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  1. Matt Brewster

    I strongly suspect that the dispute was over the need to wear a mask

    1. Wally

      Mask or politics, but then again, masks have somehow become a political issue when, really, it’s more of an IQ test than anything and the dude likely failed. He would have had a broken orbital bone had I witnessed it.

      1. No

        Sure thing tough guy

        1. Judith Anne Haney

          If I wittnessed it I would’ve been calling 911 like you are suppose to do .Remember Walt Disney World is in Orlando Florida and and you call 911 for something like this. I myself would have gotten in his face and told him to “SHUT UP”

          1. John Burgess

            Would you have done that before or after learning how to use the word “suppose” and spell the word “witnessed”??

          2. Michael Smith

            Disney is in Lake Buena Vista, not Orlando. LBV is under the guidance of Orange County Sheriff. Further, Disney is govern by Reddy Creek Improvement District which contracts Highway Patrol, Orange County Sheriff and Osceola County. Getting into his face might have led to further escalation that results in you being banned for life as well or even arrested. Best to walk away in those situations. If d-bag escalates then witnesses can show you tried to walk away and should spare you consequences.

      2. Robert Rietkerk

        Wow. Tough guy.

      3. JT

        Then you would have been escorted from the park. So… yay?

        1. judith Haney

          JT you must really be brainwashed.

          1. Michael Smith

            I used to work there. What you said about getting in his face and Wally hitting him would have resulted in your ejection from the park and possible lifetime ban.

      4. JR

        And if you move over a bit, I’ll join you in the pummeling while we both sing Heigh Ho!

        1. CJ

          Agreed, Wally.

      5. Lorie

        Wow, such a wonderful display of “adultness” all of your suggests offer to attack another adult…such a wonderful display for all the children in the park, which i might add, who the park is ultimately for…oye….And all of you, exhibiting the true patriotic views that acknowledging that all people have a right to their opinion, san violence for it, another attribute Disney tries to uphold….but eh….let the Disney police that are outside of the US law (look it up) deal with you…

        1. Ken

          I would love to see a source that states any law enforcement unit is outside US law in the United States

        2. JRS

          Side note, the parks aren’t “ultimately for” the kids. The parks are for EVERYONE. Walt was clear that the parks were there for everyone. Stop putting kids on a pedestal, they are no more special than anyone else

      6. judith Haney

        For sure…or at least a bloody nose..

      7. Michael Smith

        And then you’d be banned for life and probably arrested. Unless the guy physically assaults you, no reason for violence. Too much to lose.

      8. Christian

        Says the guy who clearly bent over and said “ok sure” when commanded on what to do. Sit boy….sit…..good dog. Not many “maskers” seem too physically concerning for me. Lots of Jetta drivers and mini van suburban dads.

    2. Peter

      Bet your right!

    3. CJ

      That was my FIRST thought exactly. It’ll be a shame if this Disney has to close again TOO because of people’s abhorrence of masks.

  2. Ed

    Most likely a Mask thing, won’t be long before it is on YouTube.
    Wearing a mask is an intelligence test, another BIG FAIL!

    1. CJ

      Anti-maskers will be the downfall of this reopening. They already had to close Shanghai if I remember right. These people will ruin it for everyone else. The happiest place on earth will not and cannot be the safest. Not because Disney didn’t do everything in its power, but because some people are inherently defiant.

      1. Ivy

        Yeah I’m sure the outbreaks have nothing to do with the protests/riots.

        1. Bill Kowalski

          You would be correct in that assumption. COVID-19 is on the rise in rural areas where there have been no protests, and on the decline in the cities where there have been BLM protests. Apparently the protestors are smart enough to wear masks and maintain social distancing even as they try to hold the US to the “liberty and justice for all” claim in the Pledge of Allegiance.

        2. Dj

          Shhhhhh….don’t upset the narrative! Everyone knows thousands of kids rioting and burning down cities has nothing to do with the spread of the virus. It’s those darn church goers. LOL

          1. Michael Smith

            Well lets see… every contact trace and other study is showing that large groups outside wearing masks (which is how the protests HAVE been) are not spreading. The biggest hot spot is bars or other confined indoor areas where people are staying long periods of time because infected particles linger in there and the air is circulated around the building. That’s why Outdoor bars and dining are far less risky than indoor. Add in close proximity in bars to make it worse. Packed churches aren’t as bad as bars or restaurants (IF they have masks on) but are worse than if the service is outdoors. If the churches socially distance and they wear masks I agree they should be allowed a diminished capacity. I think the arbitrary gathering numbers is wrong though and probably should be set by taking the square feet and diving by 6 to 8 to meet the number of people allowed in the building (giving each person 6 to 8 feet to social distance). So a 2000 sq ft building shoudl allow 250-333 people in it and still have enough room to distance correctly.

