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Disney World Face Masks 2021


  1. ATC

    I’m all for wearing mask when outside. If Disney parks continue enforcing this safety measure and keep all their protocols during 2021 I will continue to visit the parks without a doubt, I feel safer there than in many other places. I was at Epcot and Magic Kingdom this week
    and was very glad to see everyone wearing them properly. I had the best time!

  2. Rebel orange bird

    i think its bc the options might eventually go no 6ft apart (bc i can tell you i was at a local park that does ooposite 6ft apart lines wo masks and while no one was in anyone way how do you know they will its like Xs in stores etc.).
    I do not know about you but right now while i want normal back i would not feel safe getting that close to people wo A MASK ON for a while! I trust people and disney but too many are still dying! Though Disney has to give alittle too drop the only mask thing and let us all wear what we want as long as we stay covered! I had someone bring me home disney masks bc i am tired and ready to risk it the elastic snaped in a minute of wearing N its got vent holes which we arent supose to have a wdw (but i guess its there mask?) And its too small! Let alone my buff fits my face tightly and i feel very safe with it! Just saying!

  3. J

    Kind of ridiculous to look at doing this so far in advance. Better to take things a couple of months at a time and make decisions based on the real data at the moment. Things are making steady improvements and there is no way it will be as bad next year.

    1. rosie

      yes while hopefully it will not i think disney will look bad right now if they do not say it! There are plenty of disney fans whom are waiting it out or even wondering what will happen once at full capacity… there are always yes going to be risks might go as far to say people get sick everyday but not so much they die from it! People are dying and many folks like me whom are ailing are happy to see disney is making strides! Like rebel said above we all want normal but at what cost no one knows whats going to happen even after a vaxx am i supose to in this day and age of antivaxx trust everyone i know has one??? I do not know its like you said day to day but i doubt its going to be out of the way that quick first theres suppose to be a 2nd deadlier wave and on top of that masks will not be your best accessory second to a magic band for yrs to come.

  4. prince charming

    The masks which are worn by the public do nothing to stop covid-19. The government does not want to tell you that there is nothing you can do to stop this virus. When enough people have developed immunity the virus will still exist but no one will be sick. The pseudo doctors and politicians will be patting themselves on the back for defeating it. A few months ago, 2000 people were dying every day in NY now there is rarely any deaths because the old and weak died and the rest became immune.

    1. DaddyPiranha

      “The masks which are worn by the public do nothing to stop covid-19. The government does not want to tell you that there is nothing you can do to stop this virus.”
      That all sounds very interesting if true. I could return to Disney sooner! Do you have a source?

    2. Rob Stewart

      You are so far off from reality. It’s scary because you truly believe it and are getting such crappy info from somewhere. Just for one thing, there was no where near the necessary infection to create herd immunity in NYC. I could go on but i know that it is pointless. The world these days…

  5. Joanne Earle

    I hope the mask rule becomes voluntary or else we’ll have to cancel an epic family trip for next Jan. Our autistic grandson will not keep a mask on. At all. Even if they make adults wear masks, relax it for special needs kids.

  6. Snow White

    You cannot stop a virus with a mask. You’d have to wear a hazmat suit to stop a virus.

    The vaccine is just a “feel good” for the hypercondriacs.

    There’s a flu shot that does nothing & a different flu shot is made every year because the flu virus changes. (for all the people that are going to say “source”…do your own homework)

    Also if you are obese, have diabetes, extremely ill, have underlying health concerns, it should be your choice if you want to wear a mask.
    You cannot force everyone to wear a mask. AND if you feel safer with a mask on, then WEAR IT …because you are safe with YOUR mask on, RIGHT?! Why do you care if others aren’t wearing a mask. Just Keep Your Mask On!

    Oh & Another point…why is it ok to take it off in a resting area? Or to eat? If it’s soooo deadly, aren’t you infected the second you remove it to eat or drink…does the virus know not to infect you while you are resting??? come on people…wake up!

    Also, the amount of deaths for the entire year has NOT increased. Typically 250,000+ people die every year. That number has remained the same. ? shouldn’t that number be doubled? It’s not – think about it.

    Ok, here comes the name calling LOL ?
    Have a great day!

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