Comments for Cinderella’s Royal Table Shatters Prices Due to No Princesses

Cinderella's Royal Table by the window


  1. hate

    I hate you

  2. Down W. ITM

    shatters? lol y’all reaching

    1. Bad play on words with glass shattering (slipper). 🙂

  3. EricJ

    I remember going in ’01, on one of the last times you COULD have a normal non-character lunch and dinner at CRT.

    I also remember the specific historical reason(s) WHY Disney was inspired to switch CRT and Akershus to all-Princess dining–
    One, an illegal fan-swindle of scalped reservations that was quickly shut down, and the other, a mom-misconception that their girls couldn’t find princess meets anywhere but CRT…A reason that was not only wrong, but quickly became obsolete with the new Royal Hall.

    So, yeah–Enjoy a meal in peace and quiet, and take in the scenery. We old-schoolers used to. 🙂

  4. Lauren

    Prices for adults used to be $92 so actually a really good saving! (the $75 you’ve got was the breakfast price)

  5. Mike

    I’m sorry but $13 less is not “shattering” the price. Very misleading headline. Still an overpriced meal just like Be Our Guest has now become. It’s a shame.

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