Comments for Disney Officially Closes PeopleMover For Next Few Months

tomorrowland peoplemover


  1. TacoCat

    What a total waste of money to go to the parks right now. Why? Just to be able to say you did? Makes no sense.

    1. Ben collins

      When the parks opened up it was mostly disney vlog owners, now people just want a place to go just to be at a change of environment.

  2. Anonymous

    Well at least it sounds like the ride would come back soon.

  3. Jenn

    I would be surprised except for that weird fire that happened on it last year…I just hope it’s up for me next year-I have a strange love for that thing.

  4. Jenn

    I WOULD be surprised except for that odd fire it had last year. I just hope it (and everything else) is up next year for me.

  5. SG

    Please, please, please be open asap! We love it!

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