Comments for OpEd: Should Splash Mountain Have Ever Existed?

Disneyland Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. erik

    Thank you so much. I have to admit that I’ve been feeling very frustrated and turned off by “inside the magic’s” very pro song of the South slant the past week or so. I am in complete agreement with your take in this piece and can’t wait for the prices and the frog re-theme—both because the only thing more overdue than a ride dedicated to Tiana is the removal of a ride with creative tires and overtones that are at best outdated and at worst offensively racist.

    1. Hey Erik,

      Thank you for your comment, reading something like this makes the weeks of thought process that I had writing this all the worthwhile and I am glad it resonated with you.

  2. James

    The re theme is a bad idea to destroy a popular attraction due to the cancel culture of executives. Splash Mountain should remain as it is and has the support to keep it as is ( 80% in poll to stay the way it is) # save splash mountain

  3. Matt

    How many iterations of the same article can exist on the same website? I feel like there have been at least over ten versions of the same article… can you please go to a different subject… now…. please…

    Disney is changing the ride, like it or not… No need for new articles… every take, pro or con, have been written, and commented on…

    1. Hey Matt,

      Thanks for your comment! It’s important to share different viewpoints of this because members of the team each have a different viewpoint on the matter. Thanks for taking the time to comment though and your view has certainly been taken into consideration. 🙂

  4. Michael

    A petition to re-theme #Splash Mountain: 21,383 signatures. Another petition to #SaveSplashMountain: 80,000 signatures and growing. Nobody want a Splash Mountain replaced. As for Princess and Frog ride, it should get it’s own attraction built.

  5. Disney just made it easier for me to decide to not be a passholder ever again.

    *queue the “well it’ll be less crowded for me” people*

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