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Disney Blu-Ray


  1. Danny

    I like having a physical copy of my movies. What happens if I lose my device,then I lose my movies. Also, not all DVDs have the same extras, the new ones that all the making of ,etc.

    1. Samantha

      If it’s only 4k that really doesn’t affect me.

      1. MM

        Also, VUDU has been known to remove movie digital copies from a user’s account because VUDU lost three rights. For me, it isn’t as big if a deal because I always had the physical copy. If Disney removes the ability to own ALL physical copies, then I will be more concerned with losing digital copy access.

        I see Disney charging a monthly access fee to a site that allows you to purchase a digital copies and once you stop paying that monthly f÷, you would lose all the digital copies you have purchased.

    2. DKeigh

      Can you keep a copy of the entire internet on your device? I sure hope you don’t ever lose your device, we might lose the whole internet

    3. Jarrod Pritchard

      It’s not tied to your device. Think of it like your email. You can log in from anywhere and use it.
      In vacation in a hotel and it still works. Very handy for little kids at grandma’s etc

  2. Gilberto Lopez

    I do not buy links or something invisible. If I am to pay, I have to have it physical. So, with that in mind, and a lot of people are just exactly like me, the movies industry is about to END forever. If you want my hard earned money you have to give me something in exchange for it, not an ilussion.

    1. Hellen

      Oh that’s silly it’s 2020 have fun not owning things anymore because everything will be digital within 5 years.

      1. Abby

        Working in a library I know that is not true. Most people still really like to have the physical copy.

        1. Emily Parish

          Especially books, I love owning a physical copy

    2. Jarrod Pritchard

      It’s the way of the world. Most cd sales are gone also. It is all digital. You dont loose it with your device. Buy a new phone or computer it’s still there online.
      Same concept as your email.

  3. Bad Mistake sometime streaming don’t work for everybody and some country don’t have good internet so the kids that are poor don’t get watch them remember how the world is now u can’t just go hang out anymore because of COVID and people staying home depend on physical copy because like I said internet goes out when the wind barely blows and I have the best internet so sad for the kids and the collectors just a another way for us to be controlled here comes net neutrality

    1. DKeigh

      Yep Fidel, insightful. You’ve caught Disney trying to control us all by forcing us to use digital licenses for their movies! Oh, wow. That’s just diabolical

      1. R J

        If you wish to be a slave to the Disney empire, enjoy! Fidel is right. There are plenty of families that cannot afford to pay for streaming. Plus, Disney is now going to be charging extra for new movies on their service. Typical Disney. If I’m paying $30 to see a movie, I want it on my terms. Not the whim of the corporation. If it’s online, it’s just a rental.

  4. Howard Roller

    Physical copies are still what many want. We know that digital copies aren’t really having anything at all. You will cut off a large portion of your audience from your product. Don’t do this without rethinking.

    1. Wendy

      This is sad news for a physical movie collector. I prefer physical media because it’s something I can hold in my hand and use the disks to watch movies. Only digital is too risky. If the internet goes down or if Disney decided to take the rights to their movie back, it’s just gone. When I pay 25-40 for a movie, I want to know it’s mine.

      1. Je suis abasourdie par cette nouvelle. Avoir le film physique en blu-ray 4K UHD est un must ! Ainsi je peux le regarder quand je le veux. Et je les soigne comme si c’était de l’or. Je peux choisir la langue, le type de son etc… J’ai investi pas mal : nouvelle télévision, nouveaux lecteurs blu-ray 4K UHD, barre son. Je que je vois, c’est de la qualité ! Le plus difficile à trouver ce sont les films avec le doublage en français.

  5. Lessie McCall

    I think that would be a very bad move on Disney’s part. I’ve been collecting movies from DVD, to BLU RAY, to now 4K. I’m not one of those streaming services people. I like having a physical copy of a movie. Like another concerned collector, there no other way to guarantee you’ll have a movie in the future unless its on hard copy. Too many things could go wrong with digital services. I’m not for that. I hope Disney and any other movie company who’s considering that move, reconsiders that move.

