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Disney Annual Passholder Discounts


  1. They may be offering discounts, but they’re not exactly making it easy for locals to come into the parks to get those merch discounts! EVERY park is blacked out this weekend and the next, and other than AK being available on the 25th, Epcot is the only park available to APs throughout all the weekends in October. They may open some more dates, as they’ve done for September, but this ressie system is NOT friendly to APers who work during the week.

    1. Melanie Durham

      It’s not blacked out to us, the dates are just all taken up by AP’s and other guests!

      1. rosie

        exactly most hotel guests get more choices ap has a limit to 3 per month if theres even anything applicable… hotels will get length of stay.

      2. rebel orange bird

        Thats if anything is aval for hotel hotel doesnt mean anything more except length rosie! I just went due to labor day everything was taken. I still enjoyed the 1 park i went to but i was in wdw for 5 days.

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