Honda’s ‘Enchanted Odyssey’ Has the Magic of Disneyland!

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Honda Disneyland

Honda is the official vehicle of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.  This strategic partnership has created some magical moments as Honda started sponsoring the Disneyland firework shows starting in 2005.  Together they brought a fireworks show called “Remember…Dreams Come True” that was both spectacular and environmentally friendly.

Now, the partnership has brought us the Honda powered Autopia which continues to bring the nostalgic smell of those engines running over at this attraction in Tomorrowland.

Honda Disneyland Partnership

Disneyland is bringing some magic over to Honda for their most recent campaign to promote the 2021 Honda Odyssey.  The Honda Odyssey is made for bringing families on adventures and making memories.

This campaign has families reminiscing on past memories and fantasizing about future ones at the Disneyland Resort.  As they’re passing through a tunnel, they’re experiencing the different areas of the Disneyland Resort while listening to the Disney Hits playlist through the Odyssey’s audio system.

2021 Honda Odyssey
Credit: Honda

One of the family’s children says, “Mom, here it comes!”  She’s signaling that the tunnel is coming up and it seems like this has become a tradition to go on a magical Disneyland adventure every time they go through one.  Their adventures are projected through the windows of the Odyssey as they make their way through Fantasyland with Dumbo, say hello to Mickey at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and jumped to light speed over at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.  Going through the tunnel actually looks like you’re jumping through Hyperspace Mountain!

The vehicle’s seating seems like a very comfortable way to enjoy a Disneyland attraction.  We really wished this Enchanted Odyssey could project Disneyland onto the windows.  Disney film Up says, “Adventure is out there,” and the Enchanted Honda Odyssey just might be the way you find your adventure, or at least transport you there.  Maybe in the future we will get a Disneyland projecting Honda Odyssey, because after all, their fireworks show was called “Remember… Dreams do Come True.”

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