Comments for Honest Review: Social Distancing in Disney Springs

Disney Springs on Lake Buena Vista

Credit: ITM Reporter TJ Muscaro


  1. SG

    So glad to know the realities of Disney Springs. I am definitely NOT going until this awful virus is held at bay. There is a safe percentage of cases and we are not there yet. I always hated the hunt for a seat everywhere in WDW. With this pandemic that is not acceptable! I hear/read the theme parks are excellent at following proven safe protocols. So I’m happy to visit the parks this fall – unless the numbers aren’t going down.

    1. Ashley G

      I and 2 other family members were in DW from July 11 – 16. The parks were a whole different story. I 100% agree with this article. But I’m going to add something: there seemed to be a whole contingent, of sorts, that were not following guidelines very well. What I noticed was…young folks – say 18 to 30 year old range that were walking around in groups or packs, sort of oblivious to what was going on around them. I didn’t see many groups like that at the theme parks. Disney Springs had a lot.

  2. Jeff

    I don’t agree at all….I’ve been to all the parks and DS and they were all doing a great job of trying to allow people to live while also enforcing rules. I saw only one person with a mask off while I was at DS the four times there. Stop trying to make news and clicks, while alps damaging a companies ability to try to stay up and running and have its employees be able to collect a paycheck

  3. Tacocat

    If you are relying on the public to self regulate, forget it. That is a lost cause. As evident by the high number of positive covid cases in Florida.

  4. Kevin

    I go to DS every weekend and do not find spacing or masks to be a problem at all. I respectfully disagree with this article.

  5. Jon Kennedy

    Enjoyed the article.The lack of seating has been a problem for so long. Now with the safety regulations put in place by Disney, we are forced into more situations which violate those same common cents policies.
    There are less people in the Springs so bring in the needed seating.
    Thanks for the forum!

  6. Mousefan

    I was at Disney the last 2 weeks and at the Springs a couple of times. I didn’t really notice any spacing problems except outside Ghirardells and people trying to get into Dtrend for masks. Everywhere else people were doing fine and wearing the masks. Felt safer there with the crowds than at the grocery store where only some people were wearing masks. I think all the parks in Florida are doing a great job. If it’s that concerning to you stay home.

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