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Face Masks at Magic Kingdom Review

Credit: ITM Reporter TJ Muscaro


  1. Barbara

    I don’t know why anyone would want pics of their family at Disney in masks! And, most of the magic is gone, anyway. I’ll wait for no masks, and the REAL Disney to return.

    1. Cat

      Which is absolutely your right. Just realize that the only way for the “real” Disney magic to return is for them not to go bankrupt from staying closed. They have to continue to make money so they can keep their employees, and make it so when they are able to return to more normalcy they can.

      1. Eric M

        yeah, Disney is gonna go bankrupt.

        Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?

        When I’m spending 6-8k on a vacation I am doing so for my enjoyment not as a form of corporate welfare.

        It is because of people like you Disney is so comfortable treating their customers like garbage.

        1. Kelly Connerton

          yup I agree. They took away a lot, treated their annual passholders like crap and didnt lower the price to reflect what you cant get anymore. You are absolutely right, Disney isnt going to go bankrupt.

      2. LMck

        They definitely are not making any money opening at 20% capacity. If lucky they might break even. They can stay closed for 6 more months and still be financially in exactly the same place as opening this way.

  2. Jenny H

    Just stay home. You are all doing too much

    1. CuriousssCurio

      Would someone please explain exactly what civil liberties are being violated with a private business requiring a mask? I’m seriously curious. I see that phrase all the time but never anything concrete to back it up.

  3. Huh

    So you wear a mask all day then take it off and cancel it all out by breathing in a relaxation zone??

    1. Sandy

      Id rather be hot and uncomfortable in a masks than DEAD,

    2. Kelly Connerton

      Especially now the CDC is saying that places with AC are spreading the virus much faster.

      1. The government is scaring people. Just get you get the virus, it is not a death sentence. I know many who got it, with no symptoms to slight symptoms, to hospitalization, and they all LIVED! Mandating masks in a free country is a violation of civil liberties. The Gov’t not letting sick people get medical care for cancer treatment, organ transplants, and medical care , KILLED people! Let Disney open and everyone else open to capacity. If you are scared, wear a mask or stay home, and let everyone go mask free if they choose. Georgia governor has right idea, protecting civil liberties. Stop policing your fellow citizens. This is America and we have rights!

        1. Gustav Mix

          @Cher: exactly. Who ever is feeling unsafe should stay at home. Not forcing healthy people to risk their health with breathing hot carbon monoxide with a useless facemask. Cloth mask are not protecting you against the virus. And the virus is not as deadly as the media is telling you. It’s violating our civil rights and our all Freedom. I will not visit and support Disney as long as the oppress people with mandatory masks.

    3. Yep

      Exactly my thoughts!!
      Wear a mask Outside but no mask inside a small, packed place.
      Just as stupid as..Wear a mask to a restaurant but take it off once given a drink!?
      Are people not using their brains?
      Masked people…please explain this to me.

    4. Yep

      Exactly my thoughts!!
      Wear a mask Outside in fresh air only to take it off in a small enclosed space.
      Just as stupid as wear a mask at the front of a restaurant and take it off when you get your drink.
      Masked people…please shed some light on this for me.

    5. Right, especially when the CDC claims that your risk of being exposed is much greater indoors than outdoors. One would think it would be the opposite

  4. Crystal

    Everyone is different but we’ve had days over 100 here in Florida with high humidity. Combine that with the heat island that are the parks and walking around with a mask over your face is not an comfortable affair. On top of that you are paying full price for half the experience.

    It’s not a good value for the price.


    Those disney mask don’t provide much if any protection. There’s not even any place for a filter cdc says 3 layers at a minimum but people are going crazy over them theme parks are one of the most dangerous places to catch corona plus gyms bars and restaurants, good luck to anyone that goes to these places

    1. Angela C Cole

      I cant believe anyone has to wear a mask and truly believes youll get sick or die wout one, but on the upside whatever it takes to get back to normal & DISNEY OPEN, BOTTOM LINE.

      1. LZ

        Your mistake right there / “belief” – science doesn’t care about your belief, and guessing from your comment that your background doesn’t include medical or research.

  6. Julie

    Hello! I was wondering what size mask you got. I’m hearing conflicting reports
    about sizing. Thank you!

    1. Hi! I got a size large and it fit perfectly. It does feel like the masks do run on the smaller side, and while you obviously can’t try them on for size, CMs have example sizes so you can get an idea of which size would fit best.

      1. Sandy

        All u need to do is wear a Mask when u are out. It will literally save lives…
        Thats why surge out of control. Hard headed people!!!

