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Social Distancing on Disney World Attractions


  1. Cal

    It’s sooo good to see Disney World open again! Even though shows are not happening right now this makes me excited about going back!

  2. Sue

    BUT the problem is your are not getting your money’s worth still paying the same price for less

    1. JH

      I was at Magic Kingdom today and totally agree with this perspective. It was enjoyable and everyone respected the new rules.

      1. Fauzia Al-D

        Overuse of the word “literally”; don’t Americans have a wider vocabulary?

    2. Carrie

      I think it’s an even better value right now. There are fewer people in the park than when we paid extra for Halloween or Christmas parties. Being able to walk on every ride in the park twice in one day. Being the only family on the entire Dumbo and Barnstormer rides. Riding rides several times in a row without getting off. The castmembers are so happy to be there and they have more time to talk with us. Seeing rare characters. The cool pop up parades. Having the park mgt cheer as we walk down Main Street. Feeling like VIP’s all day. Beyond Magical! I’d pay extra for this to be the norm!

    3. Dustin

      Possibly. One could argue being able to go on every ride 3 times while missing fireworks and some character interactions is still a fair trade.

      Since my family sort of outgrew the character thing and rarely watch the parades, I will gladly pay full price knowing I can go on Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Peter Pan 4 times each or more per visit!!

      The real problem with value will be when the crowds start to inch up but the offerings for things like fireworks and parades are still scaled back. I believe Disney upped their capacity in Shanghai gradually over a couple of months. Given the state of COVID-19 in FL though, this probably won’t be happening until mid-fall (if at all in 2020).

  3. Lydia

    I went and it wasnt as fun as these photos show there were issues… starting w even w a qr code doesnt guarentee entry…. i had to wait till noon for them to allow another group bc the 9am group gave them capacity! Then i was stopped for my buff which i explained i had to wear bc medically i need too so that caused issues. Finally i get in and virtual queue caused chaos w my guest assist btw if you have guest assist and really need it WAIT DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO NOW! They did not fix it and virtual queue makes it worse. I rode a ride had food and left bc i was so tired and disappointed! Then i had to exhausted over heated and about to pass out now walk back to my car bc theres no trams to the back of the lot! DO NOT GO UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE THE MAGIC RIPPED AWAY AND TEST HEALTH CONCERNS BC NO ONE WEARS A MASK PROPERLY!

  4. Kevin

    I’ll take a crowd over a worldwide pandemic, but that’s just me.

  5. Freya

    Care to comment on all the social media pictures in Passholder forums on photos showing the crush of people in certain lines, line Guest Relations, Mine Train and parades? Also, phosbof guest walking around with masks down?

  6. JH

    I was at Magic Kingdom today and totally agree with this perspective. It was enjoyable and everyone respected the new rules.

  7. Steven Biedrzycki

    I’m glad you took the time to write this. I didn’t think about the social distancing that way. I am however still deeply saddened that things like the fireworks shows, character meet and greets, and character dining experiences no longer exist due to social distancing. The processionals and being told to settle for selfies with a character 50 feet away are very disheartening. I worked for 3 years to save for a two week trip for my son’s birthday at the end of this year. Just my luck that after all of this he said the one thing he wanted for his birthday is to get a hug and picture with Mickey. I’m hoping guidelines change back by then, but I’m not holding my breath.

  8. Dustin

    This sounds like a dream experience for me. Disney’s biggest problem at both WDW and DLR has been overcrowding. Over the last three years, even going during the off-season, the parks are incredibly crowded. The last time there seemed to be a fair balance of crowds to experience was probably before 2005.

    Imagine going to WDW or DL in January (off-season), only to experience reduced offerings (refurbishments) AND sizable crowds.

    I cannot wait to visit in December this year and am wishing I booked for July or August.

  9. Paul Alter

    Kinda reminds me of when I used to visit Disneyland in the 1960’s. There was usually a 30-45 minute wait for the Matterhorn, and a couple others in Fantasyland, but otherwise rides were either walk-on or just a few minute wait.

    Of course, back then it was coupon books (the term e-ticket ride?) so as kids we were limited to how many tickets we could afford to buy.

    1. Melanie Durham

      I miss those days with the ticket books!

  10. From what I saw on YouTube last night ,it was so not worth the money
    Too crowded going in that making it too risky.Plus too much was closed.Not worth it

  11. prince charming

    what you fail to realize is that Disney will not make any money at 20% capacity. They are willing to take the lost in the hopes that they can steadily increase attendance. Disney would have to close if they were forced to survive on current capacity.

  12. DisneyGirlArianna

    Social distancing stinks why would you go unless u want to have no fun! Its so sad at what this world is now. Masks don’t even work why would you wear something that could kill you in a matter of seconds ANND the corona virus dosent exist so shut up Gavin. I could go on and on but I know I don’t have the time #openeverythingnormal

    1. A

      The coronavirus doesn’t exist???! What in the actual f@&$?????!!!! Jesus Christ, I don’t know why I waste time reading this stupid comments.

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