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Mulan Disney Plus Release


  1. frostysnowman

    I’d pay extra, but I was thinking more like $24.99.

  2. Thomas

    Are these results actually shocking? People WHO CAN AFFORD a Disney+ membership, do they want to pay up to $30 for something that 4 months later will be streamable for free (in lieu of their standard subscription fee of course)? And the argument, but once you rent it then you get to own it for life – not true, what happens when you decide you no longer want your Disney+ subscription as you have other things to pay for such as food, mortgage and bills. Disney really needs to reconsider this. Release it to Cinemas AND Disney+ at the same time, a lot of other studios do it to differing successes, but then Disney would then be catering to everyone. I can’t afford Disney+ AND Mulan, but I can afford Disney+ and a Cinema ticket (my local cinema ticket price for an adult is £5 (I’m in the UK, so that’s probably around $8. $8 to see a film in full cinematic surroundings, and then I’d be buying the DVD later in the year (I still buy DVDs as then I genuinely own my Disney collection and if I cancel my Disney+ subscription then I still have my personal collection and don’t lose out on much) for £10, which would cost £5/£6 less than if I rent it once on Disney+ (using UK money). As there seems to be a real backlash to this decision I wonder if Disney will make a U-Turn eventually.

  3. I likely won’t pay for this, but I’m the kind of person who still waits to buy the physical media for the best, “permanent” ownership experience. I expect that this will be more popular, though, than early returns may indicate.

  4. Scottish Disney Fan

    I get that Disney need to recoup some of the production costs but I pay £10 a ticket for the whole surround sound, big cinema experience of a blockbuster on the large screen. I would not pay that for a streaming version of one film when in another 4 months or so, it would be “free” with the Disney+ account. I’d wait – like the other 84% of folk. An extra £5 perhaps, £10 at most (and included a special documentary or something about the making of the film that’s only available once you buy the DVD). But for just the film, nope.

  5. Cheryl

    This is ridiculous. I don’t have a Disney+ account so now I have to pay for one and the extra charge! For a family of 4+ that might be fine, but what about the 1-2 households? I have been looking forward to the movie, but count me out.

  6. Brandon

    Chapek said they chose the $30 price point because this reflects what people would pay at the theater.
    What theater is he going to? IT only costs $10- $15 (depending on the time of day) at my local Regal.

    I think this is a horrible decision. So many people were waiting for this to be released in theaters and were willing to pay a premium for THAT experience because it looks amazing.

    But now it won’t be in theaters and only on Disney+. I personally will just wait till it’s free.
    I wanted to see it on the big screen. Not on my phone, computer, or TV for the same price minus the theatrical experience.

  7. SG

    I don’t know where they go to watch a movie but we never paid $30! We paid $12 full price and $6 on Tuesdays. So we only went on Tuesdays. And at home we have no concessions AND we don’t have a huge screen and theater style sound!

  8. SG

    Remember, Disney said this is a test. DON’T BUY INTO IT! The price will never drop if they know people will pay it. Remember when you could get into a park for under $100? Those days are long gone and never coming back 😫

  9. Paul

    Ah, no. Maybe if I owned it and could download a copy to my Plex server I’d consider it. But for a rental that only lasts as long as I have Disney+? Nope.

  10. Jessica

    Buy it yes, rent it no. I have been waiting forever to see this, but $29.99 is ridiculous.

  11. LouiB

    Before the pandemic hit I was going to the movies at least several times a month to see new films. I have already paid for at least a couple of new films on demand when they came out to be able to watch them on TV. Disney+ is costing me $48 a year since I signed up at the D23 convention. I have wanted to see Mulan since I heard about it and have no problem paying the $30 to see it when it comes out. Still cheaper then it would be for my roommate and myself to go to the movies to see it. So no problem for me. Also so let say according to the survey only 15% will pay. Disney has 54.5 millions subscribers. 15% of them paying $30 is $245 million, not bad for a direct to watch item with reduced marketing cost to do it.

  12. Jessica

    Why in the world would I pay $29.99 for something I can watch for free in 4 months? For that price they better give me popcorn, candy, and a beverage while fanning me with palm fronds as I’m sitting in a recliner chair that they provided. I could go to the movie theater and pay way less for a better experience. I hope they quickly realize that not many people are willing to pay $29.99 to RENT a movie that will disappear the second they end their expensive Disney+ subscription (that they’re already paying for to begin with). Ridiculous. I don’t know much about business, but I don’t have to be a CEO to know this isn’t a good move.

  13. Thomas

    This is terrible. We already pay for disney+…now those idiots want to make us pay extra for a movie that would add value to the subscription service we ALREADY PAY FOR?! I hope Mulan bombs. I hope people drop thier subscription (as I am doing) to send a message to big companies: quit trying to shake us down.

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