    1. Wendy

      I agree! I’ve been collecting movies for years and I’m quite proud of my Disney collection and I worked hard to find slipcovers for all of them. I want to know that they are mine. I just don’t trust digital.

      1. Opera Dogs

        It’s 4K. It doesn’t say all Blu-ray. Releasing older movies in 4K is expensive. The need to be remastered, as the current masters are not quality enough for 4K. For a lot of the mid-2000s and before, filmed movies were roughly only 2K resolution. Hold off condemning anybody until they announce ALL physical media is being discontinued

        1. Jason Williamson

          A lot of us collect 4k movies . The reason is you can never stream true 4k its a fraction of what the disc is

      2. Joseph

        I personally don’t give a fart about Disney Films going to 4k. Its all of those 20th century fox films not being remastered in 4k I care about. I am a little hurt that classic gems like “The Computer that Wore Tennis Shoes” won’t get the 4k treatment. Let’s face it if it weren’t for Pixar, Marvel Studios etc al Disney’s movies have in (my obsetavation), been stories meant to strengthen and reinforce racist, sexist and class prejudices.

  6. lydia

    not only is this foolish bc physical is always better i trust my wifi and my secure network when i go somewhere i take my dvds i do not trust outsiders unsecured internet! Besides internet crashes and if your traveling you have to rely on data and we all know how well that wrks out! Its always best to have a back up plan and have streaming but nothing will replace dvd and having the price of mind i own this…. bc not everything is streaming!!!

  7. Joe

    For all of those avid disc collectors that are commenting, I am surprised I have not seen anyone comment on possibly the most important aspect of disc vs digital…the end product. Viewing a movie via disc is just a better viewing experience. The picture is better and the processing of the data via disc is superior resulting in a more enhanced viewing experience. What a shame that this is even on the table.

  8. Ray

    I dont have reliable high speed internet available so streaming is very hard 4k would be impossible

  9. Je suis abasourdie par cette nouvelle. Avoir le film physique en blu-ray 4K UHD est un must ! Ainsi je peux le regarder quand je le veux. Et je les soigne comme si c’était de l’or. Je peux choisir la langue, le type de son etc… J’ai investi pas mal : nouvelle télévision, nouveaux lecteurs blu-ray 4K UHD, barre son. Je que je vois, c’est de la qualité ! Le plus difficile à trouver ce sont les films avec le doublage en français.

  10. J’ignore tout à propos du streaming. Je me suis déjà renseigné et le plus grand problème est le doublage en français des films. J’ignore pour combien de temps on aura tel ou tel film, à quel prix, que faut-il avoir pour pouvoir regarder un film en streaming. Et Messieurs Disney, sachez que j’ai tout racheté en blu-ray 4K UHD concernant les Avengers et tout les autres bons films. Il y a juste un gros problème : je n’ai toujours pas trouvé “Avengers Assemble” et “Avengers l’ère d’Ultron” en blu-ray 4K UHD doublage en français (cela fait plus d’un an que je les cherche, je j’abonderai pas ).

  11. Tyaisha Bonner

    I need my physical copy. There’s no telling if apps will shut down or the internet goes out. If I’m going to be spending more than $15, than I need a physical copy.

  12. I completely and totally agree that this would be a horrible mistake! I am an avid Disney lover….parks, cruise, and movies (over 350). Not only do I love to have the physical copy, but I have a great video/sound system, and I enjoy the visual and surround effects that I get. A digital or steamline copy does not give the same quality of the movie.

    Not only am I praying that they do not do this, I keep looking to see if they re-release some of the older movies on, at least, Blu-Ray (Follow Me Boys, etc).

  13. Brandon

    It it all of these re-edits they’ve been doing to the Disney+ versions is any indication, this is exactly why people want the Physical copy. To preserve the original theatrical release.

    Oh well at least I know how to remove the digital copyright coding so I can have the Digital copy on my actual computer.

  14. Paul

    I think what’s happening here is Disney is responding to the ultra 4k sales market. Some of the big players in ultra 4k blu-ray player market, like Samsung, have stopped making the players because they just don’t sell as well as 4k and traditional blu-ray. Disney also isn’t the first to stop selling ultra 4k releases.

