Screaming Mouth Stickers Give Face Masks Personality

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screaming mouth stickers

Wearing a face mask to your favorite theme park has become a fact of life, and that’s just as true in Japan. The home of Tokyo Disney Resort has been quick to introduce social distancing, temperature checks, and of course, mandatory masks. However, some parks have made this a fun experience by offering these amazing screaming mouth stickers.

Screaming mouth stickers let you scream without exposing your face

Greenland Amusement Park pioneered the stickers, which allow guests to give their faces a little personality when they’re covered by a mask. Each sticker is shaped like an open mouth, giving the cartoonish illusion that the user is screaming when seen from a distance. Check them out!

screaming mouth stickers
Credit: Greenland Amusement Park via Vice

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Each sticker is available at the entrance of the park until the end of August, meaning Japanese park-goers have the whole summer to experiment with which screaming mouth decal they like best.

Credit: Greenland Amusement Park via Vice

We can’t help but wonder; will Disney release their own brand of screaming mouth stickers? The Greenland decals are of course a little scary-looking and more cartoonish, but imagine a giant mouth based on Goofy, or a smiley face using the Cheshire Cat‘s iconic grin? We’d love to see Disney get creative in the same way that it has with face mask designs.

Until then, we’ll have to wait and see if Tokyo Disney Resort or Universal Studios Japan get on board with the country’s screaming mouth sticker craze.

In the meantime, check out these hilarious videos of some of Greenland Amusement Park’s employees taking the stickers for a test ride on some intense roller coasters.

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They’re both hilarious and terrifying!

What do you think of these face mask stickers? If Disney introduced them to the parks, would you wear them? Let us know in the comments below.

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