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  1. Brittney Enzian

    Definitely going to watch it

    1. Disney Duchess

      They forgot Tower of Terror!!! Halloween Blasphemy

  2. David

    The next collection you add in Disney plus do one for heroic males known as
    Disney heroes of men
    Toy story
    Toy story 2
    Monster Inc
    Monster University
    The incredibles
    A bugs Life
    Cars 2
    Big hero 6
    Lilo and stitch
    Beauty and the beast ( show a picture of the beast)
    Mulan ( show a picture of li Shang or mushu
    Moana (show a picture of Maui (
    Peter pan
    Sword of the stone
    Lion King
    Jungle book
    Robin Hood
    Great mouse detective
    Wreck it Ralph
    Nightmare before Christmas
    Phineas and Ferb across the second dimension
    Tangled( show a picture of Flynn Rider)

  3. Suzie

    How about Something Wicked this Way Comes. Crack it out of the vault Disney. Or maybe your Disney + subscribers have as little value to you as your Annual Passholders.

  4. janie

    I think they have a great opertunity to use shelley marie from villainous and create an orginal story esp bc wdw whom was promised the character after her debut was a major success over here at dca but will not happen now and on top of that we can not run our halloween party.

    1. Lauren

      Please add Disney’s Halloween Treat!!

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