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  1. Rebecca Goltz

    Open up Disneyland, the cast members need to work! I know they will keep up with the proper procedures to keep everyone safe at Disneyland.
    We all miss it, we miss the magic. But most importantly, the cast members have been away too long, they need to work. Open Up Disneyland. I’m 100% behind the cast members!

    1. Bonnie Watters

      Please re-open Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Parks.
      We need to open up our state to tourism.

    2. S

      Are you 100% behind the Cast Members like me who do not wanna go back and risk contracting COVID? Whose family are immunocompromised? Who don’t wanna go back and get hit and spit on and abused for asking Guests to wear masks? The world isn’t safe right now. Stop speaking for us.

  2. Faith

    OPEN DISNEYLAND!!!! If Florida can do it so can California!!!! People need to work!!!! This is just so far our of hand it’s ridiculous !!!!! OPEN DISNEY NOW!!!!!!!!

  3. Darth Notices

    I heard one of the cast members in the petition was none other than Florida Governor DeSantis in disguise!

    When asked for comment, he said, “Of course I want California following what I do here! I’m smart enough not to walk down the Road of Stupidity by myself!”

  4. Phyllis P Griffith

    I want Disneyland to open, if Orlando can do it I know California can do it. It is time to bring back some Magic into this World. OPEN DISNEY!!

  5. Jon

    No way Jose

  6. Sean

    Where do I sign this petition? Disneyland needs to open and healing of our nation and the world need to start!!!

  7. Sean

    Where do I sign this petition? Disneyland needs to open and healing of our nation and the world need to start!!! Please open Disney!!!!

    1. Joe

      Your ” healing” will lead to death. This virus is far from under control.

  8. Jack

    Yes they need to reopen or put the employees back on furlough that they recalled so far. It’s unfair that they didn’t call back by seniority.

  9. Ann

    I will not be signing. My family is more important to me.

  10. James

    Please reopen. My wife and I miss going!

  11. Taylor

    Open up Disneyland!

  12. Trisha Jones

    Please please please reopen. The cast member need to work and our family needs to see disneyland to lift our spirits and to celebrate our Son’s Highschool graduation . he already had to miss all of his sports, his friends, his prom, his yearbook party, and much more only to be told his disneyland trip would be on hold. Please reopen Disneyland so our Son can get the celebration he has earned and has been waiting for. The whole country needs some happiness and where better to do that than the HAPPIEST place on earth 🙂

    1. J

      I’m certain Disneyland would love to rent you and your son the park for the day. That way he gets “the celebration he earned as has been waiting for” and you don’t have to put Cast Member parents like me with immunocompromised children at risk.

  13. Mike

    That’s a big old fat nope. I wouldn’t recommend anyone going anywhere near a Disneyland-type theme park. We can and should wait until this is over.

  14. Carole

    You cant escape the virus. We have to learn to live with it smartly. If you want to stay locked up for 2 years, be my guest. But most people don’t. Newsom is a dictatorial idiot. CA does not belong to him

  15. Jorge

    As a Cast Member of nearly a decade, I do not support Disneyland reopening at this point in time. Yes, many Guests miss the entertainment. Yes, many Cast Members – including myself – want to return to work. (Personally, I’m both bored and very poor now.) But for me, my resistance lies in Disney’s lack of responsibility concerning the virus. I promise you all, they WILL train every single Cast Member in COVID-19 safety but that is where the responsibility will end. Just because training is in place does not mean it will be enforced. Look at the accidents that have resulted in past deaths, the instances that have drawn international media due to mistakes. Those all resulted from training that was not enforced or checked upon by management. As far as I understand, Disney is supporting screening for COVID and recommending those who test positive stay home. But they are not assisting with screening for asymptomatic carriers who can still spread the virus to Cast Members and Guests alike despite a regular temperature and no outward symptoms. This compromises safety for anyone immunocompromised or living in a multi-generational household whether on or off payroll.

    Yes I am BORED beyond belief. And I REALLY miss my paycheck. But I after all I’ve experienced, I do not trust Disneyland management – not the executives – to have human interest at heart over an influx of money and a boost to their bonuses.

    I am absolutely open to discussing my opinion, but I will not respond to inflammatory reactions.

  16. Sandra

    People need magic right now. Gov. Newsom open Disneyland

  17. Snow White

    I’m anxious to get back to work, in a way…I’m willing to wear the mask, even though you won’t be able to see my smile. It does feel like it’s taking forever, and I vacillate between wanting life to get back to normal and being on the side of extreme caution. Time will tell.

  18. Nancy

    I’m ready bring us cast members back to work! If Florida can do it we can do it! It’s time we have been closed long enough.

  19. Carla

    No do not open! Dont risk lives for profit. People should find something else to do with their time.

  20. Mi

    Do not open….if you have older family members or know people with compromised health….you understand where I’m coming from… It’s not worth it to risk exposing this virus to any person who the virus could take out. Personally, I would not want that responsibility of possibly harming or even killing someone due to transmission from me.

  21. Pam Niesporek

    I’m all for staying safe and wearing the #%!## masks, but, I miss coming to Disneyland so much. I am willing to keep a mask on in the parks and on the rides, if need be to open up. The many have to outway the few. Everyone be safe and live safe.Open the parks.


  23. Nina Warburton

    Open Disneyland already!!!!

  24. Adela

    I agree and don’t agree about reopening, I agree for the employees to have a job & don’t agree because a lot of idiots haven’t learned to wear a mask ?, so why take that chance.

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