Comments for shopDisney Releases MerchPass for High-Demand Items

shopdisney merchpass


  1. George

    Very bad idea. It’s going to make it worse. What will happen to the set we started. We may end up paying at least double or three times for the items. They have to come up with something better.

  2. Brandon

    This is all in response to those damn web bots tha make 1000,s of purchases in seconds and locks everyone out of the system. Then minutes later it’s all on eBay.

    The only problem is with this lottery system, as long as you have a verified account, you can put one entry into the lottery.
    But these people using web bots already have multiple accounts. That’s the very root of how a web bot is used.

    So they will use them the same way they in order to enter the drawing 100’s even 1000’s of times. Which in turn will make legitimate buyers locked out of the drawing. Because the rule of percentages says, the more times you enter the more times you’ll win.

    What they need to do is just use their army of Computer science engineers and block the webots from doing their thing.

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