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  1. Rod Simonson

    We were Passholders for 8 years, visiting from Michigan six times a year. We hnd to cancel our passes, as well as 4 trips with 5 weeks of Park visits. While cancellations were handled efficiently, I doubt our pass refunds will be reasonable.
    I figure Disney lost $15k from me, this year, but being shorted on the passes means they are likely to be missing $20k per year for the next couple, with new pass prices and restrictions being what I expect.

    1. Dad

      You could see it as yourself saving money. There are so many other places in America to experience magic.

      1. Cindy Pankiewicz

        Not true. All other parks suck compared to Disney. Disney cannot be replaced.

        1. CHERYL Wilson

          Agree 100% these just no place that compares to WDW

          1. Papito

            Agreed. Where else can you get more than a full dose of queers, equality crammed down your throat along with political correctness, and a shaft in the rectum due to so many “amenities” stripped from the schedule. Nothing like it!!

        2. Paul

          I agree,I have been several times over 30 times in the last 20 years. However, Universal is such a better park.

        3. Matthew Brandley

          With our vast country Disney is a scam.they deserve to lose all the money

        4. Dad

          I apologise, I meant literally anywhere outside, specifically out west where it’s free.

        5. aAndyAaandyrdon Cameron

          Disney is the most corrupt disgraceful Corporation in America. They lie to children.

        6. The Light

          Friends, I know it seems bad but this is a hard time because of the pandemic. I don’t think it’s a good idea to be traveling at all to places. Just wait and save up until it’s over. Disney is doing it’s best you can’t blame the fully for it. No park no company is perfect nothing is. So just hold of your trips and work to fight off this pandemic for our future.

      2. Sonia Walsh

        Correct, but no one should be going to places like that right now. There’s a pandemic. Hasn’t anyone heard about it? I don’t get this at all. Disney shouldn’t even be open. Ridiculous.

        1. Patricia Umbarger

          Preach it sister! 🙂

        2. Jimmy

          Baa baa says the sheep

        3. Bill Legg

          It’s more than the flu but still not something that should shut a country down. When the government has the power to use the media to scare you into submission we have a problem. Is it real yes, but if you are not high risk or don’t visit high risk people then go on about your business. If you do or are….stay home. It’s that simple. But we live in a society that says you have to because I believe this, but it’s not the same when it comes to religion. If you utilize logic you’ll understand the double standard. If not then we just disagree. In any event may you and yours be safe.

        4. Darrell

          I don’t think Sonia should be allowed in a grocery store, let’s ban her from gainful employment, to be on the safe side. If it saves one life it’s worth it.

          1. Karon M Spell

            This will all blow over once the election is over. The hype will die down. I know it’s bad but think it’s being made much worse due to election. If Disney is hurting so bad how about making it affordable for all families.to go.

      3. After Disney turned away a disabled child who could not wear a mask because of his disability I will not be making any visits there soon

        1. Karen PRESLOCK

          I think Yellowstone…grand canyon…arches..canyonlands..the ring of fire around lake meade etc are pretty spectacular…we love Disney but love to do other things too

        2. Dana

          They probably had to turn the child away because they couldn’t wear a mask and would have been putting that child more at risk. So they were really looking out for the well being of that child. They want people to be as safe as possible so if you can’t wear a mask due to health reasons, it’s probably safer to just not be there.

          1. Raven

            This is true. If you’re unable to wear a mask because you have a breathing issue, you shouldn’t be out in public spaces such as Disney. This is not a Disney problem, you should be hearing on the parents who thought it was acceptable to risk the life of their disabled child for a theme park visit that can wait, most likely.

        3. T.R.

          If the child became sick because of a no mask rule, would that be their fault as well?

        4. Dad

          You should be angry at the father who subjected his disabled child to that humiliating trauma knowing full well the policies in place all over the WORLD.

        5. Sugarcube

          Shaming people for not wearing a mask is equivalent to shaming a woman for being sexualually active…both can bring about disease and death but choice matters.

        6. Jessica Straib

          I’m worried about that(my kids both are on the autism spectrum and we have been inside since March… We rescheduled for December and are practicing know with Disney masks they picked

    2. Carmen

      We have saved so much money getting off the Disney train. Pass fees, transport, food, merchandise…it’s been nice. Thankfully there are many parks and beautiful places for us to show our kids in the states.

