Comments for Thomas Kinkade Studios ‘Mickey and Minnie Lighthouse Cove’ Sweepstakes Winner Annouced

Mickey and Minnie Lighthouse Cove

Mickey and Minnie Lighthouse Cove


  1. Stan

    Absolutely beautiful. Ariel is my favorite and I hope to get on before Disney cancels her.

  2. Frank Echevarria

    Frank. I love the Disney Collection. From the late Mr Thomas Kinkade. Proud to say that I own more than forty of his paintings, including quite a few limited editions signed by Mr. Kinkade! Breathtaking, relaxing, beautiful scenery with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. And I love lightouses in his paintings as well.

  3. Maria

    Love the Mickey Minnie lighthouse painting. Loved Watching the interview as well. Felt like I was there with the artist. ❤️

  4. Tim

    The worst two things in the world, combined. Might as well be on black velvet.

  5. Patty wright

    Who won?

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