We Can Almost HEAR This Disney VHS Face Mask

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VHS DIsney face mask

It’s an instant Walt Disney classic! Old Disney VHS tapes come to life with Reddit user @CritterLaura‘s personal project evoking the Disney Animated features of the 1990s! @CritterLaura also shared it in a Disney Facebook group or two, as it kept coming up in our feeds, and we kept “hearing” the mask each time! Check out this Disney VHS Face Mask that has us singing along!

The VHS Disney Opening

You know this jingle. You can sing it mouth-guitar style, with all the notes, toodles, and in perfect timing. The 1990s Disney VHS tapes were like no other, and this clamshell VHS opening introduction reel will take us back!

The fourteen-second glow-up of Sleeping Beauty Castle brought Disney animation into our homes with the Disney black diamond edition clamshells, musical numbers, and characters like The Little Mermaid. Generation X viewed Disney VHS openings in the 1990s and they treasure their nearly worthless vintage Disney VHS tapes… (we can’t help it, they are so nostalgic!)

Check out the opening below on Youtube, and don’t forget to turn your sound up… the Disney movie VHS release will take you back!

The Disney VHS Face Mask

Now we get the sincere tribute. The Disney face mask made by @CritterLaura is a simple black fabric face mask (you can make one using this FREE pattern) with ear loops, which would be suitable for wearing to a Disney World theme park. But the upgrade comes in the form of a hand-painted electric blue castle logo from the old Disney VHS tapes.

Made myself a mask today using the castle from the beginning of VHS tapes ❤️ from disney


Minus the scrawled logo of Walt Disney pictures, the castle is lined with stacked blocks and a classic Tinkerbell arc over the theme park castle. Disney fans will easily recognize this video homage, and of course, we want one of our own!

@CritterLaura didn’t submit photos of herself wearing her old VHS tapes mask, but we’re certain that it would be perfect for wearing anywhere. Grab a paintbrush, strips of tape (for blocking the lines), get to work on making your next Disney Parks face mask. Bonus points if your mask features the Black Diamond logo on the other side!

If sewing just isn’t your style, remember that you can purchase Disney face masks from shopDisney, or choose a perfect Disney inspired mask on Etsy for something a little most customized. Remember to wear it correctly when you visit a Disney theme park, and to pack your patience.

Wearing Face Masks Comfortably
Credit: Disney

Would you try your artsy hand at making your own Disney VHS Face Mask? Leave us a comment below!

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