Want to Be Drawn Like a Disney Character? Here’s Your Chance!

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Credit: Dreamland Cartoons

If you’ve ever wished you knew what you would look like as an animated Disney character (be honest, we know you have!), here’s your chance.

Dreamland Cartoons will use a photo of you and your friends, family members, or pets to create a drawing that looks exactly like a Disney animation cel!

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Credit: Dreamland Cartoons

Dreamland offers a simple 3-step ordering process that can be completed entirely online.

  1. Place your order (this is where you will select how many people and animals are in the photo you’re submitting and which background, if any, you want)
  2. We sketch your picture (the artists at Dreamland Cartoons will complete your new Disney inspired drawing)
  3. We send you your picture (you will receive the new Disney version of yourself and your loved ones in the mail)
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Credit: Dreamland Cartoons

When you visit the order page, there are multiple options to make sure your Disney-style image is exactly what you’re looking for.

You can choose from 1-6 human or animal subjects, pick between a head & shoulders only or full body style drawing, select a background like the beach, a castle, or Paris, and leave notes for your Dreamland Cartoons artist .

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Credit: Dreamland Cartoons

If you’re anything like us, your most pressing concern is how long it will take to see yourself drawn in Disney character style! In most cases, Dreamland Cartoons arrive fairly quickly.

The company offers the following information about order processing times on their website:

We’re working as fast as we can on your cartoon. However, there are times when we receive many orders at the same time, so we are very busy. We aim to deliver your hand-drawn cartoon within 5-10 business days. If your order is urgent, you can easily add the ‘Express’ option. Then you will receive it within 4 working days or even earlier. Just select your desired cartoon and click on ‘Add to cart’. Afterwards, you can add the ‘Express’ option.

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Credit: Dreamland Cartoons

The company has excellent reviews, with two recent customers writing:

Super speedy and easy~! I love it! It’s sooo cute! It filled my fantasy of what I would look like as a Disney Character! Along side with my cute little family! It was easy to tell the artist our little details which are important for each person, such as my mole on my bottom waterline and the scar on my S.O.’s forehead.


I am so incredibly blown away by the final result. so so happy with it! Thank you so much! We love the family cartoon.

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Credit: Dreamland Cartoons

Visit Dreamland Cartoons here to start the process of turning your photo into a Disney inspired cartoon! Are you going to get drawn in a Disney character style?

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