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Florida Travel Restrictions Lifted


  1. Sockimus

    The Tri-States don’t have the problem, Ron; you do!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      On top of the fact theres a huge difference between calling a state of emergancy and doing something for your state then just blocking us out!

  2. jedi

    How come people coming from Texas, Arizona and California is not subject to 14 day quarantine?
    right now those states have the highest rate of infection than the tri state region. This is pure political!!! The Governor of Florida has ruin Disney travels for hundreds of visitors coming from the Tri state region since they have the lowest infection rates and yet allowing visitors in from other states with spikes in coronavirus without restriction. This makes no sense from a safety point, it is discriminatory.

  3. Tracey

    “Where as” this is BS. I am so disappointed. We now have the lowest infection rates but we can not travel to Fl. and enjoy our rescheduled vacations. Lose money, DVC points etc. As others have stated, there are multiple states including Florida that are doing worse than we are and are not on this list. This is purely political. I am going to hold onto my reservation for a little bit longer “just in case” it gets amended but I am beyond aggravated right now.

  4. Sue

    Disney should never open and same for the other parks we have more people down here from all over. And do you really think these people will self quarantine. Hell no. Disney is putting there cast members at risk. And same with the schools. This is bull we don’t need tourists coming down here. Is Disney really that important to people . You are going to pay the same price and get less. Crazy I have platinum passes and I will not go. I don’t care. Disney is not the important to me.

  5. I am in total agreement with the other comments. Tri-states aren’t the problem. Our DVC vacation has been rescheduled 3 times, nearly losing a years worth of points. We thought rescheduling for November would be somewhat safer. It’s strange that Florida governor wants to stimulate their economy, allow Disney to re-open and re-open schools in 4 weeks and yet they banish tri-state Disney fans. Especially galling is the inclusion of Western NY residents, 8 hrs from the “Tri-State area”. Maybe he doesn’t want us to catch it from the Florida residents. News flash. If it’s gonna get worse it won’t have anything to do with the Tri-states. Totally political! Watch out for Texas, Arizona and California residents among others. We’ll be flying out of Pittsburgh!

  6. SG

    Vote him out y’all! Florida had 10,000 NEW cases yesterday. Think that’ll change or magically disappear in three days? All public indoor activities need to close until the numbers go down especially in that area. In our 100° weather we HAVE to go inside to cool down. Oh and NO eating and drinking inside because you have to take your mask off to do so. Our governor needs to protect us from ourselves because with those numbers we obviously can’t save ourselves.

  7. Gloria Perc


  8. Evan

    Some perspective based on real numbers from each state government’s Covid 19 website, without the hype and hysteria from the media.
    As of midday July 8, 2020
    Florida – 224,000 confirmed Covid 19 cases – 3,890 deaths
    New York – 402,000 confirmed Covid 19 cases – 32,219 deaths
    New Jersey – 175,000 confirmed Covid 19 cases – 15,229 deaths
    Even if Florida confirmed 10,000 new cases a day for the next 35 days it would still trail NY and NJ, as confirmed case numbers in NY and NJ continue to grow, albeit at a slower rate. And although Gov. Cuomo claims NY has achieved a lower RATE OF SPREAD, New York state still has the highest rate of COVID-19 cases in the USA. (www.statista.com). It’s not all politics…

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