plans. With a schedule that relies on each film laying some ground work for the overall story, Marvel didn’t have time to wait for Twitter’s arbitrary time of mourning. Especially with a film about to begin preproduction. I’m pretty sure Mr. Bozeman wouldn’t want that either.

  19. Rich

    In the real comic book there is a series we’re Shuri does become the Black Panther. And it’s pretty awesome she can fill the void.

  20. Johnny Feliciano

    It may be right to not do a Black panther movie just yet. Though should find another person to play him. People how many Tarzans with different actors played in the movies and TV. I believe Disney should make another black panther though not yet give Chadwick Boseman the respect he deserves for now as an awesome BLACK PANTHER. R.I.P.

  21. Nunya

    This is literally what happens in the comics.
    Shuri becomes the black panther.
    She just does. They’re making a good choice.
    And what better to honor one of the most powerful positive black role models by succeeding (not replacing) him with a powerful Black woman role model?
    I see this as the right choice.

  22. Rob

    Am I the only one that believes that the character of T’Challa should not die off? I loved Chadwick playing him, he was amazing and not sure anyone could do it better. But T’Challa is such a great character I don’t see why they can’t cast someone else to play him. I mean we’ve had multiple Batman, Superman, Joker, James Bond, etc…

    1. No, you’re not the only one.

  23. I love MentalIIII idea. We already know you planned on Surri taking but role but Black Panther broke the mold for stereo type. We should follow African culture since its based on Wakanda and its filmed in Africa with African cultures and beliefs allegedly.

  24. Kristin

    I’m not sure why people are upset. If you’re a true fan and have read the comics, Shuri takes over as The Black Panther when T’challa dies. They are staying true to the story.

  25. Darius Spearman

    I’m still a bit confused about how this all works. Black Panther and King aren’t necessarily the same thing. T’Challa was Black Panther before his father died, so does that mean Shuri is going to assume the throne, Black Panther mantle, or both? To assume the throne, it’s hard to imagine her beating someone in ritual combat. I’m not sure what the requirements for the mantle of Black Panther are, though.

  26. Aaron Minor

    I think the little kid at the end of the Black Panther movie that asked the King who he was is the next Black Panther. Watch the end of the Black Panther Movie and see for yourself. Maybe his illness wasn’t a surprise to everyone. Marvel plans way ahead

  27. Alex R.

    Michael B. Jordan

  28. Malaikah

    AWESOME IDEA!!! My daughter loved Shuri, even has a t-shirt with her face on it. It is time to give ALL lil girls a black female super hero!!!

  29. antwan Wilson

    Why can’t they do what fast and furious did and add him and some parts.. and then pass him off

  30. Tanquest Jefferson

    I think CB would be honored to have a young actor name Stephan James, who played in 21 Bridges with him take his place. He favors CB enough and has great acting range in the films I’ve seen so far.

  31. Han solo

    Robert downey jr

  32. Cort

    Uhhhh, Shuri did in fact become Black Panther at one point. “Female Agenda”, that’s cute.

    Just like the whole “Black Captain Marvel” BS (who’s character not only appeared in Cap Marvel as a child, but will appear in WandaVision as an adult), I wish people would actually READ the comics before expressing ignorance. Especially considering the fact that, again, these characters and story arcs have already been written into the overall “universe”.

    And before jumping to so called “agenda” conspiracies, I am a male and I am black. I know these comic stories, too. Not only would these changes be warranted, but they also follow the comics albeit loosely. Feige knows what he’s doing; just let the man do his job.

    1. Cort

      …damn, I forgot.

      RIP to the late great Chadwick Bozeman.

  33. Husein Fatehi

    I also think that Chiwetel Ejiofor will be great for this role, he has charisma very similar to Chadwick’s, it will also do him justice

  34. Jomo O Adams

    this is my version of what the remake should be:

    The Black Panther 2 movie will still have Shuri as the Black Panther for the entirety of the movie’s story, but Chadwick Bosman’s Ta’Challa character will still play a “silent” role, and this is how that will be accomplished.
    I once remembered reading an issue of Black Panther comic book where Ta’Challa’s severely injured body was placed in a transparent liquid filled medical capsule to regenerate him back to health.
    In Black Panther 2 the movie can begin with a Chadwick Boseman’s look-alike (body double) already in a liquid vibraniam medical capsule being regenerated because of an auto immune illness (or even cancer) that Ta’Challa has that even the herb can’t prevent from destroying him. The reason they (lead by Shuri) take the effort to do this medical procedure is because the illness will destroy his body and organs except for his heart and his brain, so what the liquid vibraniam solution is doing is stopping the disintegration of Ta’Challa’s body which was caught in its early stages; in its 1st phase, then in its 2nd phase regenerate all degenerated tissue, organs, and cells back to its original state or even better.

