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Villains gear 2020

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  1. Mocha Lobster

    I highly doubt this will happen, but I would love it if they added Tamatoa to their villain merch lineup for this. He’s very aesthetically pleasing, you could add some fun little touches to it (i.e. have it glow in the dark), and I honestly can’t get enough of him (and it seems like Disney’s been acknowledging him more given that he appeared in the Wonderful World of Animation show). Since Halloween and Disney villains go hand in hand as much as Halloween and Nightmare before Christmas, I’m kinda expecting Oogie Boogie to get something new soon too. Also since Splash Mountain is going to get rethemed to Princess and the Frog soon, this would be a great time to add more merch with Dr. Facilier on it too. Sadly, I don’t think they’ll fulfill my wish to give Ratigan more attention through this given how Disney almost entirely ignores Great Mouse Detective in general. Whatever and whoever they add, I hope it turns out good.

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