    All that said, it looks like the market for physical releases is continuing to decline. Which is a shame because that puts us at the mercy of the companies that provide the online services. I recall when the Ultraviolet digital movie service opened, and now it’s gone with any titles you might have had there.

    Disney is also playing games with releases like Mulan – you only get the copy as long as you have the Disney+ service…or as long as Disney offers the Disney+ service…or until Disney changes the terms and conditions of the service.

    A friend of mine set up a Plex server in his house and has downloaded every title he’s allowed to onto it. In theory, he should be able to keep those movies even after the online service goes away. Maybe it’s time for me to look at that as well.


    1. CO

      This has already been done and continues to be done. Streamed movies are already being pirated at a rapid rate. I’m not sure if it’s the 2012 version of you talking lol, but welcome to 2020! Theoretically, if you did, in fact, have the willpower, once again, you could, in theory, download all movies available. Pirates, hundreds of millions, of them, host said movies on their servers or computers. Copies of movies spread like COVID-19.

  15. SG

    After watching a movie, if we really like it, we buy it. This Disney move is very disappointing. Sometimes we search our Roku for a favourite that we own, completely out of lazyness and we 9 times out of 10 we can’t find it on Disney +, Netflix or Prime. Bad choice Disney!

  16. Andrew R Links

    Been collecting dvds and blu rays from the start. Own few disney movies because the overcharged for titles. I will never pay disney for just digital from disney. Now I heard about their deal with Samsung to lockout 4k players and the fits the disney model..stay with us or no movie that you bought. Looks like disney will be first service I cancel. I will never go back to cable as the whole reason I quit cable for streaming was because large payout for little entertainment. This been the moto of disney since real owners were dumb enough to let others run what is now called the saddest place in the world. Sad that I used to be excited for upcomming movies now just waaiting for the abyss as i have been waiting for years for 4k release.. if that gets stopped then i am done with all things disney. Also better to get pirated versions than to let the do this.

  17. Carol

    This is a tragedy! Digital doesn’t always work! I always purchase physical copies, DVD, Blue Ray, CD’s, etc. They will lose money especially from those of us who are collectors. Another bad move Disney. I am saddened and disheartened once again. 😭

    1. JOSHUA

      I perfer to buy this on dvd, bluray, or 4k.

  18. Robert

    Am I missing something? They aren’t stopping physical copy of movies, just Ultra HD (4k blu ray). This doesn’t mean they won’t still offer standard blu ray or dvd format? 4k blu ray players are pretty much a bust (think laser disk) and aren’t selling. Other studios are doing same thing. I feel this is nothing to worry about. Hope I’m not wrong

    1. Paul

      In my reading, you are absolutely correct. Disney is only backing off of ultra 4k, not Blu-ray, not DVD. The opening line in the article, “It appears that Disney is bringing an end to the physical releases of its films,” is overstated.

      What was it Mark Twain said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”.

  19. Paul BYSTEDT

    If we can’t afford fast internet, we can’t watch their movies. I guess I will be seeing none of their stuff.

  20. MandoMike

    I collect and watch many films on blu ray and 4K. Some streaming / internet services are not fast or available in 4K. Many are avid film enthusiasts like I am and have to see it in high quality with the extras and behind the scenes / making of.

  21. Jeff

    I will not buy digital movies. I always buy physical media. I can’t tell you how many times “digital copies” have had to be transferred between services over the years because they can’t keep one going long. As long as I have physical media, I have my movies I love. If I can’t buy physical, I will be done with Disney properties.

    1. Simon

      It’s still digital if it’s on physical media, but I get your point.

  22. Scott Strang

    Great ! I love paying for nothing physical. That way if I have a virus attack all of my Disney flicks that I paid for money for will be gone. Possibly if you have backups but still online, they’re still infected.

    Physical optical media is (with few exceptions) read only and emp proof.
    Disney is being cheap but will still charge physical media prices.
    And if one lives beyond the reach of usable broadband, you’re screwed.