    3. I live two and a half hours from Disney I was a season ticket holder for 15 years Florida resident they kept increasing the ticket prices I have Premium Plus passes I told them I’m not renewing I asked them to make a price adjustment they said the price is the price too bad. So I said okay not a problem what’s in Universal Studios I paid less than 1/8 of the price that a Disney pass and I get premium plus passes to all the parks unlimited and the water park and I get to go to Halloween Horror Nights all included I’m not going back there anymore they burn their Bridge they’re done what I like about it is that they’re reaping all the bull crap that they dished out on everybody else I’m all the Florida residents screwing them at a premium passes all they want is money their greedy for money and that’s the board of directors a holes good I love it that they’re getting it back.

    4. Jim

      Cedar fair and sea world the best in amusement parks. Disneyland is better the Disney world. Disney is over price. I ride roller fron east to west coast and cedar point in tge best in the united states. Soend your money with cidar fair 13 amusrment parks and the rides then any other amusement park corporations. Sea iand bushgardens also better price then Disney.

    5. Better Times

      At least it’s nice to be able to afford $15k in passes, plus the trips back and forth to Michigan six times per year. Think of those that may live in the state and can’t even afford one pass, let alone a family’s worth of passes.

    6. I have a son that has austism and won’t wear a mask so Disney won’t see my family money. It took us 2 years of hard saving to go and long lost es and weather was terrible along cost of their food.

  2. Bill

    If they’d drop the stupid mask requirement, I’m sure attendance would rise. At least from the locals. It’s all political theater at this point. WDW just needs to get back to normal operations as soon as possible. Unfortunately, i suspect they’ll continue to inconvenience their guests until at least the 4th of November.

    1. jamie

      And i hope you and everyone whom thinks people dying is a hoax dies or enjoys hell… my best friend died! People are getting sick daily your the only ap whom rants about the mask rule everyone goes in with one like its nothing!!!! So stop complaining or just stay home wdw does not need your negativity or pity party!

      1. Tressa

        Hysterical much??stay home freak

      2. davis

        tressa obviously you havent had anyone die!

        1. Get educated!

          Everyone should wear a mask until there’s a vaccine and it’s been given!

          1. Brandon BARRETT

            Vaccine is only god for a couple months and they say half of the us population wont take it

          2. Darrell

            Thank you for your expert medical opinion. Should those who have recovered also be vaccinated? I appreciate your advice, I can’t afford a doctor anymore, so rely on comments sections for medical questions.

      3. Kelly Connerton

        Stop being so hysterical of those who test positive , the death rate is still low, You are more likely to die from secondhand smoke by being around a smoker than to die from this virus. I have 4 family members who are positive and 3 have the underlying medical conditions where they should have died and didnt while there are 2 other members of my family who died within 2 months of each other and neither died from the virus,

        1. Common sense

          And those are baseless facts and you are the blind that needs to croak. I see this plague and those who think like yourself as the wheat separating itself from the chaff.

        2. Vance Hamilton

          Got brains? 1000 deaths a day is pretty freaking serious, stupid!!

          1. Douglas Ng

            No, according to your illustrious commander in chief, “it is what it is”

          2. Charlie W

            Mr Vance if you believe that for one sec your dumb. Its been proven time and time again that the numbers are so bloated its about to pop.

      4. David

        Lots of parks better then WDW, get back to nature you might be amazed at what you find

      5. Lisa

        Yes and people like you are why this has not gone away. Socially irresponsible and selfish citizens!

      6. Covid Floridian

        People did not cry this much 102 years ago during the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918. They had a tiny fraction of the science available that we do.
        Masks are not political statements. Masks are not to protect you. They are for the consideration of others. You idiots are right in one sense. It is useless for 25% of people to wear a mask while the other fat, sweaty, coughing, self-righteous people refuse and spread it all around. You people will be the reason more and more people keep dying.

        Use spellcheck. Learn how to use punctuation.

        Wear a mask.

      7. Mike Brown

        Wear a mask, you child. It’s people like you who make it so we are still unable to enjoy Disney like the old days. Quit being a baby about it. Goofy and Donald both told me they think you’re dumb if you don’t. Even Goofy knows better…jeeeeeez

      8. Cory

        P….. The ‘narrative ‘ is called science developed by experts. I’m sure you are an expert on something… like q anon or dropping out of high school.