            Sorry though to let facts and science get in the way of a scare tactic right wing talking point. I’m sure we will hear enough of them soon enough.

      2. Frostysnowman

        They re-closed Hong Kong. Shanghai is going to increase capacity soom.

  3. Kenny Vee

    I’m not chalking this up to any specific issue. People can guess, and then fight over those guesses (see previous comments), but as a former Disneyland cast member I’ve seen ALL SORTS of altercations over trivial things. Heck, we all (probably) saw the Toontown fight from Disneyland a year ago over a family issue.

    Let’s not assume we know what it was about, but rather be impressed that the guy was shouting loud enough to be heard on the mainland of Frontierland. And probably to be glad that Disney Security was able to get it under control before it got too out of hand.

    This may or may not be a mask thing. Usually (though not always) it takes more than that to set people off to this extent.

    1. SD

      Mask? Perhaps, but I suspect that a MAGA hat or shirt caused the altercation. That tends to bring the dormant Insanity out of a Leftist.

    2. Sam

      Men have threatened and even killed women with little provocation at all. Let’s not minimize, normalize, or excuse bad behavior.

    3. SC

      So, as one former cast member to another, how many no strings passed will guest services have to hand out to all the people who have been traumatized beyond repair because they heard that idiot swearing?

    4. Frostysnowman

      I bet the sound carried more than usual because there are so few people in the park compared with how crowded it would normally be this time of year.

  4. Mike money

    C’mon… Heard at the entrance to pirate’s…. Let’s not get crazy…. I’m sure it was loud but to be on the island and hear the screaming at pirates is hard to believe.

    But Disney will probably now have to have 6 security guards on the island starting tomorrow now that this happened.

    1. EricJ

      Now, if the article was in error, and it was DISNEYLAND’S Sawyer Island, the geography/acoustics would make a lot more sense.

    2. Leisa Martin

      I can get the mask issue- its so freakn hot n to b told that u have to cover ur whole face by a teenager standing n front of a fan ..and not a single ride i rode today was cleaned btween uses we got in one side as the others exited so tell me again how this this material helps that

      1. CJ

        It won’t be Disney’s fault if it closes again. I know they really have everyone’s safety in mind at all times. They’ve already had to shut one down because of the virus. It’s the VISITORS that will ruin it for everyone else. Makes me mad.

      2. Cyrus the .....

        Oh wow… The way Disney talked about the cleaning I assumed the rides were being cleaned after each ride. Hope that isn’t happening all the time… Does Disney allow me to bring my own Lysol??

      3. Christopher Flynn

        Because touching things is your choice. People being in close proximity of others need to wear masks because it dramatically reduces the main cause of the spread of the virus, leaving or reaching someone’s lungs.

        Not sure how something not being wiped down, or the teenager with a fan, or how hot a mask is, has any bearing on why masks are required.

    3. Brad

      There is a walkway to Pirates and if the man was facing that way…

  5. Clay

    Really hope some punk bands take note that Tom Sawyer Island is apparently the acoustic epicenter of Magic Kingdom. I know sound carries well across water, but dang.

  6. Darth Notices

    With a voice that loud, Disney should hire that guy to do announcements in case the P.A. system ever breaks!

    “HEY! Ladies & Gentlemen, !$#@%! boys & girls, in a few !@$#%!ing minutes the !%$#@! skies over Fantasyland will erupt in !@#%%$#!ing fireworks! PAY ATTENTION!! And have a !$#@%^! day.”

    1. PAlterBoy

      /\ This comment wins!

      1. Mike

        Don’t encourage him, he’s just a troll.

        1. Darth Notices

          Aww, you mean like those cute, rolling rocks that love getting it on in Frozen? Shucks!

          But for edification’s sake, Trolls attack people. That’s just not happening here.

