Comments for Car Accidentally Drives Down Stairs at Wilderness Lodge

wilderness lodge car



    Driver was so wrong, not Disney. Rail in middle of the stairs there, plus sign’s of stairs

  2. Kitty

    Car Accidentally Drives Down Stairs at Wilderness Lodge

    The “Car” didnt accidentally try to drive down the stairs.

  3. davis

    come on itm how can you accidently do anything let alone drive down stairs that are extremely obvious they are there!

  4. Thi

    This was my Lyft to Hollywood Studios this morning. Everyone is ok, but I still can’t believe that the driver did this.

    1. rebel orange bird

      Thi, glad your all safe that must have been an experience!

    2. rosie

      okay but you know there are buses that go there and they are free right? And all drivers are trained with the route and safety in mind…. but you went for the lyft! Mellianials and your convince!

      1. Goose

        Victim blaming, nice. Grow up. Take your anger to therapy, not here.

  5. Paul

    I think the driver thought they were in a Herbie movie? 🙂

  6. Clover

    Have enough kids in a car and your liable to do anything!!!

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