      9. Mel

        Going to WDW is not a “normal” activity, it’s a frevolous expense. While relaxation is important, spending more than a lot of people make in a year just to give in to a huge marketing ponzy is not necessary to be happy.
        This pandemic seems to be one of those things where people will remain ignorant until it directly affects them. Not wearing a mask is plain selfish and narcissistic. If you can do something to help someone, why not? Too many people can’t stand to be uncomfortable though, maintaining their privilege is more important.

      10. Darrell

        Sorry for your loss. N95 masks that protect the wearer are available again, and Dr. Fauci recommended goggles to protect all exposed mucus membranes as an added level of protection.

    2. Sue

      You know I felt the same way about mask. But I soon changed my mind when the case started going up. And yes we r pass holders and live 9 miles from. the park. Are passes are good until nov. we haven’t been since March. My daughter will not wear a mask and I’m not going to force her she has sensory issues but it’s ok Disney is not that important to risk getting sick plus I’m not crazy enough to walk around in 90 plus and wearing a mask. Disney is not going any place.

      1. ChrisTopher w Mallon

        Love WDW BY FAR GREATEST PARK EVER!! BUT I think if you don’t wanna wear a mask then don’t and when a family member or yourself dies God forbid maybe then you’ll realize the tiny inconvenience it is to wear a mask just to save a life . Maybe that life isn’t yours but its someone’s child no matter how old. So all you selfish crying babies that think wearing a mask is to much to save a life may you feel that pain

        1. Darrell

          I’ve been wearing a mask anytime I go out of the house, and so does every I see. This has been going on for almost four months now, but the virus is still spreading. If it were as simple as “wear a damn mask”. We’d be over it by now. Thank god the mortality rate is so low.

    3. Lisa K White

      Apparently you have not have someone close to you suffer from Covid. I bet you change tune when a loved one of yours becomes sick.

      1. Owen Lars

        I know of at least 9 people in my large circle who have gotten covid. Of those 9, only 1 of them had anything close to bad symptoms and he had a heart condition that required him to be hospitalized. Still came nowhere close to death. The death rate is .3%. The more people who get it and don’t die, the more we have herd immunity and the faster this goes away. Stop the spread was to keep hospitals from being overloaded, now it’s time to live life normally and this will become another flu in a quicker time period.

    4. Andrew

      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Then masks prevent a sick person from spreading the disease as easily as without a mask.

    5. Cindy Pankiewicz

      It’s not the “stupid” masks. Its that there’s a pandemic and people are going to stay home to be safe.

    6. Bill Skerrett

      People also would get sick and die withough the stupid mask requirement. Wake up!

      1. Nancy Patten

        More people would die without the stupid mask requirement. Grow up wear the mask, care about American lives and maybe fewer people will die

        1. Owen Lars

          There’s no evidence of that at all. Quit making baseless claims.

    7. Michele Rose

      If they “drop the stupid mask requirement” my family won’t go. There are 10 of us for 9 days. Pretty sure anti markers are the problem.

      1. Darrell

        If they drop “the stupid mask requirement” my family of five will stay club level at Poly for two weeks, 2 credit meals all-around, take the girls to BBB and pay retail for a new dress at CC, everyday.
        My wife has a trip planned for Oct. Hot-and-pissed daddy does not spend money so freely.

        Tired of this

    8. Keeping people alive is such an inconvenience. Wear the mask for the love of all people. Stupidity is a killer!

      1. Orlando L

        Keeping people alive is, I think, important to all of us but the science behind masks is still very very spotty and inconsistent. There are so many variables with wearing masks and the spread of COVID. On top of that the death numbers, in my opinion, are inflated. With a financial incentive provided by the CARES Act, hospitals will claim as many COVID patients as they can. It would be foolish not to since receiving relief funds depends on high COVID numbers. That’s not to take away from the fact that COVID is real and people are dying from it. I just don’t think that what we are being told is an accurate depiction of what is really going on. People are commiting suicide left and right, which isn’t being reported on the news by the way. Businesses are being closed by the day. My nephew just told me he is dealing with depression because of what is happening to his daily life and how we are living now. If the threat of this virus isn’t as intense as it is being made out to be, then we have a bigger problem than a virus. Don’t blindly listen to the news. Research numbers from the CDC site. It will provide a better picture.

