Comments for Fans Underwhelmed with Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection

HP header vera bradley

Credit: Vera Bradley


  1. michelle collier

    Went to my local store to buy the backpack in Hufflepuff. They had one for the entire day and the person in front of me bought that. Most everything I asked for was , “oh we just sold that” , they must have known it was lackluster ….. I was there when the store opened and 8th in line.

  2. Christina

    Wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t charge double the price.

  3. Deana

    Well . . . for HP and Vera fans not liking it, they’ve sold out of at least half a dozen of some of the more expensive items in the Home to Hogwarts pattern. So there is that.

  4. J

    The HP tote is avail on the site right now if you can catch it! It’s Fri about 5:35 central time!

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