  23. Mark

    i liken this to vinyl coming back and now the tie dye hippie look is trendy again… it all comes back or disney will figure out their mistake they have before it might take time!
    I also liken this to the dark crystal series on netflix esp after the movie dropped from netflix there was a huge ??? Of dvd for the series even more than when it first came out! People want to watch things like multiple times over and not one wants to truly rely on internet forget did i plug in my device before watching it so it does not drop in the middle…. dvds no problem with that! Most of the stuff on streaming including madalorian have huge fanbases and the one ? Is always when is there going to be dvd and merch!

  24. Beverly

    I know this says 4k but I wonder if Blu-ray and DVD’s are not far behind. I love owning movies on DVD. I hope I will still be able to do so.

  25. Daniel

    Does this mean only 4k bluray or every form of the media (dvd, bluray) will be phased out? Because if just 4k, them is not that big of a deal because it really hasn’t been widely adopted. If it’s all forms of physical media, then that is a problem, because when the license for a digital movie is up, I at least still have my physical copy to watch. Without a physical copy or any form of access, you only encourage piracy.

    1. Jason Williamson

      I have bought 20 4k movies this month and last . We have a theater room and streaming is trash compared to how good it looks on disc

  26. Kandis Thacker


    1. DKeigh

      Nice all caps KAREN!

  27. Matt Brewster

    You would think that, in a time when so much of its revenue streams have dried up, Diz would be expanding its video offerings, not eliminating them! This decision is purely and simply INSANE!! I can’t believe that Iger would endorse this idea.

  28. EricJ

    “It appears that Disney is bringing an end to the physical releases of its films.”
    No, no, NO! (slaps wrist) BAD reporter!

    Disney is bringing an end to physical – 4K – releases of its films, which–although we can be glad that the public now thinks “Disk” = “4K”–were NOT that big a mainstream seller compared to regular Blu-ray.
    Studios, especially Disney, leapt onto the 4K market almost fresh out of CES, thinking it was going to be “the Next Big Thing” after the “death” of 3D, without the public really understanding what it was, or why they should go gaga for it the way they did for Blu-ray in 2008.
    Those who did know that 4K = “Bigger screens” were those who just wanted bigger TV experiences, and didn’t overlap with the majority of home-theater enthusiasts who bought one of the hard-to-find players. ( UHD might have caught on if Playstation 4 had included a 4K player as speculated three years ago, but no, we’re not getting one until Playstation 5 later this year, which is a bit late to the party.)

    Seriously, the sky’s been falling enough on the Home Theater chats, let’s not start it HERE, too.

  29. Pat Scully

    Considering I have 12 MB dsl and no one is offering any faster where I live, I depend on physical copies to get the best 4K audio and video experience. I can’t get that on my current internet.

    1. DKeigh

      You should move

      1. The Nuld

        Buy my holiday family favorite in time for zis Christmas while you can now before it iz too late buy your copy of JINGLE ALL DE VAY!!!………

        You’re a holiday family favorite so sez my Po Po!!!

  30. BostonBru

    Disc is key for 4k, steaming services don’t offer the same reliability as seeing your favorite movie in 4k HDR from a physical format without relying on things like wifi, your ISP and the number of people using a steaming service at any given time.

  31. Simon

    Streaming services have such terrible quality. After watching 4k UHD blu rays, when I watch 4k Netflix the motion artifacts are too distracting. Streaming 4k is like a fuzzy mess. My Ant-man 4k blu ray is 4 times higher bitrate than streaming services offer.

  32. Karen Dittrich

    I definitely prefer having the physical DVD/Blu-ray copy of a movie. I don’t stream and digital has too many possible issues. I really resent the way this is going. It also seems to be that way with CDs. I remember seeing the CD soundtrack for Captain Marvel available last spring, but since last October it’s only available to buy as a MP3 online. I WANT THE CAPTAIN MARVEL SOUNDTRACK ON A PHYSICAL CD. I’m a CD soundtrack collector.

