Inside Look: Capturing the New Colors of Cinderella Castle

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Today, photographer David Roark shared a #DisneyMagicMoment with Disney Parks Blog. He told a story of how he captured a truly unique picture of Cinderella Castle, highlighting the new color scheme the castle recently received.

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Here is a look at the artistic photo by Roark shared by @thezachriddley on Instagram:

While many fans have strong opinions about the new changes made to the iconic Cinderella Castle, there is much to be appreciated in this beautiful photo.

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Here is a piece of the story Roark shared with Disney Parks Blog:

The water was so still that morning, though, I knew if I took the photo as-is, you may not be able to tell it was actually a reflection. I needed to find something I could toss in the water to make it ripple, and managed to scavenge just three acorns from under the oak trees that line the bridge. On my third and last toss, the acorn landed in the exact position I wanted and I snapped the photo you see here.

OK, well…not exactly the photo you see here. Because it’s a reflection, I wanted to pull a little trick and make the castle appear to be “right side up,” as if you were looking at it for real. So I flipped the image horizontally and then rotated it 180 degrees. That’s why the little patch of green in the lower right may confuse you – that’s the grassy lawn on the edge of the moat. Turn the photo upside down again and it will all make sense!

How incredible! We love having these behind the scenes moments shared with us, the fans. You can see more photos of the castle from inside the park here.

How do you feel about the new royal colors on Cinderella Castle? Let us know in the comments!

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