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  1. Davis

    Ok but have worn it as a cm i have always called it a buff too. It fits very secure but for people whom have breathing issues its easier to wear it does stay on you (disney is just blind i have seen more buffs over masks due to comfort) but its less constrictive.

    1. Janie

      I worn one to work recent to get ready to retrain at dl and maybe wdw rules are going to be different but i agree they are easier to breathe w esp if you have issues or wear glasses… you also cant get something more attached to your face tie on string can easily untie and masks will fall off these things are stuck on you! Besides if you need to take a breather its easier to remove and put back on. Masks kinda make a scene or your scene here its quick. My kid has really bad issues and these are easier bc of the material it helps her out tremendously and makes me not look like a bad parent though i kinda feel like one… bc she shouldn’t but in this case make a effort.

    2. Mark

      Guess what folks i just realized…. its a ploy so you can buy a disney mask! Mic drop as the kids say!

  2. Sam

    Nope i think masks are worthless in any style. If people are afraid stay home
    There will be way more sick peolle from wearimg the mask in heat. I am a healthcare professional and am used to wearimg them while in a hospital but i dint otherwise. They are not designed to protect from aerosolized breath particles of virus. O recoomend dismey refers to the truth by having a professional review the so called ” studies” the cdc is usimg to recommend masks. A good place to start is CIDRAP. Also masks were not a requirement by the florida govenor for opening.

    1. Rosie

      They are not required bc we have a law aganist masks! Its legal tech to be wearing em esp children! I think if for medical reasons you can not wear one you be smart to still follow the other rules which is what my dr told me! Bc i already wear an oxygen mask it is hard to wear something on top of it. Actually buffs or gaithers or whatever they are called i can manipluate it at least… but i still agree theres more to this then just wear the cloth mask and move on! Disney needs to do their hmwk oh and the do not stand here squares while everywhere else tells you were to stand will have a few points aganist them too.

      1. Evan

        The neck gaiter issue was reported on another website, and as often happens, multiple other sites and bloggers saw it and ran with it, then it suddenly becomes “official” by default. Some were asked to change to masks during preview days when they arrived with a gaitor, others were not and allowed to wear a gaitor. Disney has yet to make an official statement regarding gaitors, but most likely will soon. If the ear loop requirement becomes the issue, gaitors can easily be modified with a scissors to create an ear loop. Another example how things will evolve as part of the re-opening process. Also, I am not a “healthcare professional” but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express before the Covid outbreak. 🙂

      2. Randy

        3 days ago Berkeley University said neck Gaiters are great for face coverings. Who is Disney talking to??

    2. Matt

      LOL, I love it… Im a “healthcare professional”, but I don’t believe in all of the health organizations that say wearing a mask in public helps with minimizing spread. I’m getting tired of Covidiots that think they know better, and throw tantrums in stores saying that masks are a government conspiracy for something silly…

      1. Nick

        Oh wow. You’re so cool using terms like covidiots.

      2. Rick

        Well said.

    3. Rick

      From the CIDRAP website:
      “I support the wearing of cloth face coverings (masks) by the general public.
      Stop citing CIDRAP and me as grounds to not wear masks, whether mandated or not.
      Don’t, however, use the wearing of cloth face coverings as an excuse to decrease other crucial, likely more effective, protective steps, like physical distancing
      Also, don’t use poorly conducted studies to support a contention that wearing cloth face coverings will drive the pandemic into the ground. But even if they reduce infection risk somewhat, wearing them can be important.”

      So where’s the “support” for your grammatically incoherent stand?

      Wear a mask. It’s just not a big deal.

  3. Larry

    The neck gaiters meet the intent of covering the face when someone sneezes or coughs. It also won’t come flying off while you’re riding a roller coaster. A mask with ear loops could. Someone may be reading far too much into the guidelines and forgetting to apply common sense.

  4. Dale

    The light blue ones that 99% of the people are wearing which coincidentally are on amazons best seller list have this in the description: “This is a general use face mask. This mask is not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease” and that one is OK. 🙂

    1. Stephen

      Went to Disney springs today with a friend, we were both told that the neck gaiters were not allowed in. They gave us(free of charge) the light blue mask you referred to. My friend has a large beard making it impossible to wear the mask provided properly. I think Disney needs to rethink this one.


    If you dont like Disney’s rules, don’t go. Second, with the rates of infection in FL now, Disney is INSANE for opening now. Do they want more people to get sick?

    1. nick

      you can also voice your displeasure. Works both ways sweetie

  6. Scott

    Thats a shame. we were issued different masks at work and nothing fits me correctly because of my face size/shape. I would constantly be touching my face to readjust. I switched to a gaiter for when I need one and it stays in place and I am not touching it. Even going into the ER one day for a medical issue and follow-ups to my PCP they have never given me an issue with my gaiter. Hopefully Disney reverses this, since we have a surprise trip for my daughters 8th birthday coming up.

  7. Rick

    So how many lost masks or masks dropped on the ground or in the bathroom will it take for Disney to revise this policy. Sigh….

    A neck gaiter is a better solution as if it falls off it is still around your neck.

    I guess they will sell more masks this way.

  8. Paul Alter

    I don’t know if this played into it, but CDC and other research shows that two layers of cotton fabrics do a much better job at reducing droplet distribution than the single layer synthetic gaiter fabrics.

