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Walt Disney World Annual Passholder Renewal Hack


  1. Alvin

    Here’s an idea.

    DON’T GO.

    Florida is the Coronavirus epicenter of THE WORLD right now.

    But there are idiots that think riding Peter Pan for the 6,000th time is so important to risk spreading it further.

    1. rebel orange bird

      Yep except the issue is that these are aps whom are local in fl they do not care about the risk they just loose there minds!

  2. Alfred Barecchia

    So why would you buy extra park passes if you are an annual pass holder? If you are an annual pass holder extra tickets to the part would be dumb to buy… if you have tickets or you have a annual pass you need a reservation ticket to use your ticket or annual pass. If you have a 100 tickets for the park and There are no more open reservations available you can not get in the park.

  3. Sue

    Crazy wait you spent money on your annual pass and if it’s one with out any black outs and park hopper and you still
    Have time left on it. Then you go buy a single day ticket doesn’t make sense to me. First you paid for passes that you can’t use bc you have to make a reservation and can only go to one park and who in there right mind would go to the parks now. Unless you are Disney crazy you are paying for less . Seems like Disney only wants people in there park that are staying at there hotels so they can make more money. They don’t care about the pass holders that are Florida residents at all.

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