          A more accurate description would be a blast-ended skrewt. You don’t know if you’re talking to its backside or its face.

  7. Disneyland sucks

    I strongly beg to differ that disneyland is the most magical place on earth.. I would say most Expensive and frustrating place on earth

  8. Patricia

    Bailey, Some of us need a Magical Place. We all know it is just as theme park. But could you please leave the real world gossip out of Disney? No need to o ruin the “Happiest Place on Earth” image.

  9. MAtt

    LOL. It’s literally just a piece of cloth. Referring to it as a muzzle is laughable. People will find ways to complain about anything… I think it’s ironic when the people who refuse to wear masks, get sick, are around their family, and the older members in their family get killed from it… I’m wearing a mask for my parents sake, and rolling my eyes and laughing at the people who aren’t.

    1. BW

      Sounds like not the best in society coming out to the parks right now. Two guns and some weed in a diaper bag at Epcot. Screaming matches in Magic Kingdom. Glad I’m staying away for now.

    2. So then tell me how all the residents in nursing homes are getting Covid, when there are NO VISITORS allowed, and us Nurses where PPE’s that surpass any permiable T-shirt mask?

  10. JT

    I dislike the way you low-key tried to imply it was gender-based by reminding the readers the guest was male before specifying the recipient might have been female. That’s a creepy move.

    1. Todd

      Ahhh I knew it wouldn’t be long before a threatened conservative male type had to voice their displeasure.

    2. JC

      Great point the woman was probably use language too but her voice would not carry as far. It is just as likely that she was in his face.

  11. Adam C

    Disney security has really been lacking over the past few years. I think they rely too heavily on the camera system.


    1. Nancy Pelosi

      Yes, the president is being ridiculous with banning flights from China. What a racist! Now you should all come down to Chinatown with me and celebrate this beautiful community!

  13. Was there and in that area during the time this occurred and we didn’t hear a thing. I think the loudness is over exaggerated. Seems like everyone is wearing a mask and following the rules without problems. I hope people don’t use this as a slam against Disney. It’s hot for sure but we also feel very safe in all the parks and resorts!

  14. Corey

    Kind of doubt that considering the magic kingdom barely has any alcohol. They don’t serve it anywhere except inside a couple of sit-down restaurants that are nearly impossible to get into unless you’ve made reservations far in advance.

  15. Mike money

    Security officers dressed as regular people on the island would be great… Since no one can tell who they are at the entrance of the park standing by themselves with an earpiece in …. I’m sure no one would notice them on the island either.

  16. DaddyPiranha

    I feel for you. I don’t want to be called stupid either. My solution? I don’t do things that let others know that I’m stupid…

  17. crankypaul

    That people are even going to Disney amazes me. In the hot spot of the virus is one of the last places I would be and especially for the expense of going and staying.

    The argument could have been over a kids ice cram cone dripping on his Gucci Loafers, I don’t care. Being there is the more puzzling thing.

  18. J Kraze

    Why go to a theme park during a pandemic? Oh, maybe because nothing bad can happen to you in Disneyworld?!?

    1. Cyrus the .....

      Once the workers begin to get sick left and right they will close again!

      1. Cindy Caine

        Cms are already sick and disney is covering it up so is universal! Guests went to hosp!

        1. Mike money

          Wow really…. Where did u hear it…

        2. Jack Robert Newvine

          I am a cast member none of us are getting sick unless you know whats going on don’t comment

          1. Mike

            U can’t know all the workers….

  19. Aricka

    It’s really sad that you don’t know that you’re the Karen.

  20. Holly

    On several instances, I have reported guests for inappropriate behavior or clothing, including graphic t-shirts with the f word and other things on them, and the cast members declined on all occasions to become involved or say anything to the guest in question. Reporting people does nothing.

    1. Kev

      Nice! Karen is on it!!! Why is it up to you to report people? Why dont you just mind your own business, if it doesn’t affect you. If someone had a teeshirt with the F word on it, they made it through the security before entry, the cast member checking tickets, and all the cast members and security in the park.

  21. Darth Notices

    Wow, 40 or so comments already, mostly about mask wearing, pandemics and politics all because the first comment guessed something like that as the cause.

    But boy, oh boy, won’t we all feel pretty dumb when we find out the guy was really just yelling over not wanting to share his churro.