  33. DKeigh

    Please have to be the most ridiculously uninformed and inane comments I’ve ever read on the internet. I hate physical media, it gets lost, it gets scratched, & it gets broken. I would much rather have all of my movies and games in a digital format. If you purchase a digital license, on what planet do you think Disney could “take it back”? Oh my God people get with the rest of the 21st Century! Either that or make sure you hurry and backup all your movies on your floppy diskettes. Maybe you can sit and listen to some radio shows on your record player

    1. Carol M Gibson

      I am tempted to be as sarcastic and dismissive of you as you have been to others.

      First you are wrong when you buy something in digital format like an e book or movie you are basically leasing it and the company can pull it from you at anytime. Which is why tech savvy people find hacks to get copies onto their computers to back them up. It is not easy and not everyone can do it.

      Your snide comment to move shows how immature you are. Most people can’t just pick up and move for better internet they own homes, have jobs and children to consider.
      I do a lot of streaming and my internet service has had issues since Corvid started. It can’t keep up. It is frustrating to be thrown off over and over. I have been mainly watching my DVDs.

      I have gone through several hurricanes not only does the power go out so do the cell towers and internet. I have a portable DVD player. My power was out three weeks my internet didn’t come back fully for three months cell service was spotty for eight weeks.
      These are the reasons that I buy my favorite books and movies/TV on tangible format. I do buy a lot of E Books and a few inexpensive movies/TV to stream.
      These are my reasons other people here have stated there’s. And you have sneered thinking that because you chose to go all digital it’s the only legitimate way to consume media. Your intolerant attidue of my way is the only way plus snide comments on people who don’t do it your way shows that you are close minded.

  34. Neil Parker

    This is terrible news. Disks have a far superior picture and sound mix. Disney+ doesn’t have much, if any 4K content. They better rethink this, especially before Marvel and Star Wars titles that grown up kids like myself want and enjoy on our home theater system.

  35. D

    Getting rid of Blue-Ray is one thing, but I don’t see Disney getting rid of DVDs. They’re too convenient for parents. I never bothered with Blue-Ray; my eyes aren’t good enough to tell the difference anyway, so it would just be a waste of money. I can’t be the only one in that boat

  36. Greg

    I guess in a few more years we won’t need food either. Smh

  37. JB

    Doesn’t matter to me. I sold all my dvds years ago. Less to move around and everythings available online. Even torrents. 😆 Streaming is cheap. And it’s just the same as watching a dvd or bluray. Never even had a bluray. Lol.

    1. EricJ

      “It’s just the same as something I don’t know about, lol!”

  38. The Nuld

    Buy my holiday family favorite in time for zis Christmas while you can now before it iz too late buy your copy of JINGLE ALL DE VAY!!!………

    You’re a holiday family favorite so sez my Po Po!!!

  39. Brandon

    Huge incredibly stupid mistake. I for one won’t ever buy their digital garbage, my movie collection is rather extensive and it’s ALL physical copies. I’m sure there are many people out there like me, I have ZERO interest in digital releases.

  40. MHays

    My reason for wanting the physical copies is a little different. Disney has a habit like George Lucas of editing their movies. I want the version I originally bought. Movies you buy digitally get edited along with the rest. Simpsons collection anyone….

  41. I agree with the majority of the comments here! The only reason I have digital is because copies are included with my physical. The buffering, data interruptions, artifacts (even with the best of internet speeds), ect., are why I will NEVER support some invisible so called “license” to watch something I paid to own. Until they decide to remove it or revoke it.

    As someone who makes music and has done so for over 25 years, the bulk of my sales still comes from CDs and merchandise. Digital couldn’t keep me fed with rice and beans! Physical makes up about 95% of my revenue!

    Also, I own nearly 9,000 dvds, Blu Rays and 4K. I will NEVER give up my physical media. As I always sign off: “you can have my physical media when you peel it from my cold, dead hands!”.

  42. Jad

    There’s still a significant percent of Americans who dont have access to adequate internet speeds to efficiently stream online entertainment. This move just adds insult to injury.

  43. George Wallace

    Huge mistake and the government will one day shut down digital forever. Physical media today, physical media tomorrow, physical media forever.

