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Move theaters want blockbuster releases


  1. Ken G

    We have a Cinepolis near us and did enjoy going there whenever there was a movie (mainly Disney-Pixar-Marvel, etc.) we wanted to see. It worth it for us to spend a bit more and be comfortable.
    However we have watched more movies now at home, Hamilton being one of them, and we are fine with that.
    It’s nice to go out to the movies for sure but if I don’t go until next year sometime I’m fine with that. I do want to see Mulan and other movies that Disney has stocked up, but I can wait because eventually they will be out or on Disney+.
    And heck, because I got the 3-year plan for Disney+ the cost of going to Cinepolis with snacks is more than what I pay for DIsney+ for a year!
    I’m more anxious about getting back to Disneyland itself than a theater!

  2. Thomas

    I have only ever streamed 1 movie in my life, and I swore I never would again. I don’t have the patience to watch a movie on my computer and don’t want to spend hours on end on my computer. I enjoy the thrill of booking my ticket, buying a bucket of popcorn and losing myself in a new world outside of my house. People are just getting lazier and you only have to look at the world in WALL-E to see how things are turning out. After tomorrow I am even cancelling my Netflix account. I rarely use it, and it’s an expense I can lose. We can’t just wait for a vaccine, what if it’s like AIDS and there is NO vaccine only tablets to hold it off but not prevent it? Sorry to be grim but that’s the reality. Open Cinemas, give people their entertainment back and not just confined to Netflix, Disney+ and Television.

    1. EricJ

      Um, most people have used Rokus, AppleTVs, Amazon Fires and PS4/X-Box game consoles to stream movies onto their comfy living-room TV for literally 10 years now?

      But the industry doesn’t understand that all that has simply replaced weeknight CABLE TV channel-surfing, and we still go to the source for theatrical movies and Blu-ray disks.

  3. We already got a new release date Aug 21, 2020. It will be in theaters. Don’t worrie about it.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s not being released then. It has been postponed indefinitely. This was reported in the last 2 days.

  4. EricJ

    The picture makes it look as if “AMC is begging”.
    Keep begging, AMC, hands and knees–The post-pandemic 20’s belong to the local theaters and the drive-ins, and there’s no place anymore for the big highway-dinosaurs at the shopping malls.

    (However, it would be nice to still have an independently Disney-managed theater at the Springs.)

  5. SG

    As much as I LOVE going to the movies I just don’t feel it’s safe unless we’re the only ones in the theater and they air it out after the movie for three hours and wipe down the seats. Its no wonder theaters are hurting. I wish they’d release the new movies to the old drive ins and sports fields like they did at the “Parking Lot Social”. Maybe it’s time to invest in a big screen Smart TV and pay the $20 for the new releases or get Disney+, Publix makes a good movie style popcorn in their deli.

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