Comments for Aerial Photos Show Progress on ‘Star Wars’ Hotel at Disney World

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser entrance

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    Rumors have it, interior construction permits with Disney’s standard theming-design companies were also filed mid-July.

    (…Darnit, and I had to go and put money down on a real Disney Cruise just because I thought we’d never get THIS one!)

  2. Brandon

    It annoys me when articles use click bait titles like “Aerial Photos show…”
    Then the article does not contain any of the photos.

  3. SG

    We are SO excited! I hope COVID goes away so we can return to normal and escape from reality for a few days. You know, go to another planet and fight bad guys or just cheer for the Rebelion! Galaxy’s Edge is so cool, what a wonderful complement. I think Walt would be proud.

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