        1. Darrell

          I’ve done the research. I work in a lab, and have to wear a mask and safety glasses all day long. Very little exhaled air is filtered through the mask. Most air is sent into the atmosphere and inside most buildings, the ventilation system distributes the suspended water droplets.They do a good job of diverting airflow, so it’s not directed in my line of sight; as they were designed to do. The virus is highly contagious. Your best chance to avoid infection is to stay home and completely avoid contact with other people. Everyone else can go about their day knowing the risks. Wearing a mask and the 6ft magic bubble are the modern day fairytale we’re told to show something is being done. I dont work for the CDC or anything, just a critically-thinking human sharing his opinion and observations.

    9. Anna Lee

      I couldn’t agree more. I canceled our trip because the only haunting I want from Disney is from the three grinning ghosts on the haunted Mansion attraction, not some cast member telling me to pull up my face mask. Live shows and character greetings are a huge part of what we have come to love and expect from Disney. I’m not paying full price to get half the experience. For the 9 of us going, staying in a bungalow, full dining was over $10,000. Our money and us will be back when Disney drops the madness. Save that for the mad hatter tea party.

      1. Me

        We should have an area for people who think this pandemic is a hoax can all be together with their leader. Lick door knobs and do what you want. Then we’ll see how you make out. Forget what experts say, you know better.

        1. Owen Lars

          There is. It’s called Georgia. And we’re doing miles better than you crazy hermits in New York and California who are treating this thing like the apocalypse.

      2. MoJoMoMoJoMm

        I enjoyed your comment.

    10. I Live Here

      You are an idiot. It is idiots like you coming to the state that I live in, Florida, and refusing to wear a mask because you think it’s a political statement not a medical necessity. Now I am here with a wife that works in the hospitality industry waiting for Covid19 testing after being sick for 3 weeks. All because idiots continue to stream into this state even though it has been in the news about how we have more Covid 19 deaths and infections then most countries in this state alone.

      1. Noe

        Disney isn’t all that, it’s boring I enjoy Knott’s especially during Halloween.

      2. Nana

        As soon as our county commissioners mandated masks the rate of positive cases started to drop here in Palm beach county. Wearing a mask may be inconvenient but they work. I consider wearing a mask more of an IQ test and would remind you of the old fashioned Golden Rule.

    11. Gigi

      It is not a political thing my friend died and I have other friends very sick from it. My friend that died did not have underlining health problems she was healthy.

    12. Susan Coon

      Apparently you don’t watch the news with the rise of deaths each day.

    13. Mom

      Dude, what’s the deal? It’s simple. If you want to go put a mask on or shut up. Of all the things you choose to FIGHT about, seriously, this isn’t it.

      GROW UP

    14. Sandy Guthrie



      People sound so ignorant about this pandemic you wdnt be saying what your saying if you had the vurus

      1. Carolyn Schaeperkoetter

        I had the virus. Luckily it just robbed me of sense and smell for a week but my other cohorts were affected differently. You never know how its going to hit you, and you can get it again, so why risk it? Please wear a mask.

        1. Please, getting COVID twice is as likely as being struck by lightning right now. Herd immunity is what we should be pushing towards.

    16. Lisa

      So there’s no pandemic? Or you’re just selfish and unconcerned with the health of your family?

    17. Veronica Carol Bennett

      You are stupid. Your ignorance is showing; you think this is some big hoax until you are denied remembering a loved one with those who loved him. This world wide pandemic is not political. Its not picking sides.

    18. Sugarcube

      I agree. Forcing masks is just crazy.

  3. WOW

    Wearing a mask in the summertime heat is no pleasure at all, but it’s proven to be a helpful defense against spreading viruses. Most are not staying away from Disney due to the mask policy, but are avoiding high risk atmospheres for catching Covid-19 as well as wanting to return when most of the entertainment they’re paying for can be enjoyed.

    1. T mac

      Lol you’re so wrong. You have no proof that masks help (cuz they don’t). You could possibly come up with some research they help in close indoor confines but they’re pointless outdoors.

      The masks and degradation of the “Disney experience” is the reason 95% of people aren’t going. You’re part of that 5% delusional group

  4. davis

    yep lets blame covid not the fact no one likes to go to disney in the 115 degree heat of the summer! Summer #s are never good so please take it elsewhere! More people pass out then are in the parks and that was way before covid and masks!

    1. Cindy Pankiewicz

      I love the Florida summer weather. I travel there every year from Pittsburgh to enjoy Disney in the summer.

  5. Kathleen

    As long as the experience is so limited and masks are required many do not feel it is worth the expense.

