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target GE update


  1. Janie

    Really excited about the this merch but there are many inaccuracy according to the stories… vi wouldnt have such a big resistance ship she went to batuu to hide out unless its vi now then ok! Oh and capt cardinal by the time hes on batuu his name is archex and hes vis #2 he even sacrifices himself to save the resistance and vi! Its funny why have stories if merch isnt even going to follow em??? Have we lost all edu values and we stopped reading or caring??? If your a real star wars fan these books are for you batuu would also be more eye opening then a stop in a theme park! Besides its useless for us cms to know everything to work there… And i am glad target joined in the batuuan celebration!

  2. Lydia

    Just fyi the lego set w magpie is on shopdisney bc target is sold out! but they are having issues w the site… first they said my card had issue which it did not then i got that to work and the cathpa am i a robot thing wouldnt stop changing pictures…. i finally restarted the order for me not to get a confirmation email but get an email saying order was never placed… problem card was charged so order was placed! Long story short and hrs later to get guest relations on phone i had 5 cms in total helping the one guy whom couldnt locate my order! Finally tells me oh you are all over here w the other 10 folks the website crashed on okay but what is my confirmation # and am i getting the lego set for my kid?

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