  22. Lee

    Back in 2011, I was at Animal Kingdom by Pizzafari on my way to the front gates. And witnessed such an altercation. Only it was a woman screaming at a man.
    They were both still wearing their “Newlyweds” t-shirts. He was wearing the Mickey Top Hat ears, she was wearing the Minnie bridal veil ears.

    She was visibly upset, he was trying to calm her. Then, right in front of children, cast members, EVERYONE, she spun around and screamed at the top of her lungs “WHY DID YOU F*** HER?!?!?!”
    The bride to be then stormed off towards the front of the park, literally stomping her feet along the way. Meanwhile he’s trying the “baby i still love you” line and following her.
    The two CM’s at the Pizzafari entrance, their mouths just DROPPED.

    It was both tragic and hilarious at the same time.
    Like watching a clown get run over by a train.

  23. Chandra

    Was this in California or Florida? I hope it wasn’t due to wearing a mask our country is the only one acting like idiots when it comes to wearing a mask. And people are dying in large numbers just carelessness and selfish

    1. Corey W

      OMG people ARE NOT dying in large numbers!! The CDC website shows that deaths have gone down every week since mid April!!!

      1. Matt

        LOL, say that to any of the people who knew someone out of the 150,000 who have died, Corey W… Sure its not like a MILLION people dead, but for the pandemic only going on for 4 months, 1,000 people dying a day seems high to me, but that is because I take all of this seriously, so I am not getting myself or other people sick. It sounds like you don’t care, until it affects you… And its not like people aren’t dying from anything else… people are still dying from every other disease or health condition that existed before COVID19, from car accidents, murders… This is an ADDITIONAL number to that, that will continue steadily until the entire nation takes it seriously (which it obviously won’t be).

        So since you are fine with 1,000 people dying a day, good for you, I guess. Keep at it, and hopefully your family doesnt suffer for your indifference. I think its horrible…

        1. Corey W

          LOL!!! sorry Matt, 1,000 people aren’t dying a day from this and haven’t been for months. I suggest you check the CDC website before you start spewing nonsense. In fact this “deadly” virus has claimed the lives of .008% of the worlds population. I was just disagreeing with the poster that said “people are dying in large numbers”. Apparently you and Chandra think .008% is a large number, but thats ok you have the right to your opinion 🙂 Keep hiding under your bed!

          1. Matt

            Ya, don’t worry, I’m not second guessing my life decisions. There are lots of covidiots out there just doing things normal, then at home I get to read the article that they have been sick for weeks, and in some cases die… Doesn’t sound fun to me, but you do you… Thankfully I will never see you in person, so we can both be happy about that!!!

          2. Kenny

            This is a silly argument. I live in Los Angeles. If I was to get sick tomorrow and have to go to the hospital, they would most likely not have room for me, so if Coronavirus is not a big deal as you say, then why are the hospitals and testing stations so backed up now?

            Then Corey responds back with, “Oh you didn’t read some random article that proves I’m right?” Ok Corey, you do you!

          3. Corey W

            I personally wouldn’t consider a government website that tracks and reports statistical data on disease a random website but ok kenny! Everybody has a right to their own opinion and I can respect that. matt? you got space for kenny under there?

    2. Douglas Abramson

      The California parks are still closed, indefinitely; and not just the Disney ones.

  24. Lw

    Yey like not wearing a mask is the problem!! You do realise the numbers in Florida (if this is Disney World not Land) are going up at an unbelievable daily rate? I think the state has a much bigger problem than people not wearing masks at Disney. The damn place shouldn’t be open at all, then it wouldn’t have to close again when they realise what a massive mistake they’ve made by allowing the public to mingle like there’s nothing going on in the world. It’s the idiotic US government who you should be aiming your anger at!!!

