Comments for Real Route 66 Locations that Inspired ‘Cars’


Credit: Disney-Pixar


  1. Thanks for the generous references to my 2006 article about “Cars.” I had one big advantage at the time — I saw a charity screening of the film in Oklahoma City one week before its release. That — along with the recollections of Michael Wallis (as the Sheriff of Radiator Springs) and info from the trailers — enabled me to have a detailed article about the Route 66 inspirations to Cars the day of its official release.

  2. Scott Piotrowski

    The bridge shown is not the Avery bridge in Tulsa but instead the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena. The tunnels in the movie on the same drive are the Figueroa Street Tunnels in Los Angeles (the only tunnels on 66) and the stadium for the final race is Los Angeles Coliseum.

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