Comments for Pirates of Caribbean Animatronic Reportedly Topples Over, Attraction Closed


  1. Darth Danger

    First Jose, then the Avatar Shaman, now a pirate…

    Man, oh man, they close for a few months and the animatronics think they now can all sit out on the job.

    They should just start their own union.

    1. Mark Kaplan

      They had one job…….

  2. TacoCat

    Before long, the parks will just be a walk through museum. Look, don’t touch.

  3. John M

    He saw Andy coming

    1. Mark Kaplan


  4. prince charming

    The suckers are going to pay full price for this joke.

  5. Clare

    Maybe he got up on the wrong side of the galleon and felt “unattractive” that day…

  6. Peter and Diane Mitros

    …….and ONE job only.

  7. debi

    Cmon Disney step up…I just bought stock….. ugh

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