  44. David

    I have Disney+ but also like the physical copies of of movies to watch. Not all movies stay on Disney+, some may be removed, just like to be away from digital, when the internet connection goes down.

  45. frank smith

    Comment ok here is a comment
    “dont do it” its bad enough the corona virus puts movie goers at risk now a huge company like disney doesnt want the revene from physical products derrrr thats what i think

  46. CrosswalkX

    Question, will the Disney company still release DVDs and Blu-rays?

    I have seen 4k Blu-Ray’s on the store shelves at best buy store but I never bought one and the reason is because I don’t want to have to buy a 4k Blu-Ray player, seriously why would I waste my money on a 4k Blu-Ray player, not to mention it takes up storage space in my house. I already see those films on DVD and sometimes Blu ray.

    I don’t want to have to rely too much on Disney Plus as they could take down some of my favorite shows or the streaming service could lag due to online outage as that’s the problem with streaming services.

    I’m collecting Disney DVDs and some Blu rays as I like to have physical copies because I like to look at artwork on DVD boxes every night before I go to bed.

    I hope that I don’t have to depend on Disney Plus as I like to watch some Disney films on DVD like North Avenue Irregulars, Son of Flubber or The Jungle Book 1994, or Donald Duck cartoons like Modern Inventions, Window Cleaners or The Clock Watcher or The Flying Mouse that isn’t available on Disney Plus.

    I hope they’ll come up with a physical copy that doesn’t get scratched like DVDs and Blu-rays do.

    1. John

      The whole point of 4k discs was to replace 3d with higher resolution along with HDR and Dolby Vision. Try getting either from blu ray or DVD!

  47. Jenilee s baxter

    As a mom with two kids and a DVD player in the car, the o my way for them to watch movies is with a Physical disc. Until movies anywhere and Disney + are available for those systems; a hard disc is still needed

  48. Michele Lerou

    I really need a physical copy of the movie I really admired. So I can watch it whenever I want, as I have a really good equipment. But I am missing a 4K physical copy of “Avengers assemble” and “Avengers :l’ère d’Ultron” with FRENCH audio . So please help me, you just have to print, as the 4K movie existe and the French audio ( on the blu-ray). Please help me. Thank you in advance.

  49. Courtney

    I 100% prefer having a physical copy of a movie because the at least if I loose it on the streaming service I always have it or vice versa I wish they were releasing Mulan in theaters I know around where I am theaters are stating to open back up and drive ins are open and I hope they release Mulan on blu ray because I won’t be getting it on Disney +

    1. Juan Padilla

      I like to have physical copy, call my old fashioned watch in the car or in the house , a collection is from tangible things not in cloud,
      Don’t take bluerays away.

  50. Jedi Superstar

    Actually, once again, these articles are being written by people who do not research and have no journalistic integrity. This is click bait and not actually true. Disney has released a statement about saying it is not true.

  51. David

    Please have Disney keep the 4k blurry release. I notice they sell out at the store.

  52. Steve S.

    A 4K streaming title is NOT nearly the same quality or bitrate compared to the same title being played back from a 4K physical disk.

  53. Sea Wolf

    Very foolish and short sighted of Disney. Bad decision. Not everyone has internet. Not everyone has internet suitable for streaming. Disney+ is only available to those that pay for it. If you buy digital copy there and you drop your subscription, anything you paid extra for also gets blocked. Many situations exist that prevent people from utilizing digital access, including a loss of internet service due to storm damage or just not having it period.I buy hard copy discs because they are truly anytime access. The image quality on a 4K disc is far superior to a digital image. Digital streaming is not steady and full of artifacts and glitches. I will continue to support any shop that still produces discs for purchase. Disney has showed that they really are just getting selfish and greedy with the production of TOGO being an excellent example. There are MANY people that would love to see this film and would relate to it and be moved. It is an excellent production. Yet, if you want to see it legally, you must pay Disney’s ransom and pay for the + programming to see it. So far, they have refused to put this to 4K or even Blu Ray to allow others to enjoy it. Really Disney, I doubt Walt would have wanted it this way. Shame on you for being so selfish and greedy. You make money off the disc sales so there is no reason to abort them.

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