  7. Antonia Cubino-Wilson

    Masks–all this moaning over your right to not wear one for the greater good. I don’t see anyone standing up for the costumed characters that are wearing so much more than just a mask–in that same 100*+ weather you expect them to be in just so your kid could have a photo with Goofy.
    Wear you damn masks. Stay away and actually be proactive. You want to wait until it is truly safe-that’s honestly fine with me.
    But don’t complain about the heat and humidity and having to wear a mask to keep everyone from getting sick when these people are paid pisspoor wages to entertain you and your kids in greater than 100* heat/humidity–especially in the full costumes.

    1. Sandra

      But that’s their choice to work there and wear those suits. And, my best friend works at Disneyland here in California, and those people have fans in their suits. However, it’s not our CHOICE to wear the masks, instead it’s a requirement. Big difference. If you want to pay me to wear a mask, I’ll be more than happy to wear it.

    2. Here’s the difference..,.ITS THEIR CHOICE!!! They WILLINGLY agreed to be a mascot. So your argument is baseless, geez, I hope you aren’t a character because you have a terrible attitude.

  8. Kevin Carpenter

    It is repulsive that they are open with the rate of infection in Florida.

    I will never give Disney or Universal another dollar in my entire life.

    No respect for their employees, their guests or the citizens of Florida.

    1. Cheryl Cerrella

      What the hell do the citizens of Florida have to do with this? We can’t get people to stay the hell out of this state!!!!!

      1. Emily Corbett

        I think Kevin meant that those corporations have no respect for their employees, guests, or citizens of Florida.

  9. Anthony DeLeonibus

    We are visiting Orlando now with plans to go to Magic Kingdom. For me it is too hot and uncomfortable with the mask so I am staying at the resort and my family will go. My mask is saturated with perspiration in about an hour at Disney Springs so 10 hours at MK? If you’re young and fit you’re probably fine, otherwise nope.

  10. LZ

    The article was fine until this:
    “ The weather is just the nature of the beast. But it is important to remember, especially when you have to wear a mask that makes you breathe more hot carbon dioxide than you would otherwise.”

    Literally this has been debunked so many times. You are NOT effectively breathing more CO2. This has been tested by people with actual expertise and devices to measure.

  11. Jack

    Until recently we were told cloth masks do nothing to prevent the spread of viruses. There is no actual proof they help at all. Several studies show the exact opposite. Mask when worn wet and in humidity harbor diseases. No point in arguing. Some people believe whatever the politicians and media say no matter how silly it is. Anyway at this point Disney has no option on the mask but I’m sure the vast majority of people will not return to Disney until mask are no longer required. Count on it.

    1. Sandra

      I have gone to Disney every year the past 30 tears of my life. I have been more than 100 times. I live in California. I will NOT return to Disney because I don’t want to have photos or go on rides and have to wear a mask. If people are afraid, they should stay home or they can wear a mask. Everyone should not be jeopardized because of others “fear.” I have experience in psychology, and mass control starts when fear is put on the people. I think everything should be open and survival of the fittest. Whoever makes it, makes it. But we shouldn’t all have to be “forced” to wear a mask. Another thing, how are the numbers going up still of masks are a requirement in California? Food for thought. Shop being sheeple and watching the news. Please open your eyes.

      1. Exactly! Answer me this riddle……IF PPE’S work so well, then why are the residents in Nursing Homes getting it and dying at an impressive rate? No visitor’s, plus the staff have the best PPE’s available. ?????

  12. Sally

    The less people the better. We go every year and I am SO looking forward to less crowds. Yes I will wear my mask. I am a healthcare worker. It will still be a vacation!

  13. Carlos E Santos

    Exactly, reason I canceled my vacation this month. I want my little one to have the best experience, and don’t have him expose to the virus.

  14. Sandra

    Then why isn’t is saving lives Sandy? The numbers keep going up and we’re required to wear masks. So, it isn’t helping to wear a mask.

  15. M.j.

    No thanks! Too much $ for what they are offering. Ex AP holder as of last week and would visit 3-4 times per year. With no park hop, FP, parades or fireworks it is 25% of the experience it was and grossly overpriced.
    I’ll just go fishing until the adults come back to WDW board rooms.

  16. K's Mom

    This is not a civil liberties issue. We wear seatbelts. We stop at stop signs. It is a requirement for the better for everyone. Yes with masks some have still gotten sick. We will never know the number that did not get sick due to masks. Disney or any company have the right to make the rules for their company. Disney says masks on. If you have a problem with that don’t go. Masks at Disney or anywhere to us is just common sense. Thank you to everyone who is being considerate of others.

  17. Tara

    Waiting for no masks and if that’s never, then so be it. I have no desire to be uncomfortable for that long. I wear a mask every day at work and have for 2 months and I’m still not used to it for a 6 hour shift. I never ‘forget’ or get used to it. I still have to take it off frequently to get fresh air.

  18. Kerry

    In WDW now. It’s called when there is a will there is a way. You walk in with one of their mask and then wear one you actually can breath in. Lines are sooo short. But not everything is open.

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