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  1. Ashley G

    I’ve commented on this issue, at this blog, previously. I am now giving an update. Three of us in my family visited Disney World (stayed on the grounds) 4 days, and visited Gatorland 1 day. The trip was July 11 through 16. None of us have exhibited any signs of Covid 19 so far. And, we flew Southwest Airlines round trip. We adhered to ALL requirements at ALL times everywhere.

  2. Paul

    The article did quote him also saying, “We haven’t been able to triangulate that data. Now, we are changing a little bit the data analytics at our place so that we have a higher opportunity to detect those.”

    So it’s not clear whether there have or have not been any outbreaks. What’s clear is they don’t seem to have a good ability to determine whether there are outbreaks tied to any of the theme parks, one way or the other.

    Granted, this can be particularly difficult if the guests are coming from different counties or from out of state and the health department doesn’t have solid processes in place to communicate and work with those health agencies.

    But, given what the Orange County health department said, saying that no outbreaks have been traced back to any of the theme parks is kinda like the blind man saying, “Everything looks good to me.”

  3. davis

    good laugh and thanks itm for keeping the lies going whatever keeps you all sane and drinking the koolaid! All i know is many of my fellow in security are in quartine bc they have covid those of us whom came in contact are being tested etc. I know plenty of others that are out too… but whatever makes you happy! Telling people anywhere is safe right now is more a hoax then those whom think it is a hoax! I will no longer comment on a site whom believes disney lies bc guess what most cms do not and we still wrk there!

    1. Damion

      Every long run-on sentence comment that you make just bashes Disney and how horrible a company they are to work for. Maybe time to find another job?? I don’t know, just a suggestion.

      1. Davis

        damion keep drinking the koolaid bc most true fans know what a horrible company they are and obviously come in a pandemic! so go find a corner and shove it!

      2. rosie

        let me guess damion you got straight As in school… oh did you get a masters in English??? Bc guess what i seen your horrid english elsewhere too enjoy the mirror! Because all you do is complain i bet your not even a fan you just complain!

        1. Melanie Durham

          Nice grammar! “I seen????” LMAO!!!!!

    2. mark

      here here davis your right desantis lies disney swears and is doing nothing for the guests!

    3. Cindy caine

      davis do not listen to the trolls of stupid! Your right and you got support from me and many at universal too! I am still waiting to get cleared to go back to my area bc of covid. Oh and hhn is not happening bc of the breakouts that everyone could ignore but us the insiders see!

  4. jamie

    bc anyone whose believing this is loosing it like desantis whom daily says its nothing while people die or your all paid off really well!

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