  25. Tee

    In reading these comments, many have attributed the man’s rage to mask wearing.
    Others took the time to whine about how Disney does not enough (not enough cleaning), yet too much (wearing a mask required) in the same message sometimes. If you are like 95% of people here who seem to get that the reason Disney is doing all this crap is to stay open, and do it safely, this is not for you. You 95%’ers seem to get that if we want to go places during a pandemic, we must follow the rules. I am with you.
    To the other 5% if you find the replies to the below common complaints not to your liking, STAY HOME! There are others very willing to take your place and have no lines to wait in!!:
    1. ‘It is too hot to wear a mask, it is not safe, I will overheat!:
    If it is so very hot that you feel a small bit of fabric on your face is intolerable, then doing ANY activity outside the house currently within 6’ of others you do not live with is not recommended, please stay home for your own safety, please!
    2. ‘They do not clean the ride vehicles after every single ride!’:
    Bring your own disenfecting wipes and gloves if carrying your own sanitizer and using after each ride is too hard for you. Sadly I bet that this is not your true issue, esp if you also complained about wearing a mask, first too much, then not enough-maje up your mind, or are you bipolar? That is okay if you are, it is a medical condition!
    3. ‘You mean, I cannot use food or drink as an excuse to walk around unmasked?!?!’:
    Sit, enjoy your food and drink (clean table first!) Also, moving out of the flow of traffic to stop and take a drink is the only polite thing to do, do not stop in the middle! You knew this before you came today that walking and eating/drinking was not allowed, so stop complaining!
    4. This is America, no one should have to wear a mask!’
    Dude, stay home, on your own property, do what you want!

    I never realized, before the pandemic, even in 15 years of working EMS, that some people have zero regard for respecting others. To me, your wearing a mask says you respect me, and mine says, I, you. Masks work best if ALL parties wear them. If you cannot respect me, I do not want to see you. If your complaints about how Disney does things is going to ruin your day, DO NOT GO! I guarantee that others do not want to hear you whine and moan all day about how bad you have things! The rest of us want to have fun, and yes, we will clean our hands with sanitizer too many times during our day, and we will not complain! Thanks to the 95%, you make life pleasant!

  26. prince charming

    Disney is to blame for politicizing the parks. This only the beginning of altercations because Disney has turned the parks into political battlegrounds. They will regret their actions.

  27. Tee

    I’m, the curses were VERY clear. 4 letter monosyllabic words are much easier to differentiate than multisyllabic. I was not aware that the journalist said that masks were the reason for the fight, just commenters wondering. Masks are hit button to some idiots, the rest of us wear them quietly, understanding their need right now. The might angry minority sadly want to fight, that is why people assume is the cause.
    Mask wearers: thank you for respecting others by wearing your mask without question. If we are wrong about the cause of the fight, who cares. This is more a discussion on why we see most people hollaring like psychos in public currently, mostly anti-masker wigging out. The rest of us know yelling spreads the virus further.

  28. Shane

    Only idiots and selfish people are going to Disney right now so not surprised.

  29. Cyrus the...

    Disney .. bring the fastpass system back up… Time to bring things back to normal..with masks of course!!!

  30. Wim

    This article reads like a Dystopian real world “Welcome to Nightvale” bit.

  31. Clem Fandango

    Raising ticket and AP prices would help keep this sort of riff raff out of the parks.

    1. Kadi

      Hey Clem, think what you want, but most people going to theme parks are not “Riff Raff” rather Spoiled Rotten and part of the Entitlement Club. Too many are completely self centered.

      WIFM radio- what’s in it for me?

      It’s all about me?


  32. Dexianne

    When this happens, video it, and put it up on You Tube… Name and Shame

  33. Magoo

    Perhaps if this person was to see a close member of his family pass away with covid 19 he may change his attitude behaviour like this should not be tolerated this idiot should be banned did he forget that children were there ?

  34. It is simple as I see it:
    Mask it or Casket
    If you cannot abide by the rules then stay home..
    Disney is a private owned company and they can refuse anyone they want. Remember no shirt no shoes no service well now it is no shirt no shoes no mask no service…I have COPD and I do not want to die because some nimrod does not want to wear a mask…

    1. Nancy Pelosi

      Then stay home and don’t put YOURSELF at risk!

  35. Danny

    It was a domestic dispute between a man and a woman, but all you “I bet it was over a mask” people keep thinking that. I love how people are so quick to politicize everything.

    1. Cyrus the .....

      Domestic dispute .. screaming at the top of their lungs…. My guess is it was because once they paid all that money to get in, they realized if they don’t want to get sick the only thing they could do was hang out at Tom Sawyer island!!!!

    2. Robin

      Funny thing is, I witnessed the whole thing go down. The man cut in line allegedly. I believe he did. He was trying to say he had a medical condition and his lega hurt/were weak. The lady he was yelling at had told him to go sit down then. It’s true. He could have. He got super defensive and was throwing out the F bomb at her and her husband and then used another girl who was in line having a pseudo seizure to call 911 and take the negative attention off of him. The girl even said she has the episodes all of the time and she was OK. He was a total Karen.

