Comments for Is Whispering Canyon Cafe Still Magical With New Protocols?

whispering canyon cafe


  1. Nachtwulf

    I admit, I’m increasingly concerned about the reliance/obligation to have mobile devices.
    Basically, at this point, it seems like if you don’t have a high end thousands-of-dollars smartphone and an expensive data plan, you can’t visit Disney.

    As someone with a small family/friends list (most of which don’t like cel phones either), it became obvious to me fairly quickly that the huge expense involved with owning/maintaining one wasn’t worth the payoff. (I had a ‘cheap one’ for awhile and the experience was honestly worse than not having one at all…)

    Besides, mobile data isn’t secure (no matter how much they like to say it is) and all these millions of apps are just farming your personal information for financial gain… and yet more and more people are just expected to have them/hand out that data freely in order to use even basic services?

    Nossir, I don’t like it.
    (also I’m doing MY part to help prevent pandemic spread by *staying the hell home*….)

  2. Sharon

    We have reservations for dinner one night of our visit in early August. Whispering Canyons is a favorite.

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