Comments for Volcano Bay Water Slide Injures 115 and Paralyzes One Tourist

volcano bay

Credit: Universal


  1. That’s why they should have left Wet n Wild alone it was more safer than the ride they have now that’s sad

    1. Ray

      FYI, these slides in question are no longer mat slides. They are now feet first without mats or tubes.

  2. Cindy Caine

    i think i have heard more deaths and injuries come out of volcano bay then the whole of the theme park areas! thats what sadly happens when you in a rush and leave things unfinished so sad my heart!

    1. Ezequiel Anthony Muniz

      Well looks like i won’t be getting an annual pass now at universal…i will stick to Disney world….

      1. Hector Diaz

        Well good luck trying to get reservation to get i to the parks, also they have no plans so far to open their water parks.

        1. lesley

          I went Sunday and Monday. It’s easy to get reservations unless you have an AP.

    2. Trent

      How many deaths have there been at Volcano Bay? I have done research and haven’t found any yet. Do you have insider information or something?

      1. cindy caine

        i work at universal! So yes i probably know more than the average person… many people have died but still lots more recovered injuries still alot more red tape i bet than disney has seen at their water parks combined! I do not know what has had more injuries or reports right now volcano or hhn!

        1. Adam Y.

          Facts are you probably do n ot work at Universal and for you to speak this way about Universal of which you claim to work for is complete trash on your part. I do in FACT work for Universal and it is the best company of have ever worked for. Punga Racers have been closed for refurbishment for quite some time now and INSIDETHEMAGIC is pulling old articles just to have some crap to publish on the web when they have nothing to publish.

          1. Lesley Smith

            I rode the Pu ga Racers Saturday.

      2. cindy cqine

        Adam y for your info you probably do not work at universal bc half of us just struggle working there and actually would rather work elsewhere! Want a new news story people have died or got injured more at our parks then anywhere! I am pissed bc i havent been working bc we had a covid outbreak in our area and a bunch of others! I am sorry you like disney folk drink koolaid and most of us do not so grow up! Once a wk i am getting yell at for things i know are true from trolls like you!

  3. SG

    Why in the world isn’t it closed down?! Sounds like those injured people need better lawyers!

  4. VM

    What an incredibly misleading headline.

  5. HB

    Yep, it’s obvious she gets a cut from Disney…??

  6. Trent

    These numbers mean absolutely nothing when there aren’t any other comparable numbers from competing water parks. Also another factor to consider is the amount of guest per hour this attraction has seen compared to other water parks water slides. Misleading article.

  7. Chiclit

    Why on earth would anyone go down a water slide head first? That should never have been allowed in the first place.

  8. Rob M

    I question the common sense of any adult that goes down a slide head first. Stupid decision that doesnt take a “staffer” to realize.

    1. Rosie

      well there are many water slides in the area included that have water slides you must go head first and lying on your stomach but they never had an injury reported and if they ever had it wouldn’t be this many involved nor injured! Btw the unconscious kid from the last report did not make it so volcano has alot on their hands! Between no hhn no new park and volcano bay not being the water park uni hoped forget covid … i bet we are going to see major losses at universal! Though right now everyone is in a spot!

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