  36. NZ

    Why are people even going to WDW if all you’re gonna do it b*tch about mask wearing, lack of sanitation, etc. If you REALLY care about that then you’d care enough about yourself to just stay tf home…

  37. Robyn

    “IF” that fight/loud screaming cussing incident was about masking, here is a REMINDER!
    SOME people CAN NOT AND SHOULD NOT wear a mask.
    EMPHYSEMA, COPD, ASTHMA, CYSTIC FIBROSIS, REDUCED LUNG CAPACITY DUE TO PNEUMONIA. Masks are damn dangerous for those folks. Add that heat/humidity and it could very well be life or death. YOU do NOT know ANYONES HEALTH HISTORY (which is NOT YOUR BUSINESS) and you SHOULD NEVER presume or assume that YOU know what is best for them or anyone else for that matter. YES, “those” people have every right to go to playgrounds, parks, etc., just as you do.
    THERE IS NO “MASK LAW”. NOT ANYWHERE. It is suggested, recommended, appreciated. But NOT a law and NOT A CRIMINAL OFFENSE to NOT wear one. ANYWHERE In this country. Mayors, Govs, etc. Have NO legal authority to force anyone to do it. STOP “pretending” that what you watch on MSM and YouTube gives you a medical degree and the authority to decide the health conditions/treatments/Responses for ANYONE, EVER! YOU are just another Dr. Goggle sheepturd that wants to bully others. Mind your business, keep your sh#t together, and move on.

  38. John

    Oh no banned from Disney for life. No more spending lots of money to stand in line and buy expensive food and drinks that you can’t enjoy while walking around. OMG.

  39. Robin

    I witnessed this altercation. A man, his wife and school aged son and infant daughter apparently tried to cut in line and this other couple called him out on it. He became defensive and was dropping F bombs. His story was something to the effect of he had some kind of condition and his legs were hurting. He also called 911 cause there was a teenage girl in line who was having a pseudo seizure. She said it wasn’t a big deal and she had them all of the time. Nonetheless, the F bomber still called 911 I think to try to take the attention off of himself. It didn’t work. A manger came over to the island and rode the raft back to the exit with him and his family. I also had the luck of riding the same raft back. He behaved. He was met by security when hw disembarked from the raft. His wife and kids went on to their stroller while he presumably gave his statement/account to security. The altercation never became physical. He just became very defensive when he was accused of line cutting and he immediately started tossing the F bomb and getting louder, but called the lady accusing him a “very classy lady” in a sarcastic tone. It was very interesting. My son is 9 and it scared him. The manager did ask if we were ok and I told her yes. We were. I just minded my own business. It’s best to do that sometimes even if you see someone line cutting. It’s not worth ruining a magical day over. Karma always has a way of coming around.

    1. Jodi Smith

      My family and I heard the commotion and later were in line for it’s a small world when a man, wife, son and infant climbed over and under the line ropes and were trying to get in the fast pass line ( the wait time was only 15mins). He said that there was an issue with their magic bands and that he has an issue with his leg. He seemed very jittery and agitated. Another man quickly approached the cast member after she had allowed the family into the fast pass line explaining that the man was a scammer and had just caused an issue over at Tom Sawyer island.

  40. theresa thomason

    To wear or not to wear that is the question! Your choice until they fine you! Save your breath and your nastyness!

  41. It seems to me that people have become less tolerant. Pandemic and quarantine turn some into “monsters” …

  42. Julia

    I think you left the caps lock down. Calm down. Such aggression on a Disney blog is uncalled for. Stop with the “us” vs. “them”

  43. Brooke

    This is obviously a mask dispute, the raging moron was likely asked to put a mask on. And I have no doubt he has now been banned for life from all Disney parks – hallelujah. Many of these mask deniers have contracted covid and also later died. A church in Ohio held 1 service and 100 tested positive afterward – traced back to the church service. No one wore a mask. It’s real. No one is asking anyone to go fight a war overseas, just cover your nose and mouth big boys.

  44. Peter Mitros

    What a sad state we are in these days….. no one can get along any longer.

    1. Lin

      I agree with you !!

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