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Disney face coverings

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  1. Stan

    Great news glad they realized they vent out

    1. Josiah Donaldson

      Most of the reason why they are not seeing people coming out to the parks actually. Who wants to wear a mask in the Florida humidity?

      1. cathy

        I have actually been quite a few times between the parks and Disney Springs and the mask that I found is totally doable and believe it or not comfortable for about 6 hours for me in 90 degrees so that being said there are masks that offer some comfort. I was pleasantly surprised myself.

      2. DaddyPiranha

        And you have evidence to back up that claim? Or is it just an opinion something that feels right that reinforces your preconceived viewpoint?

  2. SG

    I never knew that about the mesh masks and vent ones. I thought it just filtered exhaled air not just let it flow in and out – what’s the point of wearing it? Good to know. Wow, I wonder how many people got COVID thinking they were safe?!

    1. Sue

      I know I thought they where better but I guess not. And it’s funny bc some news stations posted pictures when Disney opened and you can see people with there mask down over there nose. And people where taking advantage to the walking around with a drink or eating something so they didn’t have to have there mask on. Now it makes sense why there was nobody complaining about how hot it was to wear one.

      1. Stan

        You can read all about it on the 3m website or the CDC

    2. EricJ

      One mask I saw advertised was a sexy “chain mail” mask designed to be worn as elaborate jewelry, to keep up with the new “fashion” of face-masks. Um, WHAT?
      It helps to remember they’re not just fashion trends, and are actually supposed to, y’know, filter things.

    3. Edward P Giering

      They were made to protect people from inhaling air containing particulates such as soot in areas with forest fires or for saw dust in construction areas. The current situation prevents what is exhaled fro being spread.

  3. Rebel Orange Bird

    Besides my neck face buff works fine and stays on my face all day long and i can breathe in it which is good bc i have a medical condition and and it covers ALL NEEDED AREAS but good luck w masks you can manipulate and play w all day and might fall off on a ride etc. Beyond the horrid Floridian heat that goes way past summer unlike everywhere else!

  4. Bill Kowalski

    Being from Georgia and having visited the Disney parks since the resort opened, I find it hard to imagine why anyone would visit Florida in the summer, even if that’s when we traditionally take vacations. But now, wearing a mask all day in the sun, social distancing rules, and worst of all, the possibility those precautions still might not prevent COVID-19 make it even less appealing to visit the epicenter of the pandemic during a massive resurgence.

  5. Tigger

    I have a N95 that has a vent and it actually has a plastic filter inside the vent to catch particulates, so they would try and tell me that a N95 isn’t good enough? Laughable!

  6. Connie Krout

    I have been wearing the vented mask for many years. These masks have a removable liner that can be changed as needed. Which is better than a reg. cloth mask.

    1. Michele

      Same! Our masks with vents have filters and layers of fabric over the vents, not just open to the air. What else makes any sense??

  7. prince charming

    I believe that this reopenning has just been a pain for Cheapo Chapek and friends. I think that they are trying to make anyone who goes to the park so miserable that they won’t have any one there. Then they can close the parks and keep all the money which they stole from DVC members and Annual Passholders.

  8. Peter Fuhr

    The sheeple follow whatever the media and a few doctors who have already been proven and manipulated test results.

  9. TD

    Just spent an entire week open to close in one of the parks each day, only took the mask off to eat/drink a few times a day. The mask quickly became a part of your attire and wasn’t that noticeable. The only time it got awful was when it got drenched in a monsoon. It’s completely doable, kids through seniors and I would say 98% of the guests respected the rules. The park was insanely clean and well organized for sanitizing and social distancing. Not once did we feel at risk for picking up the big. Disney as always has gone above and beyond.

  10. Davis

    Honestly your only making mountains disney making people more pissed then they were w you taking away rides etc and now i have to be security nazi i am sorry that person face is covered…. your worse then the politicians lets make this about money and buy our masks!!!! No!!! How about as long as its on someones face covering everything that needs to be covered and it stays on is enough! It is everywhere else!!!

  11. Kami

    Most n95 masks have vents which are the safest choice when it comes to masks and you’re going to turn people away wearing those?? Disney your service is going down hill as a whole. Your merchandise is getting cheaper by the minute, your cast members don’t understand what Disney Magic means, and now your policing your guests? I’m not sure Disney is going to make it out of this. Clearly you don’t have a thought out plan. This is all disappointing to say the very least.

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