Comments for Canceling Disney’s Holiday Events May Further Hurt Florida Tourism

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  1. davis

    you all know we have a pandemic right folks are getting sick and dying! #s are still fluctuating! I think people are starting to realize vacations are always going to be there and there are more important things like life and ones health! Most of christmas is entertainment which isnt going to run wo ent! Christmas wasnt canceled just like Halloween wasnt just the parties! This is the new normal and things will wrk out thats life!

    1. Papito

      Relax Karen, at the end when “things all work out”, you’ll still be a coward afraid of his/her/zir’s own shadow.

    2. rebel orange bird

      Relax papito i know people your days are numbered on this site stop making fun of my friends!
      Ps. Davis your right the holidays werent canceled and i am sure disney will celebrate folks will come and magic happens! Its all part of the new normal! And it was nice to meet you at dak when i came down recent too.

  2. Stan

    Vicious cycle…Keep canceling things because of reduced attendance and people will stay away or go to Universal.

    1. lydia

      universal is stupid! They have no rules and no capacity! I rather be safe then stupid. I heard from friends after this wkend they had a covid scare or 3 and no kidding vs i was safe at wdw and always will be how about you and all the others just stay away… your not a true disney fan if you think they are doing something wrong! Yep safety is wrong!

      1. Papito

        Stupid like a fox…….Disney is afraid and cowaring, Universal is not.

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