    It will be verbally noted during the film that as a result of the regeneration Ta’Challa will not look the same (like Chadwick Boseman) at the end of the procedure, and there is no guarantee he might even sound the same. The reason for that is to condition the viewers of the movie psychological visualization to not be stricken by Ta’Challa new appearance being played by a new actor who is not the Chadwick Boseman’s look-alike in the liquid vibraniam solution.

    If there are actual recorded voice samples of Chadwick’s voice from the original Black Panther or any of the Avengers movies that Chadwick played which were cut from those movies those can be used as conversations he can have with Shuri while he is still in the Vibraniam solution about any matters or concerns. That would lend to some degree of authenticity in the movie by having Shuri ask him questions and or respond based on that or those voice samples.
    Ta’Challa’s body will stay in the vibraniam solution until the end of the film when he is taken out of the solution, and to help again with the psychological visualization it must be verbally noted to turn down the lights (because at this point the body being taken out of the medical solution will be whomever the new Ta’Challa actor will be, not the Chadwick Boseman’s look-alike) and make the room dark so his eyesight may not be affected by the sudden influx of light which is gradually increased to reveal the new Black Panther actor.
    Can you imagine that actor being John Washington, Denzel Washington’s son…? WOW
    However the new actor should not bring his natural style of acting to this role, he must study and mimic Chadwick Boseman’s body mechanics and do his best to imitate Chadwick’s Ta’Challa’s voice as close as possible.

  35. Chanda Adams

    I’m reading these comments and I’m like…for one did they not watch the movie because Michael B. Jordan’s character died, secondly did they not read the comics because Shuri becomes black panther, and last but not least how is it disrespectful because I feel like Chadwick would want the show to go on and he would be happy with the choices being made

  36. I miss Chadwick B. with all my heart but I think he would want Black Panther to continue giving another black actor a chance he had to portray a black super hero. Chadwick was a respectful and honorable actor was making a path for another black super hero to follow his footsteps and to bring someone else in he will be more than proud. They should start off with him from the first movie and find a way to remove him gracefully but always and forever have a memorial for him from the beginning to the end and that will never be disrespectful it will be a memory that will go down in history. Chadwick will always and forever be our Black Panther.

  37. Jonathon Beatty

    I’m looking forward to see how this turns out. I read comics and she has taken over for t’challa as the black panther. It wasn’t long but it was good. I like the actress,she could be a good fit. Think about the pressure she could be feeling,she’s gonna be compared to Chadwick Boseman. Give her a chance.

  38. Vicki

    Erik played by Michael B Jordan should be the new black panther with his change of heart from the loss of T’Challa!

  39. Jrod

    Sounds fine to me let shuri

  40. Jackson Fox

    I think either Michael B Jordan as Eric Killmonger can be the new Black Panther & better king or Recast T’challa and Make Stephan James the new Black Panther and new king of Wakanda.

  41. Jackson

    I think either Michael B Jordan as Eric Killmonger can be the new black panther or Recast T’challa and make Stephan James the new Black Panther.

  42. I think either Michael B Jordan as Eric Killmonger can be the new Black Panther or Recast T’challa and make Stephan James the new Black Panther

  43. At this time more then anything have to have a positive and strong black male and that what black panther is to the community. Give two or three movie to go to a female..

  44. Ray

    If you ever read the comic or seen the cartoon you would know that her felt they home land in her hand to rule and she because black Panthers she the rightful era to the thorn and to take it further him and storm did have any kids it’s her time

  45. Beto

    Making shuri the new black panther wouldn’t be a bad idea, the 2nd movie could present a scenario where Chadwick boseman dies as black panther on a mission for x reason, taking the mantle would show a lot of character development for what the black panther mantle means for the people of wakanda, it wouldn’t be forced unlike in other cases where some heros get replaced by some new actor or a female we dont know, but shuri taking up the mantle could be Disney’s best and safest move, in a way where t’challa is not replaced by another Male actor, or some other multiverse version of him, hokoye could step up in the black panther mantle as she has leadership training and is good in the battle field and in stealth missions. If not them mbaku, enough said

  46. Dakota Red

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for Nakia to be the next black panther? She’s already queen.