    COVID yes can make some people sick and some people may die – just like from anything else in the world. My daughter just died of cancer at age 30. The “cure” for this covid nonsense is denying others of just living life. You take a risk walking out your door, driving your car, LIVING. We need to get on with life. If someone is afraid of life STAY HOME. There are many many worse things in the world than COVID. I feel bad for anyone who has lost someone to COVID or anything else. But the world does not stop spinning and can’t. I’m not going to get into the mask debate, because there are arguments on both sides. I do know for a fact that it decreased by daughters oxygen level when she was wearing one because it was something we had to constantly check.

  6. Greg

    And attendance will more than likely continue to drop at least from the locals side. Annual Platinum Plus Passholder (highest tier) who has paid an incredible amount of money to experience the parks with no black-out dates… well, now I’m blacked out. Other perks of membership have been altered as well. Can’t get into any of the parks when I want. Sadly, I will allow our passes to expire in September.

  7. Q

    Did you take a wrong turn looking for q anon?

    1. Paul

      /\ This post wins! 🙂 Thanks “Q”!

    2. gf

      Lets not make fun of the severely brain-cell challenged. Um….On second thought… LOL q anon is a sickness

  8. Michelle

    Sorry but as a Canadian, trust me this is not just a “perception” issue, Florida and in fact most of the US has thoroughly mishandled the coronavirus pandemic. I recently read that a sheriff’s dept. in Florida was banning the use of masks among staff. This does not inspire confidence that Florida will be a healthy destination anytime soon. It is expensive for Canadians to fly to Florida already; no one is going to risk their health to visit Disney when so much of the attractions/events that make Disney special are not operating. I for one will not be returning to the US for any form of travel until at least 2022.

    1. Melanie Durham

      I’d really like to see that article you read about us Floridians being told not to wear masks soon! Because we have not been told anything like that at all!

      1. mark

        Its probably the same person whose telling everyone that theres a law against wearing one okay but this is life or death not normal circumstances!

      2. She is right it was only the sherrif that told his people they will not be wearing mask in his facility. In Fl

      3. Brock

        It’s tha Marion County Sheriff. He is now allowing civilians to wear masks when going to the department but the sheriff’s are still not allowed to as per orders from the chief.

      4. Deana Lausier

        It is the sheriff dept.in orlando who mandated his stuff not to wear mas ks and maskz aRe not allowed in the office. Only thoE with underlying conditions or entering high risk places hospital or school can an officer wear a mask

      5. Jennifer Matthews

        Yes, that is actually a fact. I can’t remember what county it is but there is a sheriff in a Florida county that has banned the use of masks in his building. They put a sign up on the door letting everyone know that their office is a no-mask zone!! Look it up, you’ll find it, it’s crazy!!

  9. SG

    I believe the science. If we had “leaders” that enforced strict, mandatory mask wearing, 6ft+ social distancing, hand washing and disinfecting everything you touch, we would be like all the other developed countries. Recovering!
    Our numbers of new cases would be low and we could start soft openings, hire many Contact Case workers (Umployed? Easy to learn) to quarantine only the exposed – 2 weeks then back to work. Then the vaccine to protect most and give herd immunity to others, like the flu vaccine. This too shall pass BUT, there will be more – we can’t change and/or control China.
    I believe the real issue is we need universal child care (more job opportunities). Like most other developed countries have, an extension of early childhood education. That way America can get back to work, even if it is just virtual for now. Remember this is temporary, long and awful but temporary, we’re all tired of it. It’s like any illness- take the awful medicine and be cured.

  10. Kiwi

    Me and my kids and grandkids go every year. But I told them I do not not want to go back because of Splash Mountain getting screwed up by BLM crap. and now Snow White and Pinnoc. Why go back.

    1. Larry

      In my household BLM is not crap. It highlights the wrongs that have gone on too long. If that is your reason for staying away then I’m tremendously happy our paths won’t be crossing on my next visit. The re-theming of Splash Mountain is only a small course correction aimed at making a Disney visit more enjoyable for all.

      1. lydia

        all lives matter should be loved and are beautiful and if you @ me your the one reason the world is going to hell and you brought the hate back yourself!

    2. Melissa

      If you feel that way about our great nation, then why don’t you go elsewhere?

    3. davis

      okay but then why does joe biden have a covid plan and is mandating everyone where a mask till this is over… yep blame Republicans but we are not all trump supporters or snowflakes!

