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Disney Cruise Line

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  1. I second Jessica.
    I am on the November 27th sailing of the Wonder and we have not received notice of cancellation. This story is merely covering sailings no longer being sold on the website.

  2. John

    I’m on the November 5th Fantasy cruise. Just checked my reservation. It’s still a go.

  3. Tiffany

    I am currently booked for a cruise on the Fantasy the first week in December and my reservation is NOT cancelled. They are filled to their 70% capacity and are no longer allowing additional bookings for these dates.

  4. Blanca MONTANO

    That does mean they won’t cancel. Disney told me my cruise was not canceled Then i call one day later and yes it was cancel. DCL is not the one canceling its the CDC not letting them cruise in US water so if u wanna stay updated keep up with CDC.

    1. Mj

      Actually the CDC doesn’t control US waterways. CLIA is who has been “enforcing” the no sail.

  5. Chrystie

    I’m not so sure these cruises are all actually canceled yet. They are not taking additional reservations so they have been removed from the website, but there has been no word from Disney that they are actually canceled as of yet. I’m not saying they won’t be, but please don’t publish rumor as fact.

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