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disney world reopening

Credit: Disney


  1. Paul Alter

    I haven’t seen too many photos yet from Saturday’s grand re-opening, but the ones I have seen make it look pretty empty. For those going to the parks that’s a good thing. But I wonder if Disney can afford to keep the parks open if the number of guests stay low?

    1. Evan

      Orlando Business Journal estimates WDW has lost $38 million per day since the closure started. And that figure is a conservative estimate of the combined revenue from admissions, hotel stays, parking and merchandise/food and beverage based on 160,000 guests per day. To put that in perspective, pre-Covid on a busy day the Magic Kingdom can hold 100,000 people alone. With the reduced attendance numbers they are not profitable, but they are cutting their losses. Unlikely another closure will happen unless it is government mandated. Better to have some park revenue hitting the books than none at all.

  2. Gary

    If the vloggers and cast members were removed, would there be anyone left?

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