    Personally, I use a gaiter when I’m out on our mountain trails (Colorado) since I can almost always step away from anyone I meet on the trail, and our mutual exposure is only a couple of seconds. And, I can wet the gaiter and cool off a bit.

    But that’s not particularly good in an environment like WDW where there are lots of people – I think it’s going to be really hard to keep social distancing once the parks are at their new capacities – and there are significant periods when you’re indoors or in lines.

    I think this is a case of just bring multiple cloth masks, because you’ll be sweating and they’ll get kinda gross during the day, and go with the flow. That is, if you’re going to go to the parks…

    1. Bdr

      It is easy enough to fold the gaiter and boom instantly 2 layers of fabric. So outrageous and disgusting seeing dirty masks all over the place because they don’t stay on people’s faces when doing activity.

  9. Thomas Florimonte

    I don’t see how wearing something that fits “MUCH BETTER” and securely than a simple face mask, that slips off the nose all the time, isn’t going to be aloud. Proper sized Neck Gaiters are the number on used “Mask” for action sports people all over the world. They’re known for staying in place.

    1. Michelle

      The gaiter seemed to solve the hydration problem In Florida heat so u could slip down sip slip up. The over regulation is tedious Disney. And we all read the policy. Thx inside the magic for acting like u had inside info.

  10. Michelle

    We were told at MK on the 7th that gaiters are no longer acceptable and provided a disposable mask. We visited Old Key West and Disney Springs and were told the same thing…no gaiters and were provided a disposable mask. I was not trying to be a turd but rather see if all properties were on the same page.
    The only thing I’m disappointed in is how the only time we get to interact with cast is when the take our temperatures. I did not find MK to be all that magical and Old Key West was even worse. I think all the pixie dust is located in World of Disney right now.

  11. prince charming

    Any mask other than an N95 mask does NOTHING to protect anyone from covid-19. The same number of people will die whether you wear a mask or not. The virus will continue to kill until there is immunity. Disney does not care whether the masks work or not; they only require it because that is what they must do to get permission from the government to open their parks.

  12. Traci

    Just came back from the opening at downtown Disney at Disneyland. Lots of neck gaiters without ear supports. Lots of people with loose-fitting masks. Absolutely impossible to social distance, people everywhere

  13. nick

    Think about it from their POV. If they can regulate the type of masks… they can sell more. That is all this is about.

    Talking to my GP, he recommends wearing a mask inside any public place but urged not to wear one outside since it was pointless and can actually be dangerous for little kids. But something like a neck gator which is actually breathable is outlawed here?
    Makes sense because its easy to pull down to hydrate while also not getting your dirty hands all over the mask.
    But nah… just encourage people to touch their masks with their dirty hands. Makes total sense like everything else in this country at the moment.
    Maybe Cuomo is on their advisory board

  14. Cindy Caine

    My face is covered i am standing 6ft apart and following your rules … give me a break who the heck cares what i wear if i am comfortable and i am protecting others…. its getting ridiculous!

  15. Heather Nissa Ragonese

    I have a neck gaiter that is a G95 and better quality than any of the masks that I have purchased while doing a better job of filtering both ways while allowing me to breathe with COPD and asthma along with major sensory issues.
    I can understand certain requirements to the gaiters like ear loops and quality though like masks might have to be a case by case basis for certain people.
    Obviously they aren’t trying to sell masks if people keep saying that they are giving them away.
    I don’t agree with them opening yet though at the very least allow gaiters for many reasons already mentioned by others and for people like me.
    I ? Disney

  16. Mama Harley

    I know its been a while seen i commented here but i like you all to know while neck gathers (or buffs as i call em i watch lots of survivor) are not aloud everything else is okay! It might look like disney is trying to sell their masks and might be to a pt… pt is i needed to make masks for my son sp bc of his breathing and skin issues. I made masks that have elastic going around his head and masks that look like buffs but are cut as a mask! They are fine to wear! Any mask is fine as long as your covered! I also was told by guest relations bc of my sons issues medical notes so god forbid moments of issues arise hes able to take down the mask wo being stared at! Esp in this heat w allergens non-stop its been very hard but we are safe and others are too! I just had to pass this along!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      there masks stink i can go to a sewing store get material and make my own! Preach facts harley i think its alittle crazy that people think disney has sp restrictions if not for a reason. I think though they could allow more breathing space (aka take mask down time) on queues etc like other parks but then again it is florida w your #s! Its good to hear from you!

  17. Julia

    I believe the whole gaiter ban stemmed from some of the people wearing them would walk around with them down a majority of the time and pulling them up only when told to. Another case of a few bad apples spoiling something. I also highly doubt that Disney put the ban on gaiters to sell more of their masks. They have a large product development team that could easily have their own gaiters designed and produced if they wanted to.

  18. Sara

    My daughter and I tried to go to a Disney STORE in a mostly empty mall 2 days ago and she wouldn’t let us in because I was wearing a neck gaiter (I mentioned the mostly dead mall as there was maybe 3 people in the store!!!). She wouldn’t even explain to me why I was SUPPOSED to change to a “regular” mask.
    I have health issues and can even prove it and am not actually even REQUIRED to wear anything! I wear a gaiter as a courtesy and cuz I got tired of the dirty looks! I can usually breathe better in a gaiter (on really bad days, I can’t wear anything). When I told the lady I couldn’t wear a regular one as I could pass out, she (very rudely) said, “well, see ya next time!” My daughter cried!!

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