Comments for Which Disney Princess Are You Based on Your Enneagram?

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  1. SG

    Although the link for this ennagram charges you $19, you can take the test and see for free what your number is. Surprisingly I’m a 7, Aerial , which was my avatar BEFORE I took the test!

  2. EricJ

    Yes, women, Disney’s Cinderella is an “Optimist”.

    She is not a “doormat”, or “too clueless”, nor does she wish to “finally get back at her sisters with a machine gun in the last scene”–As she tells the dog, she knows how bad things are for her, but believes that family is family, and good must be returned for bad.
    We know how much you hate happy women with positive outlooks, so we apologize for her not being a babbling dreamer-lunatic like Anna.

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