  11. Evan

    Hey Rebekah – what in my post today about my recent trip to WDW was offensive? Why would it be censored?

    1. Evan

      Thoroughly enjoyed the Parks last week. Short walk to the main gates from the parking lot, security was a non-event, wore a mask, as did everyone else, no lines, practiced social distancing, walked on every ride except Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway and Slinky Dog Coaster. No crowds, hardly any scooters, plenty of hand sanitizers and wash stations, CM’s wiping down rides and touch points. Some food venues and stores closed, still plenty of alternatives (including rides) with AC to cool off. You can take your time, see and hear things you’ve never noticed during “normal times”, eat your Dole Whip while standing to the side in the shade. If wearing a mask, not being able to see fireworks or not being able to hug a Character is a showstopper, wait until the virus is under control (could be a while). In the meantime if you’re healthy, practice common sense and utilize the sanitizers, and want to experience the Parks like few have before, make the trip. (Disclaimer – not a Disney employee, shareholder, blogger, website owner, Florida Tourism employee, travel agent, political party advocate or Disney apologist. Just saying how it actually was, no speculating without being there, no attitude, non-judgmental)

      1. Melanie Durham

        Amen! That’s how it has been for me as well when I have been to magic kingdom and animal kingdom! It was wonderful!

  12. Jaime Summers

    Will never get another dime from me as long as masks are required and visiting the parks looks like a prison sentence. Already cancelled two upcoming trips.

    1. Taylor

      To all of the people crying about having to wear a mask during this pandemic, why is it acceptable for someone to tell you to wear a bra or a shirt or pants in public?? The mask serves a purpose to keep people SAFER during this time. None of us like it.

      1. Peter A Fuhr

        No offense but no one tells a woman to wear a bra, shirts hold no safety value and most places you do not need one so not a real good example. To I like masks? No? Should I wear one? Many reasons to debate that issue as I too am a essential worker and while most of the rest of the world stayed in their home for 3 months or longer we didn’t even have masks. So now you want to force them on us? Hahaha that’s funny. Like others have stated can covid kill you? Of course u see certain conditions anything can kill you. I have worked with many who have had it and survived. Will I wear one to Disney? I sure have every visit. It’s their property their rules. But please be kind to those that choose not to wear them. Everything we have been told from the beginning has changed. Went from 14 days to 10. Now they say if you had it you are safe for 3 months. They are not sure about anything with covid.

      2. Sophie

        For some wearing a bra is a safety measure. I for one do not want to have a possible trip hazard by going braless. Sorry, just trying to inject some levity into a serious subject 🙂

  13. Jenny Vee

    I am fine with the masks…..We cancelled cause of the loss of park hoppers. If we were able to go to more then one park, we would go back.

    1. WOW

      I’ve rescheduled our upcoming trip twice and it has nothing to do with a mask mandate. It’s all to do with the infection rate in Florida and partly with the loss of attractions/park hours. Losing the park hopper makes no sense with the low attendance they’re experiencing. I hope they bring it back soon. Our routine is to visit MK/HS/AK through the day and go to EPCOT for a nice set-down dinner. That option is currently off the table.

  14. Lisa White

    Apparently you have not have someone close to you suffer from Covid. I bet you change tune when a loved one of yours becomes sick.

    1. Noe

      Disney is for kids I enjoy Knott’s it’s much more fun less crowded, and a lot more affordable. I especially enjoy it during Halloween and Christmas.

  15. Kat

    The only political thing going on is the Governors mandate of a 2 week quarantine for New Yorkers. I had to cancel twice. New York has the lowest numbers in the country. The tri state area NY, NJ and CONN are the only state that have to quarantine 2 weeks when visiting Florida. Every other state can come and go. I think hes forgetting he cut off the highest income areas on the east coast that frequent Florida.

    1. Gerard

      Kat, there is no quarantine visiting Florida from New York… That stopped a while ago.

    2. Evan

      The Florida quarantine mandate for the Tri State area was lifted August 6th. BUT, you will have to quarantine for 14 days when you return to New York. Gov. Cuomo now has 35 states on his quarantine list, Florida is one of them. To bad 32,553 people (as of yesterday) had to die of CV-19 before the quarantine was instituted in NY. Sounds like that NY money will have to stay in NY for a while yet.

