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Walt Disney World FastPass


  1. janie

    i would love wdw to have the old systems back and charge folks if they want the other way thats what we have in dl! Its so confusing coming over to world. No gac no manual fp which are so much better and give you set times cms and guests can stick too! We have a system like yours called maxpass but you pay for it similar to yours it screws up too! I can tell you from a fan and cm change is sometimes not always good look at epcot!

    1. mark

      i would love to go back further have NO FPs or take them away from rides that never needed em in 1st place and they are only causing chaos!

      1. MR

        The new advance reservation FP system actually made me less likely to visit the parks because I don’t want to have to book my trip months out down to the moment of every day. It’s too stressful.

    2. Summer McRae

      Fast passes make a lot more sense and save so much time for those who use them than going to stand by and virtual queues only. I have had passes for over 30 years, so I’ve experienced lines many ways, and fast passes are by far the best. For those who reference old school Disney, you have to understand that back in the day there weren’t nearly the amount of people in attendance as there is now (pre COVID) so those days of standing in line while Happily eating a Mickey ice cream bar just before hopping on the ride are nothing more than a distant memory – unless you have a fast pass.
      Not to mention in this new era of social distancing, fast passes make the most sense.
      Disneyland is a different animal than Disney World as the attendance at DL is a fraction of that at DW. Paid fast passes might make sense for the maintaining of wait times at DL, but DW does not have that advantage.

  2. melanie sewell

    We not long went to Disneyland paris, there was no need to for the fast pass
    The world is limited to a certain amount of people
    The longest we had to queue for the big attractions was around 30 minutes

  3. Bob

    Fast passes were a major vacation planning tool. Without the fast program, one could spend half of a Disney vacation day standing in lines. I have been to WDW over 100 times and planning is key to any great vacation experience. In my opinion …no fast pass … no Disney vacation.

    1. Rebel orange bird

      are you kidding have you gone recently i wait where i never waited before bc everything has fp! Haunted mansion and small world NEVER needed it but they have it and now you see lines! I have ocd so i get planning etc but knowing i have to get fp on a site or app that never wrks!!!??? Your kidding there are people out there it wrks for?? Do you get the rides you want too??? Bc i never do!!!!! And bc i have ocd i rather not go bc now i am fustrated! I never went through that w lines!

      1. C Sheaff

        Fast pass became very easy to use and helped you get the most rides you could. For those that live nearby, it may be fine to go without, as you can always catch the missed rude on your next trip. However for those that get to go only every 2-3 years, planning to guarantee the best experience is important!

  4. Bcpizzo

    Fast passes are an essential part of our planning as we have a limited amount of time as we have EPCOT after 4 Florida Resident passes. We don’t have time to stand in long lines.

    1. Patty

      I’m in favor of no fast passes. If much rather have something like the Max pass at Disneyland. It would make it less stressful!

  5. PD

    FastPass+ has ruined the Disney experience. You used to be able to explore world by world and enjoy the little things. Now you run from one FP to the next and miss all the little things that make Disney parks magical. They also make wait times so much longer because about 70% of all rides are dedicated to FP. Eliminate it and wait times will be cut by half. So even though you miss on your three FP selections, your reduced wait times for all rides will result in more rides and a much better overall experience.

  6. Cassy B

    If you know WDW well enough, you don’t need FP. Planning doesn’t have to include FP in order to even ride big attractions. You just gotta know the right times of day to go to the most popular stuff. And more importantly, know when to put something off and come back to it later. Be flexible as crowds get unpredictable.

  7. Randy

    I like the virtual queue concept as long as it doesn’t lock people out from getting on a ride like rise of the resistance does. If they could perfect it down to half hour blocks, so you can get 2 per hour, I think people could maximize their day in the park. A 12 hour day in a park could get you 20 rides plus time to eat and shop. If they only allow one queue per hour, you’re going to need two days in the bigger parks. Of course, maybe that’s what they want. I do hope they mix virtual queue and fast pass together, could make a great blend of efficiency.

    1. rosie

      it locks das/gac out thats half the folks that go! We can not add into the on hold queue that may or may not get in on top of that we would have wait double! For folks whom get assisted we get it to limit or wait bc we cant wait! Not end up waiting all day!

  8. Michael Downey

    We’ve been long time fans of Disney; annual passes and DVC. IMHO all the FP and planning has taken the spontaneity out of a visit. We work and live with a schedule… Don’t want to have to plan everything on our vacation as well. Our other complaint (until recently) was the shoulder to shoulder crowds, but COVID took care of that. Instead of cramping in more people how about making the experience a pleasure for those already buying into the plans that exist…..

    1. Xander

      Go back to the old system: walk up to a ride, scan your ticket, get given a fastpass ticket FOR FREE and come back at your time slot. Easy to use, laid-back, very effective, and fair.

      And to those commenting “if you KNOW the park you don’t NEED fastpass” – so what? Do you think that only people who ‘know the park’ deserve to have a nice time? People who don’t know the park inside-out are usually the ones who have paid more to go in the way of travel, accommodation, etc. and deserve to have as much opportunity to ride as everyone else.

  9. Terence

    I think the FP is essential, with young children who want to guarantee riding on the most popular attractions FP is a must, would be interested in seeing how the virtual queue worked but personally believe the FP system works well!!

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