  47. Roland Hagerty

    T’Challa is very much intricate to the Marvel Universe. He’s the only one I’ve ever seen Dr. Doom actually fear. You take away from so many things . Killing the character off is disrespectful and I will not watch it.

  48. Rodney James

    Just use another actor to replace Chadwick Boseman!

    T’Challa is the Black Panther!

    Chadwick Boseman was the actor who played him!

    Can you imagine if they did that with Superman after Christopher Reeves died!?!

    If Disney does this, I won’t see it!

    1. Noel Valencia

      correct as you will probably download it

  49. Red Winter23

    They should either someone who has the same build and who can nail the accent and put Chadwick’s face on him. Or have the guy in the suit as t Challa, have one action sequence then hand over the mantle to shuri

  50. Red Winter23

    They should get someone who has the same build and who can nail the accent and put Chadwick’s face on him. Or get the same guy and put him in the suit and mask for a bit of the movie then pass the mantle down to shuri

  51. k

    This isn’t the comics this is the MCU. Not to mention that there are no more heart shaped herbs to grant the powers of the black panther. Not only do they have a huge plothole, but Shuri was depicted as a scientist. Whenever she fought she relied on her gauntlets. She isn’t a skilled fighter in the mcu. Not to mention she’s not beating the greatest warriors in Wakanda in hand to hand combat. And their family is responsible for a family feud that divided Wakanda. The tribes will see that as weakness and challenge her for the throne.

    1. but that’s where they get most of the material and change it up a bit. shuri can learn as she did before and she was just as good because she used the same tech she gave the king and also the black panther might just become more than one as t challa steps down and others take the mantle so it could be shuri and others, as well as kilmonger, could come back in a few different ways that would allow for other characters to be in the film as well. I bet we will see more herbs because of the same way they can bring back kilmonger. you do make some great points though.

  52. Cybro007

    Such a tragedy, I would love to see Michael Jai White as a replacement for Chadwick Boseman, in the Black Panther sequel,
    Three reasons, 1) he a seasoned Actor, 2) he looks amazing, 3) a seasoned Martial Artist, that could bring a new level of excitement to the role!

    1. Alexis

      I agree. Shuri should take over as Black Panther. It makes no since to replace him with another actor. Chadwick Boseran portrayed Black Panther the best. If he was replaced,then the character woule never be the same.

    2. Wanda Greene

      I Think be He Would Be Proud Because Chadwick Started A Legacy For Our Grand Children & Their Children To Keep Wakanda Forever Alive…

  53. Alexis

    I agree. Shuri should take over as Black Panther. It makes no since to replace him with another actor. Chadwick Boseran portrayed Black Panther the best. If he was replaced,then the character woule never be the same.

  54. Just_panther99

    Dude come on, you really think shuri could beat M’baku in hand to hand combat without any flower serum power for the ritual tradition fight to become the next panther like T’challa did? Mbaku or killmonger is the rightful hier

  55. HC

    What if, Warmonger had a twin. One was left behind, which became Warmonger and the other little boy was taken back to Waganda where he learned the Waganda ways. But due to what his father had done. He was never told his true identity. Michael B. Jordan could return and become king. Or, hire John David Washington, Densel’s son, to continue the story. Boseman, said “there would be no Black Panther without Denzel.” John David Washington is a young talented actor, already with several movies under his belt.

  56. Omar

    I master martial arts without problems, so can take over from black panther II😁✌
    i want to become a black panther

  57. Darryl

    How about casting John David Washington?

  58. Alex

    Make Shuri the black panther

    1. Wanda Greene

      I Think be He Would Be Proud Because Chadwick Started A Legacy For Our Grand Children & Their Children To Keep Wakanda Forever Alive…

  59. SindelSiren

    To all you sexist ignorant people in the comments. If you actually watched the original movie or know the comics you’d have know that there have been plenty of previous female black Panthers. And having his sister take up the mantle for him is exactly what he would want. He’d want little black girls to be able to have that same rise of pride and excitement that us black men and boys got seeing him on the big screen. Sit down and educate yourselves because you sound ignorant for the world to see.

  60. Roze

    Why do we as black people have to share 1 spot. Another spot can be created for a female superstar. Give Storm a feature. Just don’t understand why the black male has to give up his role in order for the black female to shine, but in the same role. Give it to killmonger or recast Idris or let Daniel Kaaluya character become the Black Panther. This was a huge film for Black Men in a strong lead as a feature.

  61. Georgina May

    Jamie Fox can pull off the black panther roll better than anybody.

  62. Heather

    I personally think the story would get more interesting if they introduce T’challa having twin daughters who would grow up without his presence and take his place. It would make the story line interesting and introduce the first black female superheroes.