      From the NY State Covid website … If you have traveled from within one of the designated states with significant community spread, you must quarantine when you enter New York for 14 days from the last travel within such designated state, provided on the date you enter into New York State that such state met the criteria for requiring such quarantine. The requirements of the travel advisory do not apply to any individual passing through designated states for a limited duration (i.e., less than 24 hours) through the course of travel.

  16. alvin

    first world problems…everything will back as it was in the future

  17. James S

    We won’t be back until the restrictions are gone and the full experience returns. No value for the money right now. It is too expensive of a trip for the current offering.

  18. Michael Tampa Fl

    Passes could be free and I still wont take my kids to disney. Not until Covid-19 is gone. My grandmother died from Covid in her nursing home. Stay home and stay safe. God bless

  19. JD

    Disney just needs to drop the mask policy. They would definitely have more people come, if people want to wear a mask and feel safe wearing one well then they should not worry about someone who is not wearing one. This is all political, this is all BS, they relate everything to the covid19 virus, you go in for a sniffle omg you have the virus, every symptom they say is the same as the common flu, people die from the flu all the time, just depends on your immune system and it mainly hits the older people. It’s just a control issue and it’s working, mask are not meant to wear all day. So if you are that scared then stay home, otherwise don’t worry about whether someone is not wearing a mask. If you are wearing a mask and feel safe then don’t worry. It’s all a political scheme.

  20. Michele Rose

    Qanon much, Karen? Get help.

  21. JW

    Wearing masks is so simple. I started back to my school job and I wear one all day. Why are Americans making this so difficult? It’s easy. The only way we can beat back this virus is through practicing good scientificically -backed behaviors. Never knew we had so many self-centered crybabies in this country.

  22. TH

    I agree!!!

  23. Anna Lee

    I couldn’t agree more. I canceled our trip because the only haunting I want from Disney is from the three grinning ghosts on the haunted Mansion attraction, not some cast member telling me to pull up my face mask. Live shows and character greetings are a huge part of what we have come to love and expect from Disney. I’m not paying full price to get half the experience. For the 9 of us going, staying in a bungalow, full dining was over $10,000. Our money and us will be back when Disney drops the madness. Save that for the mad hatter tea party.

  24. Smarter Than You

    lol all these people saying drop the mask policy, it’s just political theater. I’m not worried about these clowns because they have been empirically and thoroughly proven wrong EVERY. TIME.

    Complete morons, stay inside for your own safety. Not from covid but from your poorly functioning brains. You could hurt yourself or others.

  25. Ava

    Oh holy hell. If you don’t want to wear a mask, stay home. Like I tell my kids, they always have a choice on whether or not to do the right thing. And then I make sure to tell them the repercussions of both choices. Either do or don’t, I don’t care. Just know that if you wear the masks when asked, you get to do the things you WANT to do. Don’t, then stay the hell at home.

  26. Floridians Everywhere

    People like you are what’s wrong with this country. Do everyone a favor and stay home. The last thing anyone wants to hear is your bitching about masks.

  27. Lisa

    This is exactly why we still have this pandemic is because of irresponsible selfish citizens like you.

  28. Scott Alan Yelton

    I think it is amazing that there has been not one fatality due to any other medical condition besides covid 19 in 4 months…. I think since covid has cured every other ailment mankind has faced we should consider keeping it around.

  29. Mike Brown

    Wear a mask, you child. It’s people like you who make it so we are still unable to enjoy Disney like the old days. Quit being a baby about it. Goofy and Donald both told me they think you’re dumb if you don’t. Even Goofy knows better…jeeeeeez

  30. Sasaqutchish

    You are stupid.

  31. Trump for the Cemetery 2020

    Just look at the map/graph of Florida at the top of this page. Millions of people can’t coordinate nation wide conspiracies.

  32. eman

    $66 Billion in revenue. They’ll be ok. WDW only sees you as a dollar sign, not people. Go camping instead. Go on a road trip. Less is more.

  33. Erik M Morck

    Boo hoo. I had a nice mouse house visit. Distanced and all. Everyone flocked to my hometown beaches, refused to be distant, still refuse to go home, but cry that their passes to disney do not get them what they want? AUFKM?

  34. Jesse

    1 person is dieing every 60 seconds from covid-19 and you’re trying to tell me this is a hoax. This is our administrations form of genocide and you don’t need a high school education to understand that fact. Just look at the ethnic percentage of deaths and who this administration is always trying to eliminate from U.S. soil.

