Comments for Universal Pauses Epic Universe Plans Amid Huge Drop in Revenue

Epic Universe Construction Paused


  1. Nachtwulf

    I’m not surprised that people are responding positively. Never mind masks… frankly, the absolute worst thing about any theme park is what? Yep… crowds. Crowds are miserable. Everyone wants to go to DL/WDW or UO but so do thousands on thousands of other people. Reduced capacity means shorter lines, more time to enjoy attractions, and less requirement having to deal with squalling/misbehaving children or squalling/misbehaving adults packed into too small a space.

    Sure, it’s terrible for the -company’s- bottom line. But from a visitor standpoint? It must be amazing to have the parks so empty and relaxed. Hell, people pay a fat, fat premium to Disney for the chance to have a mere handful of hours at a low capacity load.

  2. EricJ

    Heavens, does this mean we’re NOT going to get a Fantastic Beasts expansion or a Super Mario ride?

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