  63. Beto

    For all of y’all talking about killmonger dying, technically, we didn’t see him die, lazy writing I know but if the movie is good we’ll get over it, we just seen him keel over, with the technology there they could heal and bring him back

  64. Papito

    Black Panther is racist. I think Disney needs to do “The White Klansman” to be all-inclusive. Wait, how foolish of me. Disney has no respect for anyone that is white, republican, not handicapped, not queer or normal. They champion everything that is wrong with America.

  65. Rogelio Ramirez

    Denzel Washington.

  66. Jerry L Sullivan

    Michael B Jordan would be the best

  67. Phillis Loggins

    If Shuri becomes BP, what would happen on Challenge Day? Will she be able to defeat challengers in ritualistic hand to hand combat, without flower power? Even in the movie when T’Challa was presumed dead, Nakia, not Shuri was considered by Queen Mother to take the flower, then M’Baku, even Okoye mentioned as the greatest warrior Wakanda has. I know many frown on recasting Chadwick Boseman, but Lakeith Stanfield is a dead ringer for him . If we barrow a moment from the movie The Matrix where the Oracle is the same Oracle, but looks different ( a recasted new character) A change in T’Challa’s appearance occuring in the multiverse someway) This may take the sting out of it, but leave us feeling he still king, just looks alittle different. Just an idea.
    Wakanda Forever!!!!

  68. TESSA L Wright

    Let his sister be it at the beginning of the movie. Then she will need help. Bring back Michael b. Jordan with bucket and black widow

  69. Georgia Dishongh

    I think that the next Black Panther should have his son take his place. It should open 25 years in the future with the funeral of T’Challa. The story can be built around what had happened to him. By doing this they won’t have to actually replace his character.

    1. Clayton

      i love your idea too…. this would allow Cole Tiger (T’Chaka II) to be installed and they can explain the marriage between him and Storm.

  70. Moneka

    It shall be passed down to his sister. BP don’t have to be male. Micheal B Jordan was killed so why bring him back if they couldn’t bring his father back?? Shuri deserves it all the way around.

  71. Clayton

    i have actually read all of your posts.. i think you all have great ideas. i have been following the comics since i was a kid. i am 46 years old. the BP is my favorite character. the funny thing is a lot of people just got on the wagon when the movie came out. some people from many races didn’t even know this character existed. my 0.02 is that you are all correct, BP has historically been men. yes Shuri does take over in the comics and if you are still reading other men have also held mantle of the BP (Man-Ape (M’baku)), Killmonger, White Tiger (Kasper Cole) and T’Chaka II (son of T’Challa and Storm). so there are many ways this can go. in the recent comics there is a civil unrest in Wakanda because T’Challa is mortally wounded in combat and goes missing. when he returns it is a split in who the kingdom should follow, him or Shuri. I do believe the role should be held by a male in the BP2 and move on to Shuri. my pick would be Stephan James (21 Bridges). there is so much more to this story that a lot of people don’t know about. start back in the 60’s to really know more about this character and the many changes that has happened. even when the comics had Shuri as the BP it took a hit in sales due to the reincarnation of the female being tagged in a male dominated role. Captain America was done the same way lets even look on the DC side when they went to Batwoman and Supergirl. i am not against Letitia getting her moment i just think it is too soon.

  72. Clarence Williams

    I believe you should have the Black panther died from cancer in the movie showing his connection with humanity and that even heroes have to suffer with her humanity and you should honor Chadwick in that way then you can have them start to work in the movie towards cancer research donating money to it within the movie and also are alive donating part of the money for the movie to cancer research.

    1. I nominate the actor from the movie 2012 who played the black scientist. Would play BP perfect. At least one movie.

  73. Stephanie Strickland

    If you were into Marvel, the Black Panther was a Woman. Look it up I’ll wait

  74. Chiwetel Ejiofor should take over the role. Even if it’s for one movie, to set up the sister taking over Black Panther. He would be perfect.