    1. Jerry

      Agreed look at how many did from coronavirus, influenza, mersa, pnuemonia, coronavirus a person dies ever 5 seconds in this country, from communicable diseases. Yet they want to reopen before all diseases are gone. I tell you I will never go anywhere without a mask on the rest if my life and this genocide by negligence if diseases has to stop.

    2. Thank you, I couldn’t have said it better!

  35. Paul

    Wheat from the chaff? WTF? It’s tve weak from the chaff genius!

  36. 13

    I think the world should not reopen until things like Influenza, Coronavirus, pneumonia and all communicable diseases are gone forever.

  37. Paul

    WTF does wheat from the chaff mean? Its seperate the WEAK from the chaff genius!?

  38. Veronica Carol Bennett

    You are stupid. Your ignorance is showing; you think this is some big hoax until you are denied remembering a loved one with those who loved him. This world wide pandemic is not political. Its not picking sides.

  39. Shane

    My oh my whatever did people do with their lives before Disney was there to take all their hard earned MI wy!

  40. Donna

    I feel sorry for the Disney Vacation Club members. It’s basically a timeshare. We’re bought into it about 12 years ago, really enjoyed it, then we had enough. So we sold it and actually came out ahead. But if you’re a member, you’re stuck. And you’re probably still praying yearly maintenance fees.

  41. T mac

    Exactly right.

  42. Gustav

    Cancelled our annual passes for the whole family after the disgusting incident with this little disabled child. Disney will not get any more money as long they play this socialist mask nonsense.

  43. Sugarcube

    I agree. Forcing masks is just crazy.

  44. Felcity S

    Cases and testing positive are 2 different things Salem Oregon has had fewer cases to the point the hospital shut down half the hospital. I was admitted in June for a abdominal infection. Spent 11 hours in emergency 6 of which was testing etc. 5 hrs waiting for a room because they didnt have enough staff! Nurses& other staff hours cut by half. Most had to get outside 2nd jobs. I was re admitted for surgery for a week in July . Same conditions people admitted with conditions other that covid. And for surgeries that were detailed because of covid. If you are healthy I don’t expect you to wear a mask because of my health. I wear a mask to protect my health. We have a immune system for a reason. Being outside in the fresh air and warm sunshine is one of the best ways to beat any virus. H1N1 didn’t get this kind of attention and its more deadly. Is it about a virus or about politics? Why will it be over on 11/5? Just how dumb do they think we are?

  45. Saul

    So. Many. Ignorant. Comments. I have to wear a mask EVERYWHERE I go here in Miami, but nobody stops to think that numbers in Florida are astronomical because maybe this is the same place known for birthing the opioid problem of this country and COPIOUS amounts of Medicare fraud being normal. This is a place where these sorts of interests come to thrive. The numbers everyone sees in the news are not reflected in daily life here. I promise all you scholars that live outside of FL, holed up in your caves with every crack around their windows ductaped: were not out here dropping like flies. I don’t know anyone that’s had to be hospitalized because of this, and I live in one of the densest populated cities in the country. People need to wake up already.

  46. lisamarie

    Really!!!!! This is Ridiculous..Everybody on this has a different opinion…NO Kidding How foolish everyone sounds I live in Arizona were Beaury Abounds and I have seen and done it all 50 plus times including Utah cali, Colorado and yes Mexico But my whole family is still HUGE Disney fans ….Let’s get thru a CHINA Driven PANDEMIC….and we can all Hopefully enjoy whatever WE Think is Enjoyable……SHUT UP…..GEEZ

  47. MomDisneyLover

    Love love love Disney World, I know we’re facing crazy times now, but we’re truly thankful Disney opened up its doors to the public. I’m a FL resident, passholder, and I can tell you how magical it was going there recently, yes we wore masks, followed distance, all the precaution s we had to make to have an enjoyable time, and it’s been 2 weeks, we’re Covid free. All I can say is that yes there’s no fireworks, schedule’s modified, not all rides are open, but if you follow their safety guidelines, you and family can have a wonderful time, like we did!! You can make it a safe visit if you try! We felt very safe there.

  48. I have a son that has austism and won’t wear a mask so Disney won’t see my family money. It took us 2 years of hard saving to go and long lost es and weather was terrible along cost of their food.

  49. Wendy price

    I feel bad that everyone is suffering thanks to Desantis. But the parks were getting so crowded, you couldn’t enjoy yourself. Who wants to wait in an hour line for a 5 minute ride.

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