Universal’s Volcano Bay Reaches Capacity, No Masks Required

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Yesterday, Universal Studios Florida’s Volcano Bay Water Park reached capacity. Twitter user @bioreconstruct shared aerial images of the Orlando theme Park, in which visitors can be seen using the wave pool, relaxing on the beach, and riding water slides.

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In this final view, you can see many people in the Volcano Bay wave pool as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. It is worth noting that Universal has a capacity set and does not require face coverings at all times at Volcano Bay. Appropriate face coverings are recommended but not mandatory in all Park areas. Take a look at this official statement:

Face coverings are required in restaurants, retail locations and as you enter and exit the park, and we also encourage you to wear face coverings while walking around the park. Face coverings are not permitted on slides and in pools.

This contrasts with nearby Walt Disney World Resort’s policy that faces coverings must be worn in all pool areas unless a Park Guest is in the water. This means that walking on pathways and sitting on beach areas would not be allowed without an approved face mask. However, the water parks at Disney World are not yet open.

Commenters on @bioreconstruct’s Tweets were concerned about the number of Park patrons and the apparent lack of face masks:

volcano bay capacity comments
Credit: Twitter/@bioreconstruct

Twitter user @AdvParker wrote, “Mmm, COVID Soup,” while commenter @ChrisLHough simply said, “Terrifying.”

It is also worth noting that Volcano Bay, like the rest of Universal Studios Orlando, operates at limited capacity during its phased reopening process. Therefore, the amount of people at the water Park is limited compared to what it would typically be.

Theme Park visitors are likely flocking to Volcano Bay due to the announcement that the famous Universal Orlando land will close on select weekdays starting in September.

volcano bay
Credit: Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Orlando’s official description of Volcano Bay reads:

It’s a water theme park. Which is like a theme park with a whole lotta water. And that big thing in the middle is just like a real volcano. ‘Cause you know volcanoes have water slides, the kind that’ll make you chicken out at the last minute unless your friends (or kids) peer pressure you. And if you’re more a go-with-the-flow type, we got chill things like a winding river, wave pool—oh, and lounge chairs. Doesn’t get chiller than that. Remember, it’s a South Seas oasis (and nothing says oasis like a volcano).

What do you think about these aerial images of Volcano Bay Water Park at capacity?

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