    Omg if they make her the head I won’t watch it she doesn’t have the presence he does nobody did. Even only Michael B Jordan matched his performance but he can’t be the king he died. Hard write in just get any male no offense we love our female heroes but not all them can be women I think scarlet witch is WAY BETTER ACTOR than whoever plays Suri she’s got no depth it was really apparent in scenes with Black panther they where all action or comical and when she had to do serious it was bloody awful. I’m not trying be mean just realistic compared to Chadwick nobody will measure up but we can MOST DEFINITELY DO WAAY BETTER DON’T JUST GIVE IT TO HER BECAUSE ITS CONVENIENT BECAUSE I’M TELLING YOU NO GUY WANTS TO WATCH THAT UNLESS HE’S WITH HIS GF JUST BEING REAL. This will never take place … knock on my door 🚪 “Yo Dre let’s go catch that new Black Panther they didn’t even get anyone they just made Suri the Black Pantheris (ohhh boy that’s got ring to it. Because a female panther is that) …. ” “Aight bet I’ll even buy the 50$ tickets now they raised prices since covid And we 6 ft apart with respirators on” “Can’t wait!.. that conversation will happen the 1st of nevuarary… I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE HER WITH SPEAKING ROLES WITH OTHER AVENGERS..THE CHEMISTRY WOULD BE OFF LIKE THEY NEVER SHOWED HER TALKING TO THEM EXCEPT FOR MAYBE A LINE ABOUT REWIRING THE BRAIN also was done comically with RDJ saying we didn’t think of that like just so basic it was supposed be light. I’m telling you, I’ll boycott marvel entirely if this is the direction they are going keep going no sir


    It Has nothing to do with female or male it has everything to do with stage presence and acting ability and Suri is just not on the level perfect example try to imagine the killmonger fight with Michael B Jordan versus Chadwick and replace him and you think you would been in edge your seat like ib was. IF YOUR BEING HONEST HELL NO. SHE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH DEPTH. I think it’s a parent actually in the fact that they didn’t give her many speaking lines in the ones she had were minimal and not involving other actors with the exception wiring the brain in infinity war And if you notice all of her parts she is either a 100% angry or light hearted in that’s what I mean there’s no range no death in her performance and not trying to bash her in this is nothing to do with female or male if they find a compelling female became command the stage Presence like Chadwick nobody will fill his shoes and we are left with a big void but beyond that the world is left without a great person. I honestly just feel it Siri would be Ruin of the black panther franchise to be on this it’s going to be hard to recover eze it is because Chadwick with such a Presence That is part of the reason that film did so well I think people didn’t give him enough credit for his acting ability in range of emotions if you could show in very Subtle ways a movement of the eyes. Think when he had to do the scenes of his father dying he did such great job not going to far where you get lost but far enough where you felt his pain. Just I can’t see Suri coming close that’s problem if she was like Michael B Jordan who when he took of his shirt and spoke his lines you knew he belonged right next C.B and together they made magic literally one my favorite one on one fights in all AVENGERS and that’s saying A LOT in terms of acting. And 1 vs 1 it might be best delivery pre fight. I digress my point is made she can’t hold a candle to Chadwick acting abilities but v

  77. Lily

    Make Micheal b Jordan the new black panther! He is probably the only one that can make it work plus he is rightful to the throne. Just have him have a change of heart.

  78. if they’re still looking for someone to replace a Chadwick Boseman I actually had someone in mind I was thinking about the guy who did cloak in Cloak and Dagger I thought you’d be a good candidate to replace Chadwick Boseman I mean he almost looks like him and he definitely has sort of like black panthers commanding voice I think you would be the perfect person to be the New Black Panther for all of you who don’t know who the actor that plays cloak in the live-action show Cloak and Dagger and his name is Aubrey Joseph

  79. CJ

    What is wrong with John David Washington taking the role of T’challa/ Black Panther? I have been a fan of the Black Panther since the seventies. I feel T’challa’s story needs to be told!

  80. Scott

    I think they should just let this go and not recast or hand off the torch to someone else to be king or queen. I feel they should just cancel Black Panther 2 and have T’Calla written out of the MCU that way they don’t kill him off or need him in future movies. Do it in they way they wrote Brian aka Paul out of the Fast and Furious franchise.

  81. We should have “2” Black Panthers. Shuri should be one of them. T’Challa SHOULD BE RECASTED. This is fiction, this is ALL fiction. I’m kewl with Aldis Hodge being T’Challa (maybe he can do double duty from DC). Not recasting T’Challa is like Captain Marvel becoming Crissy from Three’s Company. KILLING T’CHALLA ISN’T A WELL THOUGHT IDEA. #recastTchala

  82. Malaya

    Shuri is the rightful heir as the 2nd born child of the king her brother had no children so the crown goes to her btw you can’t seriously believe that the man who destroyed there heart shaped herb and possessed so much hatred will be a good ruler that would be a whole new kind of stupid
    This is a made up story until u can prove it stop saying That BP must be male u r